December 01, 2022

Stupid Toy Day! Humbug Day! National Whiners Day! Don't you just love Ugly Sweater Day?


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November 29, 2022


June went to see Santa at the mall the other day, well, for her it was a "virtual visit".  First thing she did was get into the bag by his big boots, pawing around in hopes of finding treats and toys.  We all know about that cat in the bag thing!

She had a very long list for him, and kept way too many other little kits and kids, and pups waiting far too long.  Both Santa and I had to tell her "not yet".  Thankfully, she knows what 'not yet' means, as she hears it a bazillion times a day, usually about ten in the morning when she meows for lunch, way too early ~ and again around three in the afternoon when she begins to paw at my feet wanting her supper!  So when Santa proclaimed "not yet", and told her that the happy and colorful month of December is about to begin, but she still has to wait a whole 25-days until he gets in his sleigh to visit one and all ... she gave a whiney little meow, and we went home.

Meanwhile, way down South of us, little grand pup XANDER, who will have his very first Christmas ~ went off to the mall, too!  Wonder what kind of treat Santa gave him.  And he looked so very happy to have a special holiday portrait done. 

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Mine Mommy has begun to decorate our studio for the holidays.  Just a little bit here and there.  I've been looking through my toy box wondering what can I use for decorations, and except for my spring toys that are red or green, and some blue ones, there just wasn't anything at all!  Then, yesterday, when she left the apartment, I knew she wasn't really "going out" (I can tell cause she didn't have her backpack on!) and a few minutes later she was back with our mail.

My mail!  Look, it was a box for me.  See the label, for real.  I was so excited.  Oh my cat, a purr-sent.

Purr-sents are so exciting, not to mention the 'bonus box'.  I had to wait for her to open it, cause I'm not allowed to use scissors.  Of course, she says my claws are sharp enough I could open anything I wanted!  I jumped off the table and I jumped back up on the table.  She is so slow, "open it now, meow".  Well, she finally did.  It was a gift from my very special Auntie Dee and my kitty bro-fur, Pip, who are way down in the Sunshine State ... and guess what?  Even though mine Mommy claimed most of what was in the box was really for her (?), I could now start decorating my corner of the world, so I did.  It was the purr-fect purr-sent.  See!

P.S.  she took all the rest of the polka dot balls for her decorating