Graphic Design

For about ten years, more or less, I've been creating PhotoArt for our blog and for many other bloggers.  By and large many designs are for the pet blogging community although from time to time I've been asked, and challenged to do design work for other clients, non pet related.  In more recent years, my designs have expanded into the newer realm of other social media sites.  My program of choice is Adobe Photoshop CC (I learned on Photoshop 5.0), although I often complement this with other art friendly programs. Much that I do is on a complementary basis, for example: Rainbow Bridge images and The Cat Blogosphere among others.  For other work, a small fee is charged.  When not working on images for publishing, I've enjoying altering and enhancing (or playing around with!) family photos for many years ... particularly the photos of my three grandchildren as they have grown from infants and toddlers to their teen years.  From these photos, I've created memory albums (printed) for many family members.  Although it is common now to view ones photos on a cell phone, or a computer slide show, I guess I am just old-fashioned enough to enjoy sitting with an album of printed photos ~ being able to flip the pages back and forth, to linger over a favorite picture and remember the time it may have been shot, savoring the feelings it brings forth.  There is an intimacy in doing so that does not exist with the quick pass-by of electronic viewing.

So ... you could say this page is "my album", a presentation of some of my own favorites, or perhaps a sampling of the varied designs I've done for others, and for myself.  From my files of thousands of images (which I really should clean out!) it was hard to choose, and I didn't want to go overboard, though I might have!  Blog work, and a little social media.  Family images, montages, and pages pulled from printed albums.  Just a mish-mash-mish of stuff ... graphics and PhotoArt ... by Ann, of Zoolatry.

Rainbow Bridge Memory Images

Blog Header Designs

Banners for Facebook and Twitter

 Holiday Ecards

Badges and Special Graphics Designed on Request

Specialty Graphics
Above: Blogging Cats Calendar Cover 2018
Below: Altered photo art and Graphic art for T-shirt imprints
Business Cards
Logo Design

Various Graphics

Annual Peace Globe Images

Family ~ Creating photo albums, altering images, designing montages ~ making memories.