May 22, 2022


Camping is a big thing in the summer time!  I love to camp out, too.  So much that I camp out in my tent every day.  I can nap in here, woodland critters can't get me in here, sometimes my mousies and spring toys will come in here with me.  If'n it happens to rain, mine Mommy always makes me a new tent and she has made me a purromise that when the stars come out tonight we can have s'mores over the campfire!  Of course we has to put on our skeeter-spray at night!

Now I'm running over to
to see if there are any other campers,
maybe they'd like to come have s'mores with me!

May 21, 2022


It was a busy week, and imagination was at its low end, so we offer a repeat
Caturday Art today, but a favorite one that shines with spring into summer colors.
The original photo was of my grandson on a visit we'd made once to Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, MD.  
As he walked a narrow path through the bright blooms, his shirt emphasized their brightness.  
An enlargement of only the flowers created the border image, all then oil-painted.

Sponsored each week by
Athena Cat Goddess, Athena and Marie


May 20, 2022


It goes without saying that both of these chairs are my chairs.  Of course, you are well aware the polka dot one is mine alone and the other has my polka dot Ellen-blankie which also makes it mine!  Most evenings, mine Mommy and I will relax in these to watch a movie, she prefers the former as it has a foot rest.  In truth, I prefer it as well, to rest my weary head on the chairs arm ...

~  now we might also call this A Tale of Trading Places ~

So, there we were, she watching Ozark, me watching what I thought was a bug on the ceiling [not] when I saw her hit pause on the remote.  Aha, I knew what that meant.  Up she got, to the kitchen for a snack.  Opportunity strikes.  Before you could say cat-tail I took that opportunity with a quick jump to the other chair.  

As said, what's mine is mine, but take note that what's she thinks is hers is really mine.


May 19, 2022


This is addressing the same issue we talked about on our last Thankful Thursday ~ the humans propensity for moving things, rearranging ~ what was here is now there, what was there is now here.  But I am ready to admit that as a cat, and being a most curious cat at that, this shuffling and shifting of household items is a bit exciting.  I do prefer her relocating her stuff vs my stuff, but that's a story for another day.  Case in point, this side table and cabinet found new homes last week, and then so did I, thanks Mom.

It's Thankful Thursday at Brian's Home Blog!