Purrs and prayers, and the Power of the Paw please for little Zoey.

On April 6, sweet little Zoey will be 14 years young.  Hard to believe!  She, who is the "forever kitten",
always silly, always curious, always into something and definitely always good for a giggle.

From 2006 to 2013, for 7 years, she owned Ann (the Zoolatry Human) and Poppy Vic.
When Poppy Vic crossed his Rainbow Bridge, and the ZH moved north, little Zo went off to a new home. 

And for the last 7 years, Zo has been a "snowbird, or a snow kitty".  
She spends her summers up north, and her winters in Florida ... 
with Aunt Dee and  Daddy Pierre and her bro-fur Pip.  
The Zoolatry Human visits her and of course, she is still a big part of Zoolatry.

Right now though, our little girl, is asking for lots of paws together ...
we hope the next few weeks, and with love and care, perhaps even a few months
will be good to her and she will stay with us for awhile yet.
But we know that the time will be coming when she will pack a little bag
and travel off to be with Poppy Vic ... he will welcome her.
We'll not allow her to ever have a moments pain.
Until that time comes, keep her in your thoughts please.
Thank you.



At least we can still enjoy our backyard bird watching during these unusual days.
And a few days ago we were treated with seeing these pileated woodpeckers
busy at an old woodpile in the back-forty.  
It's rare enough to see one of them, but a pair ... wow!  

Please check back in at Zoolatry on Tuesday or Wednesday,
hoping to post all the April Events Badges!

Stay At Home. Wash Hands. Stay Healthy.


THANKFUL THURSDAY, Thoughts from Dougie Dog

Dougie Dog here ...

Thursday, March 12  ... we were planning to take a "little, and brief ... blog break ... and this is what we wrote in our posting on that day:

Just to let you know, me and Zoey and the Zoolatry Human are taking a little blog break
for the rest of the month ... except maybe for a couple of special events.
I'll be busy with Wilson ... no doubt Zoey will be napping in sunpuddles and
the ZH, well she just says she has lots of "spring cleaning" to do (whatever that is, I think
she means using this mousy thing to clean up her 'puter)!
Anyway, won't be gone long ... so ... woof woof and meow meow.

Who knew?  We didn't!  You probably didn't either ... the weekend rushed by with lots of news coming forth from the humans TV, and from their computers and their cell phones and by that Monday and ever since it's been a whole new world for all of us.  Now, each and every day ... all the humans are here with me!  I kind of like it, well, at least I'm getting used to it.

I thought at first it might mean a lot more play time, and even a little more "together" time, but that's not happening too much.  The Father is in the study, working all day, almost like he's really gone off to work and the Mother has created an office for herself in the family room and she's doing the same thing.  The only difference with my Mother is I can run downstairs and sometimes she'll let me into the backyard and we'll play Wilson together for a short time (she says she's taking a coffee break, even though she's not drinking coffee!).

Meanwhile, back upstairs the Zoolatry Human (a/k/a Grandma) is pretending she's a 4th grade school teacher!  And her computer is no longer hers!  So she says that "little, and brief blog break" is going to be a lot longer than she thought.  The pawrents have ordered (online, of course) a computer for the boy so he'll have his own, cause his school will have online classes for him in another week or so. But my ZH will still be working alongside him.

So, we're here, we're good ... maybe I can pop-in and say "Woof" once in awhile, Auntie Dee down in Florida says my sisfur Zoey is doing "good", too .... and I hope every other furry (and their humans) are too!

That's me up there, with Wilson.   I know you can't see us too well, but we are "social distancing" in
our backyard.  And below, we're doing the same thing on the back deck!

On this Thankful Thursday we are sending forth our prayers and our purrs and the power of the paw.
We are thankful that our family and friends are in good health at this time. 
We pray for all that they remain in good health in the weeks to come.



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