ANNIE rests with her shy one by her side ~ meet DELTA DAWN.
Meet ~ BRAVO ~ the fearless, the bold, the braveheart.
Meet CHARLIE ~ kibbles with ANNIE. (Charlotte? Charles?)
BRAVO and CHARLIE in the garden.
Our adorable little feral family is growing fast. We decided it was time for naming, as they are becoming such a presence in our lives. LBSKG (Little Black Stray Kitty Girl) is now ANNIE, affectionately named after one of our favorite characters in the cat blogosphere, Annie Geegaw a/k/a, Annie Mosaic, who lives with our wonderful friend, MOSAIC LADY. The little ones follow in line after her, named Bravo, Charlie and Delta Dawn.
The whole family comes to the front porch for breakfast and supper time, and to play in the garden. Zoey has shared a number her of toys with them and all seem to create interest and fun for them. Annie rests on the pavement, or beneath our park bench, while they romp about, often up onto the windows ledge to stare in at those
"other two cats" who just happen to be staring out.
BRAVO is so named because of his/her abundance of courage, trying anything, anywhere, anytime and not at all afraid to move away from Annie and explore on his/her own.
CHARLIE is the little tiger stripe, a white raccoon-like-mask about his/her eyes, a white tummy and a white, well, you know, that spot 'neath a high-flying tail.
DELTA DAWN is a little black clone of Annie, perhaps the runt of the litter, he/she is the wee one, shy, hesitant, usually snuggled up next to Annie rather than romping with the other kids. Yet there is still something very special about Delta, who stares at us with great intensity, sizing us up, checking us out. Maybe just waiting for that special moment to make a move.
Our feral friends. Friends in need. Friends, indeed!


  1. What cute kitties:) xxx

  2. Oh Oh Oh! They are sooooo adorable! I am glad they are getting friendlier - their future looks much brighter, day by day!

  3. Oh so adorable!!! I love their names! Such cute babies!!! I especially love Delta Dawn!!!

    Great pictures!!!!!!!!

    I really wanna come and play!!!

    Love to all! Zoey & Maggy: Hi! How is your Monday going?

    Love, Auntie Deb

  4. Oh they are so cute !!! They are so lucky to have chosen your home to rest and grow :) They are safe and have good food :)
    Purrs to your Mom!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  5. Aww, they are all soooo cute :-) It's so nice you care about them and give them food! They are very lucky cute kitties.

  6. Awww they are so cute. If they become friendly enough, will they be moving in?

  7. Well everyone's a winner!

    They are very blessed kitties for having you, and you are very blessed to have them living sooo close to you ;O)

    Purrs, Sukie X

  8. Oh they are all so sweet. They must be the luckiest feral kitties around to have you watching over them!

  9. Oh look at the new babies! What are you all thinking of them Maggy and Zoey?!

  10. Oh what beautiful little ferals! You can tell by their sweet expressions that they want very much to be formerly ferals.

    Rocky & staff

  11. Such a sweet and gorgeous family!

  12. Thay sure pickt the rite playc to start life! Thay are gettin big!

  13. I can only say.....



  14. What an adorable family. They are so cute.

    purrs and tail wags

  15. I think it says something about how kind your heart is that momma trusts you enough to raise her babies in your yard. :) They are just so sweet! Their names are wonderful. I just know a happy future is in store for this kitty family.
    Hugs to you and all of the kitties in and out!

  16. Awwwwwww...my mum's cuteness-meter just went through the roof. They are furry cute but we think Bravo is the cutest. Do you think they can manage to become formerly ferals?

  17. I love how you shared about your feral family. That's so nice that you're helping them. Maybe you'll be able to help them find homes or even keep one or two with you.

  18. Anonymous6/10/2008

    Oh, they are all so precious. Bless you for looking out for the little dears!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  19. What cute little tykes. Great names. So good of your Mom to look after them. My Mom says Delta Dawn is a beauty. I like Annie she's cute.


  20. They are all so sweet! Are Maggy & Zoey getting excited to meet them in person!