December 08, 2022


C'mon over here, sit with me, June.
Why not?  I'll give you brushies.
What's wrong?
You're in my polka dot chair!  I wanted to sit there.
But I just wanted to watch a movie on TV.  There's room for both of us, and I'll brush you, too!

So, now you're not even going to look at me.
No, I am not.

Well, not every Thursday can be a Thankful Thursday ~

December 07, 2022


I am a holiday decoration, too!

December 06, 2022


I was so happy when I heard mine Mommy say she was going to make a gingerbread house.  My nose got all excited about the wonderful smells we would smell and my little sandpaper tongue was all ready for just a tiny bite or two, and I knew it would be so pretty to see!  A real holiday treat!  And this was quite special as mine Mommy doesn't "do kitchen" much at all.  She has told me the stories of how her Daddy was a very good cook and he tried to teach her but she just didn't pay attention too much.  And then her Poppy Vic, who is in heaven now, was so good in the kitchen too, and he loved it, so she always just did the "tidy up after him" all the years they were married, so now, well, she doesn't like to do that stuff!  So I knew this would be special ... 

Well, bah humbug, you can imagine my disappointment when her idea of making a gingerbread house was to photoshop-art it!  No smell, no little bite, no taste, no nothing.  She said it was just as much work and took just as much time as the real thing.  Bah humbug.  She said well, we all do our own thing, don't we, June?

December 05, 2022

DECORATING 101, Part Two ~ and Hey, It's Blue Jean Day, Too!

Last Tuesday I told you how a very special purrsent came, a package full of polka dot ornaments ~ and it was addressed to me!  And I showed you this picture of how I decorated my little corner of the world for Christmas ~ of course, I also told you how mine Mommy took stole the rest of what was in my purrsent for her own decorating ~ 

I am bound and determined to get more of those from up there, to add to my rounder.  It's only fair as the purrsent was for me!  Right?  So far though, all I've managed to do is knock the one polka dot ball off my rounder, I can't seem to reach the others.  She hung them up too high.  So I am sitting here, waiting ever so patiently for her to help me put my one ornament back on my rounder.  

P.S. If you happened to notice all the other odds & ends of "fun events" this month ~ ones not so much holiday themed, you will have seen that today is BLUE JEAN DAY, so we're pulling out of our archives an oldie/goodie that seems to fit this day quite well, and is also a favorite old photo of ours!