May 24, 2022


The Cat In The Window

Last night the sky was clear, dark.  I'm sure there were many stars shining somewhere, but here the city lights don't let them shine through.  On nights like this my outdoor-kitty-nighttime friend often visits ~ we have a little cat chat, and we ponder things.  Because she is out there and everywhere, she sees and knows things I cannot and do not ~

I have spent time worrying for my friends to the North.  In truth, I worry often of many friends all over ~ East, South, West.  Way too often things befall them like fires and droughts and tornados (in northern Michigan?, OMC!) and unbearable heat waves, and soon the hurrycanes will be coming.  If'n there is anyone at all left out there who does not think we are facing climate change, well, that one is just plain crazee.  And my outdoor-kitty-nighttime friend who travels all over says this is true, true, true!

But mine Mommy comforted me and said my best girlfriend, DANI and her pawrents Wendy 'n' Walter are doing good after that derecho flew by them, they did lose powers for a time, and do not have innernets still ... but are safe.

And she heard that PHOD and LEE and their Lady & Man have all kinds of trees down all 'round them, but thankfully they are also okay now.

She said too that DERRY, and his dear Mommy Ms Kim are well ... we know there are many others ~ from Detroit East to the big ocean, and we're trying to check their bloggies to make sure all are safe and good.

All this is simply to say, as my outdoor-kitty-nighttime friend reminded me: when there are disasters, natural or sometimes sadly manmade, check in with your friends, it's impawtent, let them know you care ... kindness matters!


May 23, 2022


I thought we scheduled a zoom meeting this morning, where is everyone?

The rest of us mousies is a-scared of you!

Mousies is not very smart. 


May 22, 2022


Camping is a big thing in the summer time!  I love to camp out, too.  So much that I camp out in my tent every day.  I can nap in here, woodland critters can't get me in here, sometimes my mousies and spring toys will come in here with me.  If'n it happens to rain, mine Mommy always makes me a new tent and she has made me a purromise that when the stars come out tonight we can have s'mores over the campfire!  Of course we has to put on our skeeter-spray at night!

Now I'm running over to
to see if there are any other campers,
maybe they'd like to come have s'mores with me!

May 21, 2022


It was a busy week, and imagination was at its low end, so we offer a repeat
Caturday Art today, but a favorite one that shines with spring into summer colors.
The original photo was of my grandson on a visit we'd made once to Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, MD.  
As he walked a narrow path through the bright blooms, his shirt emphasized their brightness.  
An enlargement of only the flowers created the border image, all then oil-painted.

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