The Zoolatry Human and grand-daughter bean planned a play for everyone in the family and made this stage, they even had the spotlight ready to shine on the actors. Needless to say, Zoey thought she should take center stage! Acatemy award - NOT!
Well, the Zoolatry Dad might not mind cat fur all over his clothes, but the Zoolatry Human is tired of taking sticky-stuff to get all the cat hair off his clothes. Can't you find another place for afternoon naps?
This is an old Hoosier cabinet the Zoolatry Dad restored, it has books and games in it for when the grand-beans come to play. Zoey likes to play the games too... her favorite I think is "Sorry", the game of sweet revenge.
We all know she's a thief! Everytime the Zoolatry Human leaves her bag anywhere, trouble with a capital "T" finds it! No green papers today, sorry (sweet revenge).
She's only here temporarily. But I, Maggy, will NOT be the one to bail her out!


  1. Sweetie, you Do NOT belong behind bars. You need to have your mom revisit Faith Boo to see what a real criminal does.

  2. Zoey is adorable. My mom just kept looking at her pictures and saying, "Awwww, Praline, don't you remember when you used to do that and were that small." I love the picture in the closet - that is my favorite place to hide.

  3. Zoey, do you need us to come and bail you out? You do look really cute though!

  4. That Zoey really likes to get into things,heehee
    You have good pics maggy!!
    Purrs Mickey

  5. Furs on human clothes is what we are all about hehe!

    Purrs, Sukie X

  6. We put stuff in our Mommy's purse. She was very angry when she found a mouse in there. (hey it was only a play one).

    Socks, S & C