June 14, 2021


Well, my Breaking News probably is not impawtent enough to be covered on the Cat News Network, 
but just the same I do want to share it with my friends.

Breaking News #1
When we took a few days blog-break to try and fix our header issues 
[which a good friend did for us cause the ZH-dingbat couldn't] 
we thought maybe we'd actually switch to a wordpress blog.  
The same ZH-dingbat signed in over there just to check it all out,
but now they have an email for her and they're trying to take over 
and they won't let me COMMENT on a lot of our friends blogs!!!
It might work, it might not, we never know. 
Mostly they interfere with wordpress blogs, but sometimes they
even mess around with google blogs.
So if we haven't commented on yours recently ... we are very sorry,
it's not our fault!  Honest.  We're trying to fix this.

Breaking News #2
Every furry knows that soon Feedburner goes away.
Well, we switched to follow.it.
But here again, the ZH is really the ZH-dingbat and couldn't figure out how to
properly do the transfer stuff.
So, if you were a subscriber by mail ... or if you were not, but would like to
become a subscriber by mail ... you have to start over.  Sorry!
So just fill out that new little box, top right on our sidebar to make it happen.

This post was written by June.
The ZH-dingbat was too embarrassed to admit to all of this.
As a blogger since 2007 you'd think she knows what she's doing.
Apparently not.

*** p.s.  I stoled "Moan-Day" from daPhenny and daNelly, apawlogies, but I needed it for today, it was just so, so right

June 13, 2021


 Enjoy this day.

Apawlogies as we're having a hard time (or cannot in some cases) comment
on blogs, particularly WordPress blogs, and even a few Blogspot ones!
We're working to fix this issue ... we're not ignoring you! Thanks for understanding!

Fun for One and All at

June 12, 2021



The Creative Blog Hop
from Athena Cat Goddess, Wise Kitty and Marie

June 11, 2021


During those few days of our no-blogging-break-time, the ZH set up her (she thinks I like these things!) so-called "challenges" for me again ~ I did my best to please her.  Worked them for awhile, just to amuse and make her happy. But you know what, she needs a few new fresh ideas I think.  Honest, this particular one is becoming a bit b.o.r.i.n.g.


June 10, 2021



Mom and Dad just want to sleep,
but this is a nightmare, not a dream.
As their new little baby
cries and cries, scream, scream, scream.

A warm bottle won't do it.
And a binky's no help.
As the minutes go by and little baby
continues to yelp!

They're both thinking right now
of bopping that little round head!
But Bear will tell tales on them,
see, he's snuggled there in baby's bed.

Besides, if they did that,
social services would come
and so would the cops,
ohmygawd!  They'd be done!

Then baby would be gone,
No more cries, screams, no tears,
Gone also sweet smiles and giggles
for years upon years!

No more drooly kisses, 
no more chubby armed hugs!
Reading stories, bubble baths, 
or tumbling on rugs.

So, what should they do
with this problem they face?
The same as other parents, 
all over the place ~

Baby is their gift, 
from God in heaven above.
Hold baby warm, close to the breast,
wash away tears with your love.




June 09, 2021


There's been a heat wave along the East Coast.
The ZH has the air conditioning set low, low, too low.

So I find it necessary to keep my sweet little nose covered up 
in order to nap comfortably.
Who wants a cold nose?


June 08, 2021


While the ZH was trying to fix her my blog, correction: I mean while the ZH turned to a good friend [who had many more smarts than she does] to fix her my blog, I would lazily sit at my window watching the world go by.  THANK YOU GOOD FRIEND.  However, while peacefully enjoying the view and watching the sun strike the buildings here and there ~ 

We were attacked by invading aliens.  And I am not referring to the aliens who had taken over and messed up her my blog.  That's a whole different story.  I ran, over hill and dale [just an expression] and hid in the closet until she came to find me and shared the story with me about the "alien invasion" which I share below ~ read on if you dare!  BEWARE the alien image photo, cats in particular, your furs will stand on end and your tail grow large, do not say you were not warned!  And clawing the monitor is not allowed.

As told to me by the Zoolatry Human.  "June, little one ~ this "alien" on your window whiffing screen is called a CICADA and yes, it may look a bit scary to you, but it is not.  In fact, if you were an outdoor kitty, you would probably enjoy munching on a few of them ~ many dogs and cats do, though they will get upset tummies if they eat too many.  And don't let this surprise you, but lots of humans enjoy eating them as well, in many different recipes!  They're said to be quite good and very nutritious for those who can handle "bug eating".  No doubt if one were able to get inside with us, you'd have tons of fun chasing it around!  They arrived here just a few weeks ago and will probably leave in just a couple more weeks ~ but here is something very interesting ~ they will not be back for 17 years, not until the year 2030.  Amazing, mmm.  They stay underground for seventeen years!  You will be 10-years old the next time they appear on earth and I will be ___, well, that's not open for discussion.  One CICADA is about the size of a human thumb ~ not quite as big as your paw, but almost.  The CICADA'S that are visiting here now are Brood X and they are the largest and most widespread brood in the United States covering about fifteen states from the East and Northeast into the Midwest.  There are trillions of them right now ... yes, with a "T" ... trillions, and when they get romantic, which is the reason they're here, their music can reach to 100-decibels ... it is overpowering in many urban and suburban neighborhoods.  As they complete their cycle of life, the dried shells fall off and cover sidewalks, plants and trees, auto's and more ... watch out: one may drop on you!  But never mind, they are harmless ... not alien or scary at all really, but quite fascinating.  Another of life's small mysteries ... if you'd like to know a little more about the Brood X Cicada, CLICK HERE.  You'll even find recipes!