THANK YOU ... Safe in Puerto Rico

Isabel, Giovanna - Isaac and Lydia

Thank you to all who held our family close in thought and prayers over recent days, here and on Facebook.  My daughter in law, Giovanna has at last made contact with her grandparents and learned they are safe and well.  As are other family members.
Below, in her own words, from her Facebook posting ... Above, a photo of them together during a visit earlier this year.
The community at large, in Puerto Rico, is still in need of prayer as they face a very long road of recovery.

"I feel like a huge cloud has been lifted off of me. My cousin went and saw my abuelos today!! They are absolutely fine!! I don't think I've ever so much as I have cried this week and just tears of joy when I hear loved ones are ok. I'm so incredibly thankful for all of your prayers. I feel so overwhelmed right now. I also heard from my Titi Raquel and Tio Oscar (my mom's baby brother and best friend) and they are also ok.
My abuelos house didn't have any flooding or damage BUT yes, he lost an avocado tree. We won't talk about the avocado tree because I'm sure I'll hear about the avocado tree for the rest of my life:):) but I wouldn't have it any other way! I love you abuelo"



A wholabunch of Zoey!



Rare old photos ~ rare, because I don't think there are any others with Zoey's fur this long, nearly
touching the floor!  I don't even know for sure (unfortunately) when these were taken
or how old she was ~ but I suspect only age two or three.  Because not long after she left kitten-hood, 
we began to keep her fur trimmed much shorter with regular "spa visits". And even the
occasional "lion cut".  She would develop really bad mats in her fur, which for her were quite
uncomfortable ... but I must admit, I missed allowing to to have this long luxurious fur!

But I think she was thankful not to be full of mats anymore!

Joining Brian's Thankful Thursday.


Dear Lord hear our prayers ~
Puerto Rico
Caribbean Islands



My son and daughter in law live in Orlando ... however, many in my daughter in law's family live in Puerto Rico ... 
including her elderly grandparents.  
They and other family members there have barely recovered from the passage of Hurricane Irma 
and now Hurricane Maria is moving directly toward them.
Please offer prayers for all, for their safety and well being.  Thank you.


MEOW Like A Pirate!

WOOF Like A Pirate!

Although this is Zoey's month, she graciously allowed Dougie Dog
to join her on this special ... fun day!



Today, I post on behalf of family members and dear friends, more so than for myself. 
The wise words of a beloved Vice President, Joe Biden have come true for me. 
But I have family, and I have friends who yet have a long way to go.  "It will happen,", he said.  "It does happen," I echo. 
For each the time will differ.  You cannot plan it, you cannot make it happen, you cannot know when ... for some the pain today is raw and new and fresh.  It waits around every corner and is felt with every breath.  It is in the light and in the shadows.  The tears drift down and you are powerless to stop them.  What you least expect to hurt may be the most hurtful of all.  
Today, I ask you take a moment to remember and offer a quiet prayer for your own family members, for your own friends, for all those you know who are still in the midst of grief. 

Yes, this is for family and friends.  But in truth, it is always a small reminder for me ~
Vic Adamus, 12/27/1947 ~ 9/18/2012



The Book of Zoey has so many photos of her ~ and as we mentioned in an earlier post this month, she has never shied away from the camera ~ often posing willingly in her inimitable way!  With over 1,100 blog postings devoted just to her, and many more that include her, it's been hard to choose the photos we want to repost during her special month.  Not to mention the photo files of images never shown.  So I've often found myself putting several together, so as to yet again show "my favorites" of this adorable little, silly and gorgeous kitty girl!  The three below seem appropriate as selfies ~ posing sweetly, showing off her dreamy blue eyes and her funny little toof!  Hope you enjoy them ... Zoey, times three in all her kitty cat beauty!

And we join our friends at THE CAT ON MY HEAD for Sunday Selfies!