December 05, 2023


Mine Mommy always complains comments I'm not much of a lap cat.
But, when it comes to that big guy in the red suit, that's a whole different matter lap.
You do what you gotta do.

December 04, 2023


On Caturday last, I went a-visiting, secretly.  Mine Mommy was pre-occupied with something or other and so I left (virtually, of course) to visit AuntieHiC and Angel Madi in North Carolina.  They're often at Logan's, but I'm not sure if that's where they were on this day, as they didn't say, but oh-my-cat ...

What did I see?  Was I surprised?  Astonished?  Oh yes I was, pawsitively!  For there, on display, for all to see ... some peoples had STOLEN MY TREE!  My blue and white polka dot tree.  

Well, sort of, but not really.  They really had not used enough blue and white polka dot ornaments (see for yourself at Madi's post).  So, when no one was looking, I quietly added a few more and a few more and a few ...

If you're gonna do it, I say, do it to the max!
Awww, that's much better, isn't it?

December 02, 2023


 "Mom, something seems a little off with your Caturday Art today."

December 01, 2023


 With A Little Help From My Friend Furriend

We did it June!  
Meowz, we did.  
Baubles on the windows, my red and white stripey ones.  
And my blue and white polka dot ones, meowz.  
A little bit of a tree up top, out of paws reach.
[... but I gots up there for a photoshop moment, didn't I, meowz ...]
And there's Frosty Snowman on our my front door.
Snow! Do I get to see snowz falling from my windows?
Just maybe, June, but not yet.
Does Santa come tomorrow?
Not yet.
So, we're not there yet?  I don't like the words "not yet".
You have twenty-three days to be on your bestest behavior,
to stay on the nice-list, no naughtiness.
Today I think we're both a bit frayed and frazzled after all our
decorating, how 'bout we take a little nap?