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CATURDAY ART ~ Holiday Blog Decorating

I imagine by now, most visitors to the ZOOLATRY blog know we love to do photoshop art!  Not just for our own blog, but also for many other bloggers, especially pet bloggers.  At this time of year (one of our favorite times) we begin to get in the holiday spirit ~ though, like many of you ... I do not like to see the retail stores decorated this early on ... but I do start thinking about blog decorating, as it does take time to create original and one-of-a-kind header designs for our furry friends!  We'd love to help you decorate your blog for the coming holiday season.  If you're interested, please email me for more details, and ask any questions you'd like to have answered.  I'll be taking "reservations" through the end of October, to ensure all headers, and/or E-cards are delivered by late November. We do charge for our design work, but prices are reasonable ...  Monday through Wednesday next week, we'll show a few pages from our Holiday Photo Album, a sampling of headers and E-cards done in past years, so stop by then if you'd like to see them.  Thank you ...



One of my favorite photos of Maggy, her beautiful profile, her beautiful colors.


PETS IN POLITICS: The Great Debate

THAT debate on Monday is sure to draw some record-breaking ratings!
But if you want the real thing, tune in next Thursday, September 29
when the one, the only, ass-kicker JOE goes hoof-to-tail
against Rump: The Hair and The Hat and HRC: Hell in a Pink Pantsuit.
Yeah, if you thought there were only two choices (well, there are others ...)
at the top of the ticket, think again!
 Bring bananas please, it'll keep KONG calm!

Exclusively on these channels:

and here at Zoolatry

P.S.  got a question for any of the candidates?  email Nellie or Zoolatry before Monday

P.P.S.  The fact that Joe and Smoke, whose home base as you know is
Marg's Animals, were unable to post and access internet for a few days earlier this
week has come to our attention.  An investigation has been initiated as we strongly suspect
hacking and foul play by the opposition party (or suspicious foreign interests)
 and such shenanigans will not 
be tolerated.  After all, we are the ass kickers!



My Tuesday toes and I'm sporting a bit 'o' booty found in a treasure chest on Pirate Day.