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CATURDAY ART ~ Honoring Cecil, a lion king

My love affair with cats began in my twenty-something salad days when I was a FONZ, Friend of the National Zoo, in Washington, DC, doing volunteer behavior watches on lions and tigers (and even the giant pandas when they first arrived here) ~ though the cats were always my favorites. 

This black and white, pen-and-ink sketch of a lion was done from a photograph taken during those years. It seemed appropriate to post this image at this time, in memory of the majestic lion Cecil, who just crossed his rainbow bridge ~ too soon, too tragically, wrongfully.

The Trout Talkin Tabbies forwarded us a petition, now widely circulated, and we provide the link below.  All are encouraged to visit this link, if comfortable doing so, sign the petition.  Though it may be a long and difficult process, let us hope this small gesture of one by one can bring significant change.  Cecil was one of many, too many.   



Once upon a time, a grandchild came into my life.
She was to be the first of three.
A gift, a blessing.
~ ~ ~
The years have gone by, she is still a gift.

We will be taking a blog break, 
to spend some wonderful time with this amazing
granddaughter ~ now a teenager!  
I hope she doesn't walk Grandma's legs off as we
tour the Nation's Capitol from museums-to-monuments 
over the next week or so.
But even if she does, believe me, it will be worth it
to spend the time with her!


3000 POSTS ~ 3000 THANK YOU'S

Today is a milestone.
Blogger is noting that this is our 3000th post ... I never expected or thought
to get this far when we began this blog oh-so-long-ago.
And we probably would never have gotten here if not for you ... and you, and you!
Much gratitude to one and all who've been on this ride with us, through ups and downs,
short hair and long hair (the cats, and the human!), 
southern living and northern living, and well, so much more!
You've been with us in our time of need, you've laughed with us, cried with us.
These two little words seem so inadequate ~ but they are all we have.
Thank You.