Say Good-Bye to all your blogger furriends, Kitties ~

TK "I'm too busy driving ... keeping a paw on the gear shift, 
trying to reach the brake pedal and look at the road ahead ... OMC ... it's
too-too much ... mommy, I needs help here!"

ZOEY "OMC ... we'll never get to Flah-eee-Da with TK behind
the wheel again! ... Pip, where oh where is Pip?"

PIP  ~  "Hey, I'm in back here ... somekitty has to keep an eye out for the
po-lice, after all we don't want to get a tickey like we did last
year, right, mommy?"

"Mommy, mommy?  Where is mommy?

Ooops, I think we left her at our last Cracker Barrel stop!"

Photos from our February 2014 trip to Florida!
Today, Auntie Dee, TK, Pip, Zoey, and the Zoolatry Human [Ann]
have all piled into Ms Dee's RV (a/k/a Horton] to head south to Florida!
We will miss all our pet blogger friends for the next month,
though truthfully being on vacation and out of the northern cold
will be lots of fun!  Fun in the sun!
Don't fur-get about us ... we'll be back ...
First tho, we gotta go back aways and pick up Auntie Dee
from Cracker Barrel ...
Hugs and Purrs. 


OH ME, OH MY ...

... where did it go ... oh me, oh my ... it just zoomed by ...



Is that my tail?
Well, my goodness.  I do believe it is!
Isn't it pretty, it looks like a feathery-fan ...

[p.s. I am swishing it at the goo-gul peeples, since Magster
scolded 'em yesterday, now it is my turn!!! ]


MAGGY TELLS ALL [and-poo-on-goo-gul]

Hi ~ Maggy  here ~ and being the smartest of the Zoolatry Girls, I'd like to take the opportunity of it being Maggy Monday to explain what happened with our Gmail as it sort of put the Zoolatry Human into a bit of a hissy-fit over the weekend [and hissy fits should be reserved for we kitties].

Apparently, she had no idea [the light bulb in her attic did not go on] that Gmail has a limit on the amount of mail one can send every 24-hours, and when she sends out a message to the entire/whole/humonguous pet blogging world about furriends who need Purrs and Prayers, and our furriends who have crossed their Rainbow Bridges, each of those messages go to about 360 bloggers!  Well, Google counts those all as individual messages!  And her limit is 2000 messages unless she wants to pay for more, which she refuses to do.  

So when she kept sending all of you messages about our furriends this past weekend ~ suddenly, Google said to her ... "MEOW, NO MORE, You've reached your limit ... you're banned for the next 24-hours!"  And that was that!  Well, she played around with all kinds of settings and this-and-that, but it didn't matter, you know Google runs the show and you don't mess with them.  Right?  Right!  

But the thing is we really don't care.  You furriends are what's IMPORTANT and we want to share news with you, because we know it's IMPAWTENT news when our furriends are hurting and in need.  So, if we didn't respond to a question or a thank you or whatever, please forgive us ... we'll do our best to catch up, one on one when Google allows us to do so.  Until then ... Hugs from Zoolatry ...



Though we are back to posting for the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop ~ 
our thoughts are focused on our many friends.  
Yesterday was a difficult day and we share and send our love and hugs 
to DERBY and family ~ to JADE and family, 
both long time bloggers who sadly crossed their Rainbow Bridges.
We send our strongest purrs and prayers to much-loved JOE who is suffering many injuries, 
to dear FLYNN who is ill, to little CODY who is ill, and
to a special woofie friend in Georgia who needs the power of the paw as well.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~