No, Zoey, I'd call those sinking pumpkins.
But Maggy... you know what it means when the Zoolatry Human
buries her head in the sand!
Yes, I do... no Zoolatry (or Boolatry) for a few days.
But Maggy... it's still Halloween time, I want more freaky fun!
Well, our ZH is punkin-ed out, her bag of tricks (or treats as the
case may be) is now empty...
her brain has been monster-mashed...
her fingers worn to the bone from making so many scary
pictures all month long.
So... we're only gone for a few days?
Yes, Zoey... we'll be back on Friday, after all... that is

Hello, friends! Zoey, here... and I want to tell all my kitteh friends that "eye is saw wee". My ZH has been very-scary-busy all month. She's made (I did count) almost 100 Halloween pictures for our friends in the globblogosphere! So... I have not visited much, I have not commented... and I think a few good friends have even given me awards that my human neglected to get for me (Oh, Horrors!). So... since we can't post all week long - I am going to visit everyone... she has promised that is what we will do. I can't wait to see all of you and see what you've been up to all month long. See you soon!


  1. Um, I got green fev-vers. Want a lick??

  2. We do appreciate Miss Ann has been most busy in the last month doing all these fantastic pictures of us furries. We all just LOVE the results. A BIG, BIG thankyou to her and all of you too.

  3. Anonymous10/27/2008

    Hewy guyz you know I am the first to be on our side, but you haz to give your hooman a little leeway.. holymoley 100!?!? That is crazy, and they all is so wonderfully wonderful!

    Anyways, some times we just need the days to do catch ups, My momma does that constantly :) It's nice :)
    Not to say that we will not miss you both! :)


  4. Your ZH deserves a rest! Please give her a purr and a kitty hug for me. I so very much love what she did for me yesterday.

  5. Anonymous10/27/2008

    Any chance you could reset the music selection before leaving? This same song is getting old especially for me who is around the Z most of the day. Ohhh, leave some cookies on the window sill too. Purrs.

  6. Mom deserves a special award for all her hard work - have fun visiting evfurryone.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  7. Your human deserves a little break due to all her awesome work!!!!

    Have fun visiting!

    Purrs Goldie and Shade

  8. I think my bean is feline the same way, but she still has five more cats to go to make Masquarade on Thursday. And our special guest list is such a closely guarded secret, even she doesn't know who those five are going to be yet!

  9. Hey Zoey! We don't blame you! Your Mom has been doing some wonderful things and she needs a break. Just think, this way, she gets to spend more time with the two of you. We look forward to seeing you on Halloween.

  10. Well ZH certinly deserves an award for werkin her fingers to da bone for Halloweeny! So many peoples are going to be so happy wif dare picshures. She does such great werk.

  11. Anonymous10/27/2008

    And she made us a shiny new header and footer on top of all of that! We think she deserves a few days off!

  12. No need to apologize!!!! We have been well looked ofter in coming here to see all the superb pictures!!!!!!!
    Thank you!!! :)
    Purrs Mickey

  13. Zoey, Maggie and Mom Ann, we lubs yoo! Yoo do alot wif out none of us askin, yoo deserve times off (wif or wifout gud behaviour!)

  14. Your mum has been sooooo busy, she deserves a few days off!

    Purrs, Sukie x

  15. Don't feel bad, Zoey . . . the ZH has been busy doing incredible work and making lots of furries and beans happy. Purrs to you and Maggy both.

  16. Oh we know you are always around because we always see those lovely zoolatry photos! Enjoy your visiting!

  17. The photos were great and we think it's nice that your human is taking a break after all that work. You can probably use a break from posing for her.

    We'll look forward to when she returns.

  18. The Zoolatry human deserves some time off for all the scary pictures you have entertained us with for the past few weeks!

  19. Your human really deserves a break! All those wonderful graphics she did for all those kitties! Big Hugs and smooches for her and you!

  20. Take the time off and just be lazy. I know how hard you all work at your place making those lovely photos for all of your friends.
    Thanks also, for stopping by my place to check on moth, she is doing great and having a speedy recovery.
    Lots of treats for all of you this Halloween and no tricks.

  21. Hope you're having a nice break!

  22. Oh no! Poor ZH! We feel bad that we are part of why she is sso tired. We love our halloween treats sooo very much! Thank her again for making so many for us. We posted one yesterday and one today and some earlier this week. She really outdid herself!! FANKS ZH! Happy Halloweenies to you all!
    Mr. Chen & Ollie

  23. Ghosts will not conquer us!!! Muahahaha!

    I hope that you have had a halloween replete with horror, terror and fun! Muahahahaha!