I am thankful the Zoolatry Human provides an interesting and reasonably extensive supply of reading materials in the litter room.
My personal favorite is "The Tooth Book".
Note from the Zoolatry Human: No animals were inappropriately exposed in order to create this posting. Under normal circumstances Maggy and Zoey are quite modest, and the top remains on the litter-loo at all times. It was removed temporarily for creative purposes.


  1. Anonymous7/17/2008

    That's funny! We do not have the luxury of books in the loo!

  2. But of course the Maggy and Zoey would never do anything inappropriate!

    Their taste in reading material is fantastic!

  3. You have some great books in there Maggy and Zoey, how lucky you two are!
    Thanks for helping me celebrate my birthday Tuesday, it was SO much fun!
    Purrs and headbutts,

  4. Ha! Ha! Ha! Zoey!! Nice collection of books to read! We prefer magazines so we always have Cat Fancy available!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  5. We don't get books in our bathroom--we just get the woman at a computer... talk about exposure!

  6. Ha ha ha ha! The Tooth Book! Great choice. ;)

  7. Thanks for welcoming me on the Floof & Fur site. I'm so happy to be there. I love the little graphic your mom made of me on the side bar.

  8. Too funny and too cute! I love Zoey's tooth!
    I enjoyed your cat story post from yesterday so much! Cats really are special, magical creatures aren't they? :)
    Daddy cat is just as beautiful as Annie and Charlie. It's so wonderful that they are slowly becoming members of you family.
    Billie is going to try to post today if her mom can figure out the logging in process.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs and Purrs,

  9. Hey!!! You do have interesting reading material!! Heehee
    Purrs Mickey

  10. That is the cutest! What great reading material...

    Miss Henry & Marley too.

  11. I don't get any reading materials, but mom has a very special bathroom for me. It is a big wooden box and is covered with carpet that blends in with the room and I have my own special door to enter for privacy. Mom bought is a few years ago from Drs. Foster and Smith and we both love it. It doubles as a perch so I can look out of the bedroom window.

    A very special thank you for all of your help with us trying to rebuild our blog list. The cat bloggers are a wonderful group!

  12. That one deserves an award!! How creative u r. :)

    Miss Henry