April 23, 2024


All day yesterday, I sat here, with my toys, playing, all alone.  Singing that song, "all by myself".  From time to time, I meowed and pleaded with mine Mommy ~ I so want a play date, please, purrr please.  She was unmoved, unrelenting, inattentive to my pleas, my words, even to my actions when I reached out, claws extended and managed a good scratch on her leg as she passed by!  Oh yes, I heard that "ooowie, June" and saw her applying a band-aid, but it was deserved!  

You know, I even tried the infamous "SMUDGE Annoying Look" (which I've been practicing), but even though she is quite fond of Smudge, she was not moved at all by "the S.A. Look".  Well, maybe I've not perfected it yet.  

And guess what, I even scattered all the toys out of my toy box.  Did that bother her?  No.  I finally tried the ultimate sign of my displeasure, yes, kitties, the final resort.  One we kitties should only use in the most extreme of circumstances, when we really really need to get our point across.  I did it.  I kicked a pooper (and it was a biggie, I was very proud of it) out of the litter-loo box.  Right where she HAD to see it!  HAD to step over it to use her own litter-loo box!  Ha, I said to myself, that will do it, now she'll know I mean business.

But alas.  She merely grabbed a stinky Lysol wipe and away it went, you know where.  Another few of those wipes on the floor, "easy-peasy" I heard her say, and that was that.  A rather muffled "oh, juney" escaped her lips and she went on to other stuff.  I was deflated.  Truly at a loss as to what to do, how to change her mind.  In a muffled voice again, I think I heard, "not gonna happen".  Sigh.

 🐾 I do so want a play date 🐾

April 20, 2024


Mine Mommy didn't get 'round to doing her usual Caturday Art for this week, and I hadn't done a "pick-a-pic" in a really long time, so she said "okay, you can take over, paw through your files and choose a few".  

Now, I'm not old as dirt like she is, (hey, don't swat me, Mom), so anyway, I'm hoping you haven't seen these before, cause even I forget what's posted, but even if you have, they're some of my favorites, so here we goes ... with just a little bit of 'splaining.  OK?  OK!  Meow!

Oh, I 'member how excited I got on this day, when she did majorly major cleaning
and found every spring toy I ever had from under chairs, tables, in closets, behind the fridge!
What a collection!  Now I could hide (or lose!) 'em all over again!

But then she had to go and twist one spring around
this old ropey thing, boyohboy did I struggle to get it free ...
look at that top picture again ... see that empty space?
That's where it was s'pposed to be!!!

Hiding.  In the closet.  This is my go-to-closet.
  For when the big thunders come.  
Mine Mommy always keeps the door open an inch or so,
I can put my paw in and all by myself I can open it the rest of the way
and hide in the corner.  We have four walk-in closets and I go in all
of them, but this one is the best cause no light comes on!  And
she doesn't put other stuffs in there so there's always room for me.
It's dark and quiet, and no ~ the shoes don't smell!

Mommy is not too happy 'bout this.  Why?  She's had this very same
Daytimer for 58 years!  Seriously.  
Yeah, there's a calendar, address book, phone numbers, all that stuff,
 on the cell phone, and the 'puter, and the refrigerator ... but this one is special to her.  
Like it means a lot.
I'm just checking to see what's going on today
and of course hear ... "Juney, be careful now ..."
Honestly, I think if the house were afire, she'd grab this before she grabbed me! 

This?  Just because I wanted to share one sort of normal, pretty picture of me!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Meow!  I hope you liked all my pick-a-pics.
I just realized how tiring it is to put together a blog ...
to find pictures,
to write words ...
so, please excuse me if I now go take a little nap.
Happy Caturday Saturday

April 19, 2024

FRIENDS ~ Lightning and Molly


by Shel Silverstein

This bridge will only take you halfway there
To those mysterious lands you long to see:
Through gypsy camps and swirling Arab fairs
And moonlit woods where unicorns run free.
So come and walk awhile with me and share
The twisting trails and wondrous worlds I've known.
But this bridge will only take you halfway there ~
The last few steps you'll have to take alone.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So come and walk with me awhile.  They do not walk with us long enough,
it is never long enough.  Never long enough to share our world, to share all we
want to give them ~ to receive all they so unconditionally give to us.
And though we are by their side,
they take their final steps alone.
May they be peaceful steps.

Lightning, our beautiful Sibe Boy, rest well forever.

Molly, our beautiful Aire Girl, rest well forever.

April 18, 2024


 I'm thankful I'm a good mouser.
But honestly, most-a the time once I catch 'em 
I don't know what to do with 'em.