December 10, 2023


 ~ a holiday selfie from the polka dot kitty ~

The Mommy likes to say "less is more",
June likes to say "more is more"!

December 09, 2023


Sharing and caring during this beautiful time of year.
Please feel free to copy our 2023 Christmas Card if you wish to do so.
Thank you for your friendship ~ Ann and June

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We are honored to be part of The Cat Blogosphere team, here each day of the year
to bring our community of pet friends all the best news of the moment
and to share daily posts with one another.
From our team ~ Terry, Sierra and myself ~ wishes for the happiest of holidays.

December 08, 2023


I don't have thumbs.  You already know that.  So I can't always do a "look back" at photos on mine Mommy's laptop, typing is kinda hard for me.  But I like to look back (it's called the Friday Flashback around the Cat Blogosphere) at Christmases Past, so she made a Holiday Album with pictures from my three Christmas years at Zoolatry and I can paw through it anytime.  Today I'm sharing my first year, 2020.  And if you happen to stop by on the next couple Fridays, I will share the other years ... 

I was just newly adopted before Christmas 2020.  I was 7 months old.
And you maybe remember there was this big thing called the pandemic going on.

Mine Mommy was new in her little apartment, new in her new city, and
I was new to her and she was new to me.  Lots of newness!

We didn't know other peoples and if we went out (not much) we had to cover our faces, 
so I had a special "coverer" for mine, it tickled my whiskers!
I didn't visit Santa, she said he stayed up at the North Pole that year, 
so she made a little picture to show me what it would look like if I sat on his lap!

AND ~ I really wasn't yet "the polka dot kitty", so I wore her stripey Santa hat.
There is a special ornament for the tree for 2020, but I think,
being a playful kitten, I broked it, so it is no more.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Coming back for a moment to the present day, 
for any who saw our post yesterday, Lighting the Monument ~ 
it was an event last evening, every bit as spectacular as promised, and more!
Great live clap-your-hands, jump and shout music from local bands,
inspirational holiday music from nearby churches, 
and rousing Gospel songs from university choirs.

A monument lighting with a laser light show and fireworks
ending the evening ~ not from a distance, but ~
lean back, tip your head, look up,
it was as if rising right from out of the waiting crowds!


December 07, 2023


Now in it's 52nd year and sponsored by the Mount Vernon Place Conservancy, this evening, Baltimore's historic Washington Monument will be lit for the 2023 holiday season.  With music, food and entertainment, fireworks, and more it is a traditional event in my hometown.  First, we'll stop in at a gathering in the 18th floor community room of our apartment building for a high-up view of the opening events, visit with friends, enjoy punch and hors d'oeuvres.  This top floor room overlooks the Monument, with spectacular windows on three sides viewing the city.  Below left: the windows decorated with twinkling lights for the season.  Below right: the Monument view on a bright, sunny day.

The two photos below were taken following the 2022 Lighting of the Monument.  
The second image is from the corner by the Walters Art Museum, looking North toward the park and the Monument.
I am truly thankful to be living in this beautiful and historic neighborhood.

December 06, 2023


Wordless.  But waiting and watching ... for Santa.