January 09, 2022


We're hibernating?  What's hibernating?

Well, it's sort of a time to rest, June. To recharge, so
we're taking some time off ~ a bit of a break from blogging. 

I do not need to recharge, I'm always fully charged! 
Besides, what will I do each day?  
I is s'posed to be on zoo-atwee and go visiting my friends, too!

There will be plenty of time for that when we come back,
I promise.  Until then, say bye, for now ...

O.K. , but I don't think I like this much at all, Meow!

January 08, 2022


Winter weather has arrived.  Even though I'm an indoor kitty, mine Mommy got me an outdoor kitty hat just in case.  I like it.  It should have had polka dots instead of stripes, but that's OK.  When I told her about that, she said, OK, how about polka dot "mittens for kittens" to keep you little paws warm?  And I said, thank you!  Now I'm going to go and visit my furriends at Caturday Art and show-off my hat and kitten-mittens!


January 07, 2022

FELINE FRIDAY ~ My First and Second Snow

Oh, I know the snowfall the other day was a big nuisance for many people, but I have to say I loved it.  I don't remember seeing snow last winter, and I watched it all day long!  It was beautiful, really.  I'd look up high but I couldn't figure out where it came from, it was a mystery.  As always, mine Mommy had the windows open and I'd put my nose to the screen and sometimes the snowflakes would blow against it and touch my nose!  They felt funny!  When there was a little break, Mommy went downstairs to take a few photos and showed them to me ~ the holiday snowman in the courtyard was turning into a real snowman!  And the park on the corner looked as if it came right from the pages of "A Christmas Carol" ... later in the day there was even more snow on top of all this snow!  Maybe someday I'll get to go our and play in the snow ... and make a snow-cat!

So, all above was just earlier this week ~ but now, for an early Friday morning update, like 4:00 am, today!  I'm always up when it's still dark outside, and yesterday, except for big, dirty clumps of leftyover snow here and there, all the pretty stuff was melted and gone.  But instead, I got a real treat yesterday morning, seeing from my window the most beautiful sunrise over the city yet ~ 

and a perfectly lovely day!  Until midnight or so, that is.  Mine Mommy was asleep, but as I looked out my window again, my nose at the screen those big wet flakes of white were falling again, blowing thisaway and thataway and as pretty as that sunrise had been.  So, this morning those fluffy big snowflakes are back again, all over everything.  It's all so strange.  Mine Mommy says all this is part of "climate change", different kinds of weather here, there, everywhere.  Where you live, too.  Not always good weather either.  But I'm just a little kitty girl, I can't do much about it, good or bad.  I just hope that whatever comes your way, it'll be okay ... that you will be safe.

And for any who want to see real snow ~ just go visit Marv and family out in the Canadian northwest at Cats-Astrophic and Shoko and Tyebe also, at the Canadian Cats ~ it's a snowpalooza for them!

January 06, 2022

FOR A SPECIAL FRIEND and a RAINBOW CROSSING and a Thankful Thursday Story

This is MAX.  Max has crossed his Rainbow Bridge, to be reunited 
with his beloved Amber, who left in January 2020.
They were best known as the DaWeenies of Florida, 
arriving there in 2004 as two little teenie-weenies, 
you could hold in the palm of your hand!
Both were blessed to live a good and long life ~ 
though it is never long enough, is it?
Below, a few images of the two together followed by a story.
A "thankful Thursday" story ~ of course, never thankful to have lost a beloved
pet ~ but thankful for the home, the family, the Mom he had, please read on ...

MAX, and Amber before, lived with Linda in Florida, I had the privilege to meet Linda 
once when I lived there, let me tell you about her ~ 
you see, Max and Amber had many, many siblings over many years.  
Community shelters would know to make a call to Linda, 
tell her of the older, the sick, injured and
ailing pups that none would adopt.  Those nearing their end of days.
They knew, without question, these pups would find a home with Linda.
They did.  Pup after pup after pup.  Adopted, cared for and loved, until
it was time for their crossing of the bridge.
The DaWeenies home was a home for all, and when that time came, each
would live on in the private Memory Garden, still cared for, still loved, not forgotten.
~ ~ ~
Since 2012, Linda has been the heart and soul of
Our Rainbow Friends.
Each month she posts images, edits and publishes
this blog in memory of all pets who have crossed their rainbow bridge.
Her devotion and commitment and love shown to so
many has been boundless.
To say thank you seems inadequate, to say I am sorry for your loss seems too little.
May all your beloved pups rest in peace, forever.

January 05, 2022


These photo groupings reflect my love of bird watching ~ and are chosen from my photo files, all previously published on this blog.  Birding is something I've not done in recent months as living in the heart of downtown, high up in a 16th floor apartment, birds are not a common sight.  Oh, an occasional migrating flock may pass by, but that's only a rare pleasure, not to be photographed. 

The first two montages below are from the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River, north of the Kennedy Space Center.  Merritt Island and Cocoa, Florida were my home for over 20 years. Driving, biking or walking along Blackpoint Drive in the refuge, one sees all kinds of water birds and whether at dawn, midday or twilight, different species will be out to hunt for fish in the ever changing waterways shallow or deep.  It is a beautiful and natural place, never quite the same, worth visiting over and over.  By the way, there are an abundance of "wingless critters" in the waters as well, so when you walk, do so with caution and shoes on.

Before moving into my current apartment, I lived with family elsewhere in Maryland  and we all enjoyed "backyard birding" (well, front yard, too).  The feeding stations were filled from October through late March, encouraging all the birds to seek food from nature's bounty in the warmer months, though many would squawk at this and hang around for weeks after.  And yes, there was always the inevitable battle with the squirrels (or as Chester would say, the evil squirrel cartel!), and often they came out on top.  The top of the feeders, we mean!

The two montages below are photographs from those many days, of all the visitors.  Every one a delight to see.  Especially perhaps the hawk who spent maybe an hour, happily lunching up high, undisturbed, and I was able to get an entire series of photos of him.  And the pileated woodpeckers, not one but two, feasting on some old ant-filled dying logs found in the back of the yard.  As majestic as both of these birds are, my favorite was always the little "downy", patient and shy, always waiting his turn, until the bigger boys had their fill and flew away.

And not to forget one very special bird, our very own Kismet.
Even though Kismet has not been able to post recently due to technical blogging issues ~ 
I'm quite sure you've noticed that she often shows up as a visitor on your blog leaving her amusing squawks!  
So, let's all return the "favor" and drop a few sunflower seeds for her today, squawk back at either of the links below!