Maggy and Zoey are going ga-ga over Romeo... he lives with lots of other kitties over at Peggy's Place and they think he is quite a handsome dude. Is he dreaming of them? Will he choose one of them for his valentine? We shall see...
Friends Friday ~ introduced by Kiddo. Here's one of our new friends, Mr Tuck, and he lives in the neighborhood ~ yours and mine, so stop by sometime soon!
Sweet Ariel ~ well, she's an old friend,
or better said ~ a friend of old.
And she's having a wonderful contest for Valentine's Day.
See the link on our sidebar (where the arrow is pointing)
and join the fun!

And this is Jeannie ~ wouldn't you dream about her too?
Such a beauty, sweet yet shy.
You can visit Jeannie at Peggy's Place and welcome her!


  1. What pretty pictures! Teal'c says Zoey and her lovely hats make his heart go pitter patter and Romeo would be mad not to choose her for a Valentine (though he secretly wants her for his hehe)

  2. How nice to meet more friends. After I get this mystery of the missing floof taken care of, I must visit them.

    Are you ready for the ball?

  3. We just love the pictures of your new friends!!! It's so nice meeting new kitties in the blogosphere!

  4. Love is in the air!!

    Sniffie and the (still Freezing) Florida Furkids

  5. Oh those are some lovely friends. You know we actually ask cats to send us photos for Chey to visit places in Find Chey Friday... of course you are not allowed to guess where she is when you do that...

  6. Anonymous2/06/2009

    Thanks for introducing these kitty's I love making new friends Also thanks for mentioning my contest :)

  7. Furry nicely done - Jeannie is so worth dreaming about - so aren't all the rest!

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  8. We're going to find out about the Valentine thingy! It sounds fun.

    There's an award for you over at our place!

  9. All so nice and pretty!
    I am going to enter Ariels's contest!

  10. We have to get our mom to start working on making those Valentines!

  11. Wow, you guys make me sound like one cool cat! Thank you for the extra-nice write up and for telling all your friends about me!

  12. Hi Zoey,

    My name is Mona and I am a dachshund. JB was my first kitty cat friend. I'm having a feature about dogs and cat cqaled the "Srings of Friendship A-Z" and I needed a "z" cat so I choice you. Hope you don't mind.

    I would love to you and Maggy's friend.

    Mona & the Mommy too!!