A little coffee in the morning helps to calm me down.
A hairbrush might help, too.

By the way, the Zoolatry Human insulted me hugely by not
allowing me to take part in the campaign for
Cat President of the World.
Why Maggy got to run ~ and I did not ~ I'll never know!
I think I would have received a substantial number of votes
even without stuffing the ballot box.

And now Maggy is strutting 'round the Zoolatry home,
all poofed up and puffed up about her appointment as
Minister of Arts...

My fireside chat with Madame President Coco, and her esteemed and honorable Vice President, Sir Misha was warm and friendly. A camaraderie of cats can be a rare thing... but I am totally thrilled and pleased to have been appointed as Minister of Arts. I will uphold the duties of this high office to the best of my ability, and serve with distinction and grace. All kittehs are welcome to visit my studio at any time, for photoart or offurcial portraits.

As a side note, any kitteh who finds himself or herself to have been discovered by media sleuths (purrpurrazzi) in, shall we say, a compromising position ~ let it be known that we also have the ability to discreetly alter your photographs as needed, to one that is more appropriate for public viewing. All such requests and work will be confidential.


  1. Happy monday!! You drink coffee? Wow!!

  2. 'Sir Misha' has quite a ring to it!

  3. Aw Zoey that picture of you made mom smile - you should see what HER furs look like this morning!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  4. Minister of Arts is a very important position! I know you will be great at it!!!

  5. Congrats to the Minister of Arts - will woo be able to help the huzzy and studmuffin pups too?

    Hope the coffee helps Zoey's do-issue.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  6. Congrats to you both! I think you both will do a great job helping lead us! By the way -- love the picture of you looking down the coffee cup. I've tried that vile stuff before. The humans trick me by putting milk in it!

  7. Zoey...that picture of you is priceless! You kinda look like our mom when she gets up in the morning!

    Maggy...we know you will carry out your duties as Minister of Arts well!

  8. Concats on your new cabinet position as Minister of Arts, Zoey!

    We all want to thank you for the awesome portrait of our Maggie May. We can't wait to see it featured on your blog on Sunday!
    What an honor!

    Maggie May and The Creek Cats

  9. I could have used that help during all of my campaigns... you know--those hugs with Tony Soprano, the Borg apparatus, signing the back checks, the pooting...

  10. The mom drinks coffee but she wont let us near her cup, it smells gud though!

  11. Do not worry, I think all of our furs are a little bit unruly in the mornings! Yours just look extra-cute that way.

  12. Linda - SE PA2/02/2009

    Congrats Maggy!

    Zoey, I would guess that there are term limits and that you can get your campaign off the ground now if you would like. Seems it is never too early, although you may want to find out the term limits before blogging the campaign trail.

  13. Zoey, that's a cool picture of you. I like how your furs are all bed-heady. I'd like to thank you again for helping me with you-know-who. You know what is being unveiled tomorrow. Please stop by if you get a minute. heh heh


  14. I wasn't going to ask Zoey, but you ask a good question.

  15. You still look lovely even with no hair brushing. We love the artwork that Maggy is working on, but we are sure you would have done an excellent job too. Maybe in the next election!