I really do not know why the Zoolatry Human was upset the other day when she found me in the human's litter box room. I told her I was merely practicing "tree garlanding" with the tissue rolls ... the fact that it was all over the floor, and in the tub, in the shower and elsewhere seemed to distress her. Go figure! At least I was only using the plain old white stuff, none of those colorful "santa on the loo" or "star 'n snowflake" rolls. You'd think she'd appreciate my discretion. By the way, it got me to wondering ~ when Santa's so busy on Christmas eve, do you s'pose he stops anywhere to use the loo? I leave milk-and-cookies for him ~ maybe some of this pretty TP would be a better choice! Though I have to tell you, these with silly pictures are not very soft.
Disclaimer: The Zoolatry Human doesn't really use printed TP, like some have noted, one might wind up with a very colorful behind! And for those who asked, this TP was "borrowed" from online photos, so we don't know where it can be purchased, sorry...


  1. Anonymous12/10/2008

    heheh if it helps my Momma is disappointed I do not do that.. she thinks it would be cute and funny!!

    So just remind your Momma the grass is always greener! :))

    P.S. hehe Momma said she would be too scared to use the puretty loo paper in case it wiped ON instead of wiping OFF hhahaha
    (you know the inks and dyes and stuff) :P


  2. I had never thought about that...Hmmmmm....

  3. Anonymous12/10/2008

    Nice TP'ing! hahaha! Mom never buys the printed TP! We think if Santa Paws is magical enough to get inside even when there is no chimney, he can figure out where the best bathrooms are too!

  4. TP for the Tree! What a good idea!

    Mom wants to know where you found the Chrismtas TP. A couple of years ago she found some in the bath shop in Cocoa Village, but none around here.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  5. You were only trying to help you mom decorate! I never thought about the dye rubbing off and someone havine a red and green behind. Hee! Hee!

  6. I have never done that. I think MB might have a giggle if I did.

    Purrs, Sukie x

  7. We also like to sneak in the bathroom. Lately Cloud has found she enjoys retrieving the bathtub plug and dragging it around the house. The bathroom door is supposed to stay closed at all times but with 3 people in the house (2 male hehe) it doesn't always happen and so we can sneak in!

  8. You need to tell your human that what you are doing is Feline Origami.

    Happy TP ripping girls!


  9. When Cal was a wee little lad, he too would unravel the TP all over the bathroom and then shred it to pieces. Too bad that was before the digital camera.
    We will make sure our litter boxes are extra clean Christmas night in case Santa Claws need to use them. Milk and cookies, thats a great idea!
    ~The Creek Cats~

  10. So that's what they're calling it now...tree garlanding...I'll have to use that one...but what do I do when it's not the holiday season??


  11. Ooh! Da TP game is da bestest!


  12. You really made us chuckle!

  13. Hooray for TP garlanding! Any garland is a good garland if you aske me!


  14. Anonymous12/10/2008

    Truth be known, I was sunning myself in the jetted tub, just minding my jolly good Himalayan business for the day, when Mom bean threw a TP roll at me. It hit me in the head. Then when I ripped it apart she grabbed the camera and called Daddy bean who came in and couldn't stop laughing. I keep him heart healthy with my daily antics. So now you know the rest of the story!

  15. We dun use it either but yoo can find the paper on http://www.christmastoiletpaper.com/ hehe the mom finds dem funny lookin!

  16. Hmmmph! Jan didn't appreciate our efforts to decorate her litterbox room the other day either! She still mumbles about tp full of holes. Hey, if she can't find any other use for it, she could hang it on the front door as a wreath.