PURRS and PRAYERS please for Little Zoey

Zoey has been fighting an eye infection for awhile now.
Auntie Dee has taken her to the vet a few times, and has now taken her to a
specialist ~ a veterinary opthamologist.  Zoey has multiple infections in her left eye, and
the vet believes she is also having pain associated with this.  She has been prescribed
several medications to deal with both the infections and the pain, and will be treated for
several days.  Zoey is a good patient, and Auntie Dee is an excellent, caring and loving "nurse"
so I have faith all will be well.  Yet we would love to have purrs and prayers for them both please.
Thank you all!


I like my new pillow.  I found it on the grandma's bed.  
I'm sure it was left here just for me.
I know this because it fits under my chin ever so well.
It's soft and feels nice, and it smells very good.
I hope no one will mind if I drool on it, just a little bit you know, which I sometimes do when sleeping.
I am sure this pillow was left here just for me.



Yesterday we published the May Special Events Calendar ~ if you didn't get a chance to see it, just scroll down.  A comment by our friends at Chat Aux Sphynx noted that we had forgotten to include Victoria Day in Canada (ooops) ... so, here we are!  With lots and lots of pet bloggers all over Canada, it is surely a big day to celebrate ... below is what Dragonheart, Merlin and Devi wrote about this special day.
And remember, when you know of a special day or event, please let us know.  Thanks!

Thanks for letting us know about all those holidays. But don't forget Victoria Day! 
Here's the information: 
Victoria Day is a Canadian statutory holiday celebrated on the Monday preceding May 25 in every province and territory. It honours Queen Victoria's birthday. In Quebec this holiday is called "National Patriotes Day" (Journée nationale des patriotes)." It will be Monday May 23 this year. Also known as the May 2-4 long weekend, because lots of people drink a 2-4 of beer over the long weekend! Dragonheart, Merlin and Devi


AN UN-SELFIE SELFIE: The May Special Events Calendar

All pet bloggers are invited to join all these events during May.  

May 5 ~ Cinco de Mayo

May 5 ~ First Annual National Astronauts Day
Thank you to Doggie Caperz for letting us know about this event. 

May 8 ~ Mother's Day

May 15 ~ Straw Hat Day
A long held tradition, search online for information.

May 19 ~ Vote for Joe and Smoke, 2016 Campaign Kick-Off at

May 30 ~ Memorial Day

All in good fun.  Feel free to grab any of the art images below (post size) or sidebar badge
size for your blogs, or other social media.  Use without credit to us ~ or design and post your own.
If you need any of these images or badges sent directly to you, just contact us and we'll email to you.

Special Note: we've included information on BOX DAY (coming in June) as we'll need a 
couple volunteers, so be sure to scroll all the way down to read about that.

And don't forget: we'll try to publish a calendar for June around the first of the month, so if
you know of, or want to promote any special one-time events for all pet bloggers, be sure
to get in touch with us by email please, no later than mid May.  Thanks!


International Box Day, Coming in June ~ Volunteers Needed,
Please read following . . .



Here's that rolypoly bear shown in another post,
rollin' round with the grandboy and Dougie Dog.

No real "technique" applied here to this photograph, just thought we would
highlight or leave in full color the center of the photo ~ the part of the picture we wanted
to emphasize ~ and turn the rest of the image to black-and-white.  Border everything
with red.  Hoping it makes the "important" part of the picture pop out!

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Back on April 10,
Zoey got it into her head to show-off her ZOZOGO Bag ...
[click here if you missed it, or want to see it, or want to see it again! tho, why would you?]
now, it appears she is at it once more,
making little PJ's for little kitties kiddies. 
What's up with you, Zo?