WEDNESDAY WASH DAY: Cleanliness Is Next To Dogliness

O.K.  I sort of "get it" when they insist on washing up my muddy paws before I go in the house.
But what's wrong with a wee little bit of dirt on my nose?  I mean really ...
If that bunny hadn't run and hid under the tool shed ... well, it would not have been necessary for me
to dig around under said tool shed (thus getting those muddy paws) and nosing a bit under that
same tool shed therefore getting just this wee bit of dirt on my nose!!!  Simple, mmm.  Big deal, not!
But "somebody" says now my face has got to get washed up, too ... ugh.
Can't a boy have any fun at all ...



Usually on Tuesdays, the cute kitty ZOEY gets to show off her little snaggle toof.
It's kind of her signature thing.
But I kept telling the ZH that I have some rather awesome toofs, too!  
So, today, I am showing off my toofs ~ my big 'n' sharp pearly-whites ~ awesome, mmm!
But don't worry, I don't bite!



Usually when the ZH posts a Sunday Selfie, it's a picture she took.  (Surprise!)  Well, I've begged (we woofers are rather good at the begging stuff ...) her to let me really really take my very own selfie, even though she can be a little (understatement) obsessive about how her photos look (her OCDPSD).  So anyway, apparently she tired of hearing me whine-and-beg and relented.  

One outdoor shot, one indoor shot, she said.  

She holds the camera ... points it toward me ... I position myself (after appropriate grooming, of course).  I've already studied just where to place my paw on the camera, where that button is to snap the photo ... OK, I'm ready, I tell her.  Slowly, methodically, I move forward.  Of course, I am smiling.  

Paw on button.  Snap.  Shoot.  OMD, I am so proud of my self! Do you not agree these are the best dog photo close-up selfies you have ever ever seen published on the internet!  Fur sure, they are!

Today, over at THE CAT ON MY HEAD you'll find lots more Sunday Selfies!
It's their wonderful weekly blog hop that we love being part of.
(Excuse my bragging today, but I do think mine is best!  Woof!)



Everyone is sniffling and sneezing and coughing ... but not me!
I am taking care of everyone.  I am a good dog!



"Alright, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."



"... but just so no one misunderstands,
I am very thankful for the toys I do have!"

Today, we'll join our friend Brian for the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!