October 27, 2021

October 26, 2021


What would Halloween be without a Costume Contest?
And Teddy's Tuesday Teaser Class has just that ~ today!

Students (and their furriends) have gone crazee-creative.
So you just have to paw over to the classroom
and see how they've each dressed-up for the event!
And while you're there, vote for your favorite costume,
though we're sure every one will get an A+.

Don't call in sick today!  Don't be tardy!
Class is in session now, so just click below to attend!

While you're there, you might spot Jessie-June and her pal, Woody!


October 25, 2021


When the hu-mom told me there were more than two-hundred apartments in our building, 
I said, "who we gonna call ... call the ghostbusters!"  

I mean these fun-loving friendlies are the best, we're buddies, and
we're hitting every door on every floor and oh-my-poltergeist 
are we gonna gather up the sweets 'n' treats.

But I'm not so sure about Henry up there, he always has to be different,
a stand-apart, you know the kind ~ showy and all!  Henry can be so
contrary, he's a rebel! The attention grabber ghost!

When we had a meeting I told every spirit 
"Wear your dress whites, big happy smiles and all that!
We're all the same... OK? OK!"  

But then there's Henry, there's always one, he's probably gonna take
more than his fair share of candy, too. 

October 24, 2021


Mom, I've worked very hard all month, you know ~ dressing up for Boolatry,
and all that ~ how about an Easy Sunday, a day off, a little rest and relaxation?
I'll just kick back, bunny kick my nip-pumpkin!  You can relax, too!  OK?

OK!  You got it, June! Happy Easy Sunday from us to you!