January 25, 2022


Come out. Come out now, my little mousies.
Sleepy time is over.
Time to get up and play.
It's a happy new day!

(no, we didn't bother mine Mommy in the night, 
she sleeps like a zombie so it was okay,
and I always take my toys to bed)

January 24, 2022

AWWW - The ROPE - A - DOPE Challenge

Mine Mommy set up some new challenges for me while we were on break.  Some were stupid and I did not enjoy them, so I did not pawticipate.  However, this one ~ she called it "rope-a-dope" was ever so much fun!  Spring toys are a favorite and I had to get them off the ends of the rope and I did!  Here I go ~

After I got the rope off my back, I began to pull on the green spring, and I pulled and pulled.  Little by little it stretched up and up.  See!  I'm getting it free.  Yay!  Not much farther to go.  I'm so good at this stuff.

I did it!  Of course I did!  There isn't a challenge that I, super June can't take on!  I always win.  Green spring on the floor, red spring on the floor.  I am super June.  Where's my prize? 

~ ~ ~

NO, oh no.  Did you really have to show this photo?   How embarrassing!

Sorry, JuneyBug.  
Was not me.  Was an action shot from our drone ... 
You were working so hard with this challenge, too cute not to share!
... awww ...

January 23, 2022

"I MISSED YOU", by June

Two weeks ago when mine Mommy said we would have a blog break, I thought that sounded like furever, and I was right, it's been furever, and I've missed you all, a lot.  So yesterday I decided to run away.  Yup.  I said to myself, well, she can break as long as she wants, but not me!  So when she left the door open, while going next door to take something to Mr. R, off I went ~ I was running away, north/south/east/west, didn't matter, as long as I could go see my friends!

I was about to go right ~ that's East by the way, but that door opens to a whole 16-sets of stairs down to the lobby, and my short little legs and shoeless paws would get so, so tired and hurty.

So, I went left instead, obviously, now heading West, a much longer walk as you can see.  I was just about to the ellybators, when I heard the ellybator talking-lady go "ding ding" and say "15th floor, going up" and I my back furs flew up and my tail got twice its size!  OhMyCat, the doors would open any second now, out would come strange peoples who might cat-nap me and steal me away furever and ever.  I leapt up on all fours, did a 360 degree turnabout and headed East.  (Saved by the bell is one way to put it.)
My door was open.  Mine Mommy stood just inside.  A little smile on her face.  Were you running away?  Oh, no, I lied, I just went to visit Miss J, and see how she was doing, I lied again.  Mmm, hmm, Mommy said.  And you forgot to wear your mask, she added.  Meow, sorry, I said.  I don't think I like it outside here so much, I told her, it's sort of scary.  Yes, it can be, she said back to me, want to come in now, where it's warm and cozy and safe, and you can have a cookie, cause I love you?

Yes, I'd like a cookie, thank you.  I love you, too.  And Mommy?  
I won't run away again, I said very quietly.
... but can I please start blogging and visiting my friends again? ...
yes, Juney.

We apologize, as we could not seem to add Mr Linky today.

January 09, 2022


We're hibernating?  What's hibernating?

Well, it's sort of a time to rest, June. To recharge, so
we're taking some time off ~ a bit of a break from blogging. 

I do not need to recharge, I'm always fully charged! 
Besides, what will I do each day?  
I is s'posed to be on zoo-atwee and go visiting my friends, too!

There will be plenty of time for that when we come back,
I promise.  Until then, say bye, for now ...

O.K. , but I don't think I like this much at all, Meow!

January 08, 2022


Winter weather has arrived.  Even though I'm an indoor kitty, mine Mommy got me an outdoor kitty hat just in case.  I like it.  It should have had polka dots instead of stripes, but that's OK.  When I told her about that, she said, OK, how about polka dot "mittens for kittens" to keep you little paws warm?  And I said, thank you!  Now I'm going to go and visit my furriends at Caturday Art and show-off my hat and kitten-mittens!