September 23, 2021


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September 21, 2021

September 19, 2021


Yo! Cap'n Jack!

I'd walk the plank for you.
I'd sail the seven seas.
I'll love you evermore.
My Pirate Prince I so adore.

Your handsome face, your sultry eyes,
I roll over in delight.
Come rescue me my Cap'n dear,
come cuddle me tonight.


September 18, 2021

September 17, 2021


This white shawl was made for me forty-seven years ago by a close and dear friend ~ my wedding would be in Washington, DC at Thanksgiving and the weather unpredictable.  I don't believe I've ever worn it since, yet I treasure it.

The photos here were taken over several days.  The shawl has always been on this chair, and since her arrival here just about a year ago, and as often as June has rested or slept in this chair over past months, she has never once shown any interest at all in the shawl above her head.

~ until ~ 

September 16, 2021


~ HANK ~

Along the river bank, 
waits a boy we will call Hank.

Patient, intent, quiet, alone.
Wanting, needing fish for the evening supper at home.

A rod he holds in his steady hands, he gazes on waters still,
for one swimming by, one prompted just by the power of his will.

One tempted by his tasty bait,
one so hungry it will not swim on, it will not wait.

One not to throw back, into a river glistening bright,
but to feed, to nourish his big family this night.

For it was his duty to help, he must do his part.
Toting home an empty bucket would break his heart.

The trail to home was not long, through a sun dappled wood.
Soon the cabin he'd see and he felt so danged-good.

His bucket splashed water, shoulders ached, yet were straight up with pride,
as happy eyes beamed at the large fish inside.

His Mom and his Dad,
brothers, sisters, some big, others small.
Grandma and Grandpy
all anxiously waiting for his call.

"Fish for supper, got me a big 'un, fire up the coals",

yelled the boy we called Hank,

"all's good, all's right,
hands together now in prayer,
all have supper tonight."

So many grow, fish, hunt for their own food ~ they are to be commended.  And so many grow, fish and hunt for our food and for them we should be thankful.  And for our food we should not be wasteful.  In the USA we are blessed with a bounty of food often not so around the world ~ and yet in every town in every state, our own neighbors go hungry and children go to bed every night with tummies empty and aching.  So it incumbent upon each of us with a full cupboard to share all we can, to support food banks, charities and those groups that provide meals to others in need.  Thank you to Angel Sammy and Teddy from TWO SPOILED CATS for todays photo which prompted us to give thought to the food challenges so many face today.