February 23, 2024


If'n you happened to see me on Tuesday, you saw that I cleaned out my toy box.
As it was empty, it seemed appropriate for me to be in it.  And you know kitties do love to get into whatever they can get into.
It did not turn out all that well though.  Apparently it holds toys better than it holds kitties.  Sigh.

PS ~ mine Mommy says I should tell you this is really a old flashback post, if'n that matters.

February 22, 2024


February.  The month when we spend an extra moment or two thinking of love.  Though it should be at the top of the list each and every day.  Love of one another, always say it, always show it.  Talking with a dear and best friend recently, we agreed how often we remember our "firsts", those moments ... I rode my first bike, I had my first kiss ... Yet when we are experiencing a "last", we do not even know it.  And as life goes on, so very quickly, and one looks backward, there are many "lasts".  The last time I ...  

Don't ever let there be a "last" when you forgot to say I love you.

As I spent some time looking at old family photos earlier this month, this photo said I Love You.  My Mom, now gone from this earth some fourteen years looking on and loving her great grandson ~ he, soon to begin a new life in college, but his love shining in those young toddler eyes.  I was then, always will be thankful for both of them, I love them both, I still say it.

February 20, 2024

February 18, 2024


Curling up in my blankie basket on these chilly mornings 
is just about perfect.  Of course I always have a few mousie friends 
with me, though most are tucked in under my polka dot "ellen blankie".
Now, to tuck me in ~

February 17, 2024


Today's art is on focus and lighting.  I find it hard on occasion to tell if an image is truly well focused and sharp, both in foreground and background.  It may appear so "on camera", yet be considerably different once transferred to my computer and into Photoshop.  Sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised, sometimes not.  The same holds true for lighting as all of June's photos are shot indoors, impacted completely by day vs night, the amount of sunlight vs shadow and/or any natural lighting in the room.  All these factors can distort her fur colors and any color values around her.  The major thing I'm so thankful for is the fast-action of our newer cell phone cameras so that red-eye or blank-eye is automatically eliminated, yet even so, available lighting will show June's eyes as golden or green at any given time ~ good, because they actually are.  Back to focus now: this photo did have sharp focus, good lighting. I could zoom in, crop to tight portions of the image and it remained sharp and clear.  And that's all one could want!  No fuss, no muss, nothing else needed to pull together a little montage and lay into a muted same image background.