Please blow some pretty bubbles.  I love bubbles!

Such pretty bubbles.  I love bubbles!  Thank you!

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If you are a "lucky dog" ~ which means you own a KONG, then there are certain rules to follow.
I am a "lucky dog"!  I own a KONG ball, a KONG football and this great KONG bone!
The rules?

1.  Always protect your KONG no matter what else you are doing.
2.  Keep your KONG safe from harm.
3.  Do not allow others to mess with your KONG.
4.  Do not lose your KONG.  Know where it is at all times.
5.  Sleep with your KONG.
6.  If your KONG becomes damaged in any way, shape or form blame a human.
7.  Then demand a new KONG.
8.  And of course ~ love your KONG ~ unconditionally.



Years ago (obviously, many years ago) I took several photography courses.  Long before the days of
digital cameras.  I do remember the teacher advising ...  
Rule No. 1: always see what the camera sees!  A point well taken, if not well remembered.  
Best described by those photos of family or friends
when a telephone pole grows mysteriously from the top of their heads.
Sorry, Dougie ... I did not see the greenery sprouting from the top of your head!



Grand Sunday Selfies

Top to bottom: 
The Grands
The Grands and My Daughter
The Grands and Me

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CATURDAY ART ~ at the Smithsonian National Zoo

While my grandchildren were visiting for summer vacation, we made our obligatory visit to the Smithsonian National Zoo ~ no trip to Washington, DC is complete without going there!  On this visit I photographed the DAMA GAZELLE and a RUPPELL'S GRIFFON VULTURE to use for Caturday Art.  Sadly, both of these majestic creatures are on the critically endangered species list at this time.

Fact: the Dama gazelle is one of the largest and rarest in the gazelle family. 
Fact: the Ruppell's griffon vulture is best known as the world's highest flying bird.

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All Photos 7.11.2017

Great Falls on the upper Potomac offers park areas on both the Maryland and Virginia sides of the river and they are equally beautiful.  Tumbling falls ... gentle pools of water form small restful lakes among rock formations.  There are easy and extremely challenging hiking trails within the surrounding woodlands.  Now, a walking path ... once a tow path, runs alongside the old C & O canal with many locks where once boats ferried goods from Harper's Ferry south to Washington, DC.  Picnic areas are plentiful, some historical markers dot the landscape.  All in all, a beautiful place.