Thank you to Ms Marg and her clowder of beautiful cats, along with Joe and Smoke ... for sharing home and friendship with us on our way south to Florida.  It was a wonderful visit with you and "yours" ... until we meet again ... hugs and love!


Thank you to Mr Terry, who made the drive down to Marg's to join us for lunch!  It was really special to meet you, to share stories ... to share time together.  Good wishes, may many blessings come your way with thanks for all you do on behalf of our kitty friends.  Hope to see you again ... hugs and love!


Hi, Joe ... t'was good to see you again!  If you're looking for my "stripey sox" (see the old photo of you and me together from 2 years ago) ... just trust me, they're under the boots!  See you again sometime, hee-haw!

We'll be joining THANKFUL THURSDAY
with Brian (if we get back online today that is!) ... after all, it is vacation time!


ON THE ROAD: Meeting Friends Along The Way

South Carolina ~ Marg's Animals ~ Joe and Smoke
take a field break with Ann (Zoolatry) and Terry (Brian's Home)

C-c-cold along the way, great to meet Terry,
great to see Marg, great vacation so far!