June 20, 2021


Poppy Vic as his three grands called him.  My husband of 38 years.  
Heaven sent. Father of two.  Always missed, always loved.

Dad!  Heaven sent.  Fifty plus years of marriage, father of two, granddad and great grandfather.  
And I always thought him to be both grand and great ~ love you, Dad!

My son.  From baby to boy to young man and father of two.
And I'm being truthful when I say he is a super Dad.  Love you lots!

My kid brother.  Of course, all grown up!  
Couldn't do without him in my life.  Father, grandfather, and Godfather for my son. Blessed you're "mine". 

Grandpa, father-in-law, was I ever the lucky woman to have this wonderful man in my life.  His
two grandkids adored him.  Heaven sent.  We never stopped missing him.

Godfather for my daughter.  Lifelong dear friend.  Part of our family.  Father of four girls.
Heaven sent.  Loved and missed.

Father.  Father to so many.  He performed our marriage, he baptized each of our children 
and many years later performed the wedding ceremony for our daughter.
His guidance helped us throughout our lives.  
Heaven sent.  May he rest in peace.


Many take on the role of "fathers" in our lives,
perhaps a teacher, a neighbor, an uncle,
some for a moment in time, some for a lifetime.
Look into your heart and you will find many fathers are there.
Celebrate and thank them, each and every day
for all they have given to you.


June 19, 2021


The human has a bazillion pictures of me in boxes, cause like most cats I love boxes.  But instead of making you look at those again, she said "let's do a box challenge" ... well, I'm always up for a challenge, so here we go!  "Just show me your favorite one" she said.  Well, I'm a bit of a tease ... and I like to toss a challenge right back at her ...

Mmm, there's a big box on my left and it's brand new!  I know that because it just came this morning with lots of foodz for me inside!  And on the right, a sweet little box, just my size.  In the middle, not a box, but a crinkly bag.  Decisions, decisions.

So, just to throw the challenge back to her ~ fist choice, the crinkly bag in the middle!  Ha, ha, I gotcha girl!  
Let's see if she hid any treats inside ...

Drats cats!  Just an empty bag.  Guess I'll come back to the bag later.  
I am a cat in a bag, too!

Second choice.  The new big box.  OMC, I think I can even smell those new foodz that were delivered.  
We best hurry up with this box-ing challenge thing.  
It might be getting close to supper.

And now for the just-my-size box.  Look, it has a little toy on top.  Yes, I do think this is a very nice box.  Hey, Mom!  Is the International Cat In A Box Day challenge over?  Did I do good?  Can I take that toy off the top and crawl inside for a little nap now?  You are about to fix supper aren't you, I do have some hungers after all this work ... er, I mean play.

I hope everyone had as much fun with International Box Day as I did.
As soon as this little cat nap is done I'm rushing around to
see all of you in your boxes!


June 18, 2021


En-COUNTER-ing The Cat

Living in a studio apartment, we have a very tiny ~ teeny, tiny kitchen.  Nonetheless, June considers it her kitchen and enjoys a fair amount of time on what is barely twenty-four inches of counter space!  Of course, being on the gas stove top is prohibited.  The little counter is a good jump-up spot to the top of the small refrigerator which in turn leads to the cabinet tops!  No cat can resist that high-up hidy spot!  And "no", I don't discourage this ... she's good with her KP duties and I rather enjoy cat hair in my coffee! Don't you?   

Counterproductive.  An ice cube in my bowl in not
productive when tuna belongs there.

Counterclaim.  Dishwashing labor has been declared 
by my union rep as a 2-pawson position. 

Counterintuitive.  Contrary to common sense,
I do belong on the kitchen counter. 


PS on Wordless Wednesday, if you happened to visit, June spoke in
dots (which she loves!) and dashes ... best known as Morse Code.
To translate what she said to all of you,
"LOVE, JUNE" which several guessed correctly!  Paws up.

Several who commented, told us that CDQ, which means Come Quick Danger/Distress 
preceded Morse Code which we didn't know ~ thank you!

And little pupster Toffee, spoke back in Morse Code!  Even tho just a wee one,
he's a very smart boy already and his comment, translated was,
You can stop by and say "meow/woof" to cute Toffee, just CLICK HERE


June 17, 2021


Angel Sammy and his brother Teddy gave us quite an amusing photo challenge for this week's poem.  A fun little image and as usual we here at Zoolatry were again challenged to add our own special photo as it brought forth a recent memory.  Hope you enjoy!


Well, there are no trains, sorry to say.
We've read that Amtrak has poor service today.

Go driving the highways, then in a flash,
smash, crash, airbags. Whiplash!
A big SUV might be better at least,
than this hot-wheels-toy-car that
gets treated like a holiday feast.
Munched up, crunched up, crumbled beyond repair,
bringing days and nights of only despair.

Now, if you want to fly ~ fly big, or fly small.
Chances are you'll get there,
if you just stay up there, don't fall.
They say it's safer to fly,
up high in the sky.
And those little planes can land anywhere,
in cornfields, on a street!
With JUNE, certified pilot,
the Grim Reaper you'll not meet!

Sam's Poetry Corner

Also, today I am very thankful as I have been for many days recently.  My granddaughter, soon to be a college senior ~ and let me say before going further ~ she is well and fine ~ was involved in a serious auto accident on a major highway in Orlando; not her fault in any way and angels rode with her that day.  A truck hit her car, her car is totaled, all airbags deployed and surely also gave her much protection.  She exited with help through a passenger window as no doors could be opened.  Bruises and cuts and aches and pains and after shock anxiety were her only injuries, so yes ~ offering many prayers of thanks every day.  

Top photos, May 2020 ~ Bottom photos, May 2021

June 16, 2021


Yes, I'm often a bit "dotty".
By the way, do you know what the "dots and dashes" say?
You need to know Morse Code (or cat speak)!


June 15, 2021


Hey June, what's up here?  I'm tidying up my fave box, decorating it, getting it ready.  You know my box is my happy place ~ and I want to remind all my kitty and woofie friends that this Saturday, June 19 is International Box Day!  And what do we do on this day?

Get in it, or on it.  Behind, underneath.  Beside or on top.
How you box up, it matters not.
One box or two, three, four or more.
Just box it, more boxing.  Cause fun is in store.
So search through your old photos.  
Or snap new ones right now.
Join in all you critters, birds, cats and dogs, 
in boxes big or small.

Feel free to copy/paste/use badge if you wish to do so, credit free.


June 14, 2021


Well, my Breaking News probably is not impawtent enough to be covered on the Cat News Network, 
but just the same I do want to share it with my friends.

Breaking News #1
When we took a few days blog-break to try and fix our header issues 
[which a good friend did for us cause the ZH-dingbat couldn't] 
we thought maybe we'd actually switch to a wordpress blog.  
The same ZH-dingbat signed in over there just to check it all out,
but now they have an email for her and they're trying to take over 
and they won't let me COMMENT on a lot of our friends blogs!!!
It might work, it might not, we never know. 
Mostly they interfere with wordpress blogs, but sometimes they
even mess around with google blogs.
So if we haven't commented on yours recently ... we are very sorry,
it's not our fault!  Honest.  We're trying to fix this.

Breaking News #2
Every furry knows that soon Feedburner goes away.
Well, we switched to follow.it.
But here again, the ZH is really the ZH-dingbat and couldn't figure out how to
properly do the transfer stuff.
So, if you were a subscriber by mail ... or if you were not, but would like to
become a subscriber by mail ... you have to start over.  Sorry!
So just fill out that new little box, top right on our sidebar to make it happen.

This post was written by June.
The ZH-dingbat was too embarrassed to admit to all of this.
As a blogger since 2007 you'd think she knows what she's doing.
Apparently not.

*** p.s.  I stoled "Moan-Day" from daPhenny and daNelly, apawlogies, but I needed it for today, it was just so, so right