December 01, 2023


 With A Little Help From My Friend Furriend

We did it June!  
Meowz, we did.  
Baubles on the windows, my red and white stripey ones.  
And my blue and white polka dot ones, meowz.  
A little bit of a tree up top, out of paws reach.
[... but I gots up there for a photoshop moment, didn't I, meowz ...]
And there's Frosty Snowman on our my front door.
Snow! Do I get to see snowz falling from my windows?
Just maybe, June, but not yet.
Does Santa come tomorrow?
Not yet.
So, we're not there yet?  I don't like the words "not yet".
You have twenty-three days to be on your bestest behavior,
to stay on the nice-list, no naughtiness.
Today I think we're both a bit frayed and frazzled after all our
decorating, how 'bout we take a little nap?

November 30, 2023


Why am I thankful today?  What am I thankful for?
Well, it's a really big thing for me ~ 
to get to have our windows opened up super-wide, all the way wide!

Being on the 16th floor, and that mine Mommy keeps our windows open nearly
all year 'round, they are only opened the "small" way.  I can sorta squish my
head in there, of course I can get fresh air and whiffies, but that's it.

But today, a big treat.
She opened them all the way wide.  The super-wide way.
Because the city peoples were down there, way way below hanging all kinds
of pretty, sparkling and colorful things for Christmas on the street lamps.
I loved watching them.  Trucks, ladders, men (women, too) reaching up to
hang stars and wreaths and ribbons!

Side note from the Mom: you'll see when our windows are opened to their widest the window pane slants downward.  It's a bit hard for June to maintain her balance there.  Also, that is a really big screen opening, that she could easily push herself through ~ 16 stories is a long way down!  I sit in a chair behind her when we open the windows wide (which is not very often) and hold her tiny, furry little butt tightly while she watches and wonders about the sights below ... I think, I hope she enjoys this brief "event" ... but believe me, I am scared and shivering the whole time ...

As I was saying,
I'm really thankful for my big treat today,
my big super-wide window!


November 29, 2023


June simply wanted to share that she does have at least one more chair ~
other than her polka dot chair.  
But notes that she prefers to sit under it these days rather than in it.

November 28, 2023


If you happened to see our post yesterday, you'll have seen June curled up on the day bed, 
thus postponing the changing of the bed linens.
After a time, she hopped off to move to a sunny spot on her cat tree by the window.
So the bed sheets were changed, the coverlet back on and throw pillows in place.

Then the Mom when out to join friends for lunch ...
Returning an hour or so later to see this.
A lump.  A bump.  A shadow.
Apparently, June likes the freshly changed bed sheets as much as the old dirty ones.

And The Cat Is Happy On

November 27, 2023


Mine Mommy thought she was going to change the bed sheets this morning.
I meowed "not yet".
She knows what "not yet" means and so do I.

'Cause I always hear her say "not yet" when I meow for foodz 
and she says that 'cause it isn't time yet for foodz.  
Of course she thinks it isn't time, but my tummy thinks it is.

Anyway, I was talking about bed sheets, not foodz,
and I made her wait a really long long time 'cause I curled up in 
the old dirty ones to nap.