Effective immediately, I am forming an official organization,
the CACC [Coalition of Cats Against Cameras].
If you are interested in joining, simply fill out our 100-page application form,
available by mail, and have each page notarized.
Be sure to include 10,000 bags of Tuna Temptations and
1,000 extremely humongous packages of Shrimp as your membership fee.
Please note: there is no guarantee of acceptance into this elite group.


  1. That sounds like it could be a very popular group, but I think the entrance fee is a bit high for most kitties. I'm glad you like the limerick for "Me".

  2. Whicky Wuudler8/29/2008

    It's a hard life being so beautiful!


  3. We think that is a good idea. Would all of us have to fill out the 100 page form? It is hard being beautiful.
    ~ Napoleon and Sara

  4. Heehee! We know how you feel! Mom's always putting that flashy box in our faces! We'd join the CACC but we think we'd rather keep the membership fee for ourselves....

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  5. Yay for the CACC - but we might eat all the bags of temptations before we could send them!

  6. We send them to you in spirit! But we hope you get a lot.

    Abby Normal & Stygia

  7. Neat organization, but the entry fees are a little high. I may start another group to compete. Hee! Hee!

    Mom has been getting a little crazy with the flashy box lately!

  8. Well, that's because we're so beautiful and handsome!

  9. We would join yoor CACC but we can't get our paws on dat much temptations or shrimp. Half da time our mom can't find her camera so we don't worry about it to much anyway...

  10. Zoey
    That is a gweat idea, hehehe..I hat the flashy thing too, but I don't have any pocket money fow buying temptations fow you ..so I can't join..I hope you get lots of applicants
    smoochie kisses

  11. Anonymous8/29/2008

    Oh, dear. We do not think we can afford to join. Perhaps the membership free will get cheaper as the club ages... You know, like computers and stuff do.

  12. I hate that flashy box too. I would join but I don't think I can afford the membership fee. I don't think Flynn will join cuz he's a poser. Soon as he sees the flashy box he's got to make himself look cute. YUK!!!

  13. Wow! That's some sign-up fee! Any takers yet?

    We drive Jan nuts when she tries to take pix.

  14. Hehehehehehehe! As soon as our ship comes in we will join!!