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On the street where I live ~ when I first started blogging in 2007, I lived in Florida, not far from the Kennedy Space Center with my husband, Vic and our Himalayan girls ~ Maggy and Zoey.  We tried a lot of different "looks" for our new blog, with photos of family and friends, community.  But it was soon clear that most interest was for the "himmies" and their images ~ these brought more comments, and in truth ~ were the most fun to work with. The blog even had a few different names.  So, in time,  all gave way to Zoolatry.

My Mom had come to live with us in early 2003.  I'd been out of the workforce for awhile, looking [without success] for new employment.  Within days, it was obvious I'd found my new "job" ~ being a full time caregiver for this amazing and wonderful woman.  It was a job I held, and pray I did well at, until Mom crossed her own rainbow bridge on April 2, 2010.  I miss her still, I will love her always.  She was the best.

Over the years I dabbled in art and photography.  Now, with a lot of time on my hands, time at home, I began to seriously play with computer art [if serious play is not an oxymoron].  Adobe Photoshop was my favorite, and became the default program for me, though a few others are scattered about my desktop.  I'd always felt my photography skills were poor [thanks in part to poor vision and lifelong hand tremors].  So being able to alter and perhaps improve a photo via Photoshop became my challenge.  I am self taught and it has nearly become an obsession with me in that if I don't get to do a "little art" each day I feel deprived!

In time, working only on photos of Maggy and Zoey admittedly got a bit boring [sorry, girls].  I scrolled through other blogs randomly, stole-er-borrowed a cat or dog photo, altered it in some way, then emailed it back to its rightful owner.  One led to another, and another.  Then a request came in to do something specific, perhaps a "birthday" picture, or a picture for a "contest or event".  Then one day, I was asked to design a new header/banner which soon led to designing entirely new blog formats.  It all challenged me, it filled my time, it satisfied my creative urges.  It gave me so much pleasure to be able to do this for others, to share with others.

The best part of Zoolatry and doing my PhotoArt is that I have been introduced to hundreds of loving pet owners around the world, they may own cats, or dogs, or both ~ birds, fish, hamsters and gerbils, even horses ~ it is an awesome community to be part of.  And in the years since, have even had the great pleasure of personally meeting quite a few of these bloggers!  Thank you for being our friends!

I've said I suffer from OCCDPSD, an acronym for obsessive compulsive cat dog photoshop disorder.  That's probably true!  From time to time, you'll see our stripey-sox pop up.  [we do wear red and white stripey-sox] Consider them the Zoolatry logo!

Life changes and the unexpected hits hard. For us it arrived in the fall of 2012.  My beloved Poppy Vic had fought a valiant four-year battle against cancer and the time came when he could no longer fight. Soon thereafter, many decisions needed to be made.  Spring came and our lovely home was sold. I would move north, to a Maryland suburb of Washington, DC to live with my daughter, son in law, and little grand boy.
I would say a sad farewell to my son and his wife, my granddaughter and grandson who lived in nearby Orlando.
Special circumstances would not permit my himmies to move with me.
Maggy was rehomed to live at Peggy's Place on the Gulf Coast, and Zoey came north with me, to live with TK and Pip in nearby Maryland, and as I write, she remains there.
So ~ many changes began and are still evolving.  That's how life is.
What has not changed is our love of cats, and dogs  ~ my commitment to all animals, great and small, and sharing the fun and companionship of pet blogging with so many of you.

"We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us."
Joseph Campbell


MAGGY arrived first, born November 2003, and adopted to the Zoolatry home in January 2005.  She is a pure bred tortie point with beautiful markings ~ a "white star" on her forehead, brilliant blue eyes, gold and orange furs behind her ears and on her paws.  She's not a lap cat, only wanting affection on her own terms... but the Siamese in her genealogy comes forth, loud and clear, when she wants something, as she is definitely a talker.  She's gracious, elegant, independent... her full given name is Mary Margaret, but she's often called Mags, the Magster, Magoo or MagMag.  The song lyrics most appropriate for Mag, "She's A Lady".  Though she now makes her home elsewhere, I love to share photos of this beautiful girl ~ my heart cat.

ZOEY arrived next, born April 2006 and adopted in August 2006.  Zoey was the resident clown, always good for a laugh, not a lap cat but always ready to be caressed, petted, or use her human as a scratching post.  She's a blue point himmie and her most distinguishing feature is her little snaggle tooth.  It sure suits her personality. Small in stature, she looks like a "forever kitten". She doesn't meow, she squeaks.  She gets into enough trouble on a daily basis that it's quite possible she's already used up her "nine lives".  It's a daily event to "find Zoey" or play "where's Zoey", as she'll explore every nook and cranny and often gets lost on her adventures.  Also called ZoZo or even the Zozster... when it comes to Zoey, her song would be "Send In The Clowns".

Also showing up on the Zoolatry blog you will see images of DIO, the beloved, laid back, amazing dog that lives in home of my Florida family. In the past, we have also shown photos of WILLOW, my daughter's beloved dog, who crossed her rainbow bridge in October 2015.  And now we are welcoming a new doggy here at our Maryland home, DOUGIE DOG, a Lab puppy and you'll see him at Zoolatry often I'm sure.  Joining my Florida family only in recent times have been two pure bred and gorgeous Samoyeds, whose photos will now pop-up on this blog.  First came CHEWY ... a rambunctious and comedic boy.  A year later, the pup FIONA arrived to be his playful sis-fur ... she is growing fast and furious and is adorable!


My son Jon and wife Giovanna
with granddaughter Isabel and grandson Ethan.
Photos 2017 and 2018.  


My daughter Rebecca and her husband Kaustuv
with grandson Arjun.
Photos 2017 and 2018.

Maggy ~ Over The Rainbow Bridge
Forever Loved
2003 ~ 2019

Maggy's Story may be read here.