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Although it is over a month away, we wanted to let pet bloggers know in advance that the annual Rainbow Remembrance Day is on Tuesday, August 28 this year.  This is a time when you may wish to do special postings on your blog in memory of those pets who held a special place in your life, who remain always in your heart of hearts ... share photos and thoughts of your times and life together.  Please mark this most important day on your calendar.  Thank you.


PAWS UP to MS K and MS C

Since my earliest blogging days, one of my dearest friends has been the OP Pack ... not only did I fall in love with these beautiful sibes, but I have come to know and love their human family.  Ms Kathy is a proud Grandma (something I identify with) ... and recently she posted about her beautiful granddaughters and their recent dancing competition.  They've both danced for many years now, and just get better and better with time!  And I wanted to take a moment to congratulate these young women on their accomplishments, to wish them well going forward and say "Good Job"!

From the Woos Blog: dance update:  Our girls, Ms. K and Ms. C, had a phenomenal weekend. Every one of their group dances won something; they are in several group dances, a few of them together.  There were a couple of First Place awards and several Top Ten placements.  In addition, three of their group dances won the national title for their age division and category.  All of their studio's entered dances won an award of some kind.  Our Ms. C. wowed the judges again with her two solos.  She won the Competitive Cup for her contemporary solo dance.  She placed 2nd for High Score for the two solos against all the other girls in her age category who performed two or more solos.  AND she came in 3rd in the Top Ten for her jazz solo dance.  She also was a featured performer in the Junior Starz performance of a dance she learned over the three days of competition.  

The "dancerinas" from the Chronicle of Woos ~ the OP Pack ~ if you want to give them a paws up, visit them HERE.


CATURDAY ART ~ Light and Shadow

This was just your average photo.  Nice, but nothing special or interesting.  Taken late afternoon 
with rather flat light and not much depth, little or no highlights.  Photoshop CC has a filter that
I find hard to use yet I like to play with it (I keep trying to learn better how to use it) ... it's called
"satin" and it allows you to apply shadows and highlights to all or parts of a photo and those
shadows and highlights can be of different shapes and sizes.  To me though, the filter seems
extremely "fragile" and sensitive and I am only a novice with it.  This photo is probably the first
time I've had some minimal success with "satin" filtering .

So, we're showing it off today for Caturday Art,
sponsored by Athena and Marie.



Today, we are flashing back ~ way back ... to remember, and share images of one of
the best pups ever!  Miss Chesapeake Red ... a pure bred (from a rather famous hunting line
of beagles, raised in central Michigan) came to us as a pup and was part of our family for
nearly 18-years ... through two generations of "little ones".
She was a lover, though never lost her hunter instincts.  We always said she walked on five paws,
nose to the ground and every critter was her target!  Off the leash?  An open door?  Away she
went, following whatever scent was in the air.  
Thankfully, always found, though often miles from home.
We had only lived in Michigan a short time when we adopted her, so her name was in memory
of the Chesapeake Bay region (we had moved from northern Virginia).  And "Red" was due to 
her bi-color, rather than the traditional tri-color of most beagles.
Over her years with us, she lived in three states, always adaptable and was sadly missed
when her time to cross the rainbow arrived.  But Chessie gave much to our lives and we thank her.

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