The story of Annie, Bravo, Charlie and Delta has unfolded over the last six weeks, most of the drama taking place in the final act of the last few days. We want to thank all of you -- over 150 who have commented, offered support and shown your love for all of our wonderful feline friends. And to all of you who have sent kind words by email.
Though many of you have complimented Zoolatry - please know that none of this would have come about without the caring love of others - our Guardian Angels, a very special lady and her very special friend, who offered the financial assistance needed to provide the best in care for each member of this little feral family.
All our local low cost spay/neuter clinics have been on overload, and none were willing to help. The cost of private veterinary care was substantial. And we cannot say thank you often enough, or warmly enough, to our wonderful benefactors.
Annie, Bravo, Charlie and Delta Thank You.


  1. Definitely a standing ovation for your guardian angel and a Gizillion Tale Salute from all the Cat Blogosphere kitties. (based on Mom Robyn's design of the "5-Tale Salute" awarded by the Hotties)
    So nice to hear about such caring, wonderful people... the Cat Blogosphere is made up of them.
    Thank you, Guardian Angel, for caring for this little family.

  2. Oh Ann, I just think you're a saint. You give so much...
    We are so lucky to know you.

  3. We are very glad for the little kitties and we wanna say well done to the generous benefactor!

  4. We are so happy that you, and your guardian angels, were able to help this feral family.

  5. I have not even finished my first cup of coffee but I had to come see what was new! (I am not allowed to leave comments while still sleepy, so shhhhh.....)

    How are they this morning? Have they been over for their breakfast? Can I see photos of them soon?

    I am not going to celebrate totally until Bravo has been nipped and tucked and had blood stolen and shot up with needles!

    and thanks for your GOOD WORKS!
    Annie One

  6. Purrs and headbuts to everyone who helped with this project. Our mombean has been reading your story and it reminds her of how she found Scruffy, the cat who came before us. Scruffy was very feral, and very shy, but very hungry. For weeks the mombean put food out on the porch every day and sat with Scruffy while she ate and learned to trust mombean. One day mombean invited Scruffy inside the house and Scruffy never wanted to go out again. They were bestest friends for 16 years.

  7. God Bless Guardian Angels.

  8. Special purrs to you and to Guardian Angels! What wonderful people to take care of the fur children of the world.

  9. Special purrs to you and to Guardian Angels! What wonderful people to take care of the fur children of the world.

  10. I'd clap with all four paws buts I'd fall over so I's has to do it one set at a times. You beans are the bestest!!

  11. This has been a wonderful story to follow and we hope that both ferals will continue to stick around and give you years of enjoyment.....Many kudos to the wonderful kitty guardian angels...


  12. It was wonderful of your Guardian to help out with the funds. However, remember, if no one even tries Guardians have no way to help. You too deserve your praise.

  13. We give all the guardian angels six paws up - they and you all have done a great thing for that little kitty family.

  14. oooooh we just read all about what was happening at your place and with the little family as we had not too much time to visit all our friends' blogs the past few days and we had laughter, joy and tears with you reading what happened!

    Ann you ARE an angel caus you are caring and loving and Annie seems to perfectly know this as she decided to stay with you and came back after surgery and all!

    god bless you!
    the boys are sending hugs and snuggles and say thank you too!!

  15. This has been such a wonderful story! God Bless you, Ann, along with those who helped the kitty family.

  16. Anonymous6/18/2008

    :clap, clap, clap, clap: Hooray for animal-lovers and animal-loving benefactors!! Thank you, Ann. We love you!

  17. Purrrrrrrs to the Guardian Angels - furrends to all kitties. Bless you!

  18. Anonymous6/18/2008

    Dear Maggy, Ann, and Zoey,

    I'm in the same issues (Stella's Mom says)we have 3 feral cats, I posted yesterday the story of Boris, one of this guys.

    I swear they have no owner, I have 'spied' and yes, they has no owner

    Like I is 12 yeers old and no mom's encouragement I will test my own 'de-feralization' proyect.
    If it works, I hope it can help homeless kitties to find fur-ever homes....

    I have no credit card accound, but when I am 13 (or I fink I can at this age) I'll earn a creditz card that can be used in innernational countriez, I will help everyone with it (maybe just a dollar, but I'll donate) and can start real life proyects, I cannot wait to grow!

    Oh, God bless that anon-angel :)

    -Stella's Mom :)

  19. Hoorah for Guardian Angels, for sure!

  20. Oh what a great story, you should send this to Cat Fancy. So wonderful that you were able to help these cats. Are they still playing in your yard? You should get collars for them.

  21. Big purrs for those'Guardian Angels'!!! Purrs to you for stepping to help in the first place and not turning your back on this little family !
    It is so good to know that there are caring people in the world :)
    Purrs Mickey

  22. Oh boy, I'm in tears reading your story. Being so far down on my list of blogs due to the beginning of your name so far down on my list, I haven't been visiting. My loss. Thank you to evey one who helped the kitties! Your heart should be beating a happy song knowing that you have done well. I hope that Bravo returns quickly.