June 22, 2024

ZOOLATRY ~ 17 YEARS ~ Thanks for the memories!

And if anyone wants to see what Zoolatry has really been all about
over all these years ~ 
what has really meant the most to us with you, 
our friends and friends, letting us be part of your lives ~


June 21, 2024


Tails and Toes Together ~ June & Ann Selfies


June 20, 2024



So, there I was, resting comfortably at the foot of our bed, waiting patiently for my nighttime brushies.  Finally, mine Mommy was ready and I got in pawsition, beside her, my paws gently on her, ahem-meow, those chest-parts.  All was right in our world and I meowed, let the brushies begin and so they did and I was happy.

A moment or two later, I saw the RED DOT!  
How exciting!  Of course I had to catch it!  One always wants to catch it!
But in a millisecond our worlds turned upside down and inside out.

The brush went where no brush should ever ever go.
I screeched.
My paws with claws went where they should not have gone.
Mine Mommy screamed.
We both twisted.  We both turned.
My jaws clamped down hard on that arm with the brush and the
brush fell to the floor and mine Mommy leapt up,
running toward the litter-loo room and I ran too, I don't remember where!
The RED DOT still flashed.

I kept my distance, watching.  Watching as she washed that arm, dripping red.  I didn't understand.  Then a band-aid, and another and another and even more.  And all the while, that tempting RED DOT kept flashing.  It was all so very strange.  Finally she stopped playing "doctor", and pulled her nightshirt over her head.  OMC!  

A funny little box was attached to her, to those chest-parts and it had the flashing RED DOT!  That wasn't my RED DOT, the one I loved to chase around the house, oh noes. Then I saw her with some tape, tape it back into place and she pushed a little button and the RED DOT stopped being RED and all was right with our world again.

The next day mine Mommy took all those band-aids off her arm.
She has a really cool Connect The Dots game on her arm now,
and it's very colorful, too!
Original artwork by June, not photoshopped!

But we came to a little agreement that we'd forgo brushies for a
few days, I said that was OK.
I told mine Mommy I was sorry 'bout everything.
Mine Mommy told me she was sorry 'bout everything.
We told each other we still loved each other
a whole lot and we were very thankful to have one another.

June 19, 2024



This one is too small.

I want my blankie in here.  No blankie, no box.

You're kidding me, right?

What the ... ?

Finally.  A box is a box is a box when it's the right box.

June 16, 2024


Slow-blinking Love to all those wonderful Dad's,

the ones I know (meow) and all the other ones, too!


June 15, 2024

THE CATURDAY CAT (from a Fun Friday!)

The world looks very busy today ~

I need a closer look!

A note from mine Mommy: JUNE was certainly intent on watching something here on the street or in the sky yesterday though I've no idea just what it was.  Until ... oh no, oh dear, meow, meow!  One of the biggest and most exciting week-long events in Baltimore is beginning ~ FLEET WEEK.  And although we're planning to go enjoy much of it at the Inner Harbor tomorrow, had not paid attention to the schedule otherwise.

Shortly after 11 a.m., a booming noise so loud as to hurt ones ears came down on us, JUNE nearly flew from window to kitchen counter to top of the cabinets ... the noise was barely over ... when boom ... there it came again ... and off she went again from the cabinet tops, screeching and into the hall closet!  

Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat over the next 30 minutes or so ... I had pulled the blinds wide open and though my ear drums ached, was thrilled and enthralled as with nose pressed to glass I viewed my own private air show in the blue skies above the city.  Military jets doing acrobatics leaving contrails, twisting, turning, climbing and diving.  Even ducked my head once as one seemed to head straight toward the building before a sharp turn upward!  Not long after, jets in formation doing flybys.  Once it quieted, JUNE came out for lunch.  Only to disappear again around 3 p.m. when a second show began.  Not a happy afternoon for her but a very fun one for the Mommy.  

P.S. we later looked at the FLEET WEEK website and learned that Friday afternoon was planned as the practice session for all the events flyovers!
Needless to say, as good as my I-phone camera might be it's not as fast as those military jets!  All I got were lots and lots of blue sky photos ...


June 14, 2024