Years ago (obviously, many years ago) I took several photography courses.  Long before the days of
digital cameras.  I do remember the teacher advising ...  
Rule No. 1: always see what the camera sees!  A point well taken, if not well remembered.  
Best described by those photos of family or friends
when a telephone pole grows mysteriously from the top of their heads.
Sorry, Dougie ... I did not see the greenery sprouting from the top of your head!



Grand Sunday Selfies

Top to bottom: 
The Grands
The Grands and My Daughter
The Grands and Me

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CATURDAY ART ~ at the Smithsonian National Zoo

While my grandchildren were visiting for summer vacation, we made our obligatory visit to the Smithsonian National Zoo ~ no trip to Washington, DC is complete without going there!  On this visit I photographed the DAMA GAZELLE and a RUPPELL'S GRIFFON VULTURE to use for Caturday Art.  Sadly, both of these majestic creatures are on the critically endangered species list at this time.

Fact: the Dama gazelle is one of the largest and rarest in the gazelle family. 
Fact: the Ruppell's griffon vulture is best known as the world's highest flying bird.

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All Photos 7.11.2017

Great Falls on the upper Potomac offers park areas on both the Maryland and Virginia sides of the river and they are equally beautiful.  Tumbling falls ... gentle pools of water form small restful lakes among rock formations.  There are easy and extremely challenging hiking trails within the surrounding woodlands.  Now, a walking path ... once a tow path, runs alongside the old C & O canal with many locks where once boats ferried goods from Harper's Ferry south to Washington, DC.  Picnic areas are plentiful, some historical markers dot the landscape.  All in all, a beautiful place.



Different days, different places.  Here and there, around and about town.
Vacation fun, exploring and visiting in our own "backyard".
Thankful for all of it!

The Photo Booth: Is there anyone who isn't inclined to act silly in a photo booth?

Don't Step in the Poop: Running 'round the Canadian geese can be fun ~ but be careful! 

Round 'n' Round: No matter which playground you choose, they're all fun. 

Lettuce Have Lunch: Our visit to The National Aquarium, Inner Harbor, Baltimore
was wonderful ... no fishing allowed.

James Webb Cabin:  As we followed the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway on the Eastern shore,
one stop was at the James Webb cabin, built in 1852,
it is the only known surviving home built by a free black person before the Civil War. 
Well restored, great history.

Little Spies:  Fascinating history and technology at the National Cryptologic Museum (NSA)
in Ft. Meade, Maryland.

On The Rocks:  Along the shoreline, Sandy Point State Park, Chesapeake Bay with the
Chesapeake Bay Bridge in the background.

Jellyfish Encounter:  Again at The National Aquarium, and yes ~ you can touch these jellyfish.
Ever so gently, and only stroking them across their backs.  Vital organs are exposed on
their undersides and cannot be touched as that would cause harm.  They are soft, smooth.




Picnic. Hike. Swim. Boat.
Soggy Sandwiches.  Warm drinks.  Mushy chips.  Gooey cookies.
 Sunburn. Bug bites. Tired. Cranky.
Fun. Fun. Fun.
Catoctin Mountain State Park.



Up, up and away ... yesterday afternoon was going home time for my grands.  Without question, their Mom and Dad will be anxiously and happily waiting for them in Orlando.  At home, pups Dio and Chewy and bunny Phoebe will be jumping for joy and ready for a thousand hugs.  Here, we're gonna miss them hugely!

Ten days ago ~ vacation began!  An "at home" vacation, in and around metro Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia with a few farther-away side trips tossed in.  What made it the great vacation it was ... two wonderful, amazing grandkids had flown here from Florida for a visit ... so I was blessed to have all three of my grands together with me ... nothing better than that!  Join me here over the next few days as I share memories of our days, our tourist time and our fun!  Thanks for coming by and sharing with us!

 They are like stair-steps!
We live in a walking neighborhood, here a walk to the park.

 This wonderful park is run through by a creek, with heavily wooded wandering trails.

We can also walk to our wonderful neighborhood ice cream shop!  Yum!
Just as long we we don't walk there too often ...

Dog run.
And a little mandatory but fun playtime with Dougie Dog to round out the day!