On the weekend the Zoolatry Humans went to a concert performed by over a hundred elementary school children from throughout Seminole County. Their little grandgirl bean was in the concert. They enjoyed it, and all the children did very, very well. It was quite a lively show.

We have been told that education is a blending of the "3 A's" ~ academics, athletics and arts. Each in it's own way completes us and leads us toward a more successful and enjoyable life.

Unfortunately, right now, throughout Florida and all of the U.S., an economic crisis is threatening education. From kindergarten through college, there are drastic cuts proposed for education funding. Whether a parent or grandparent, an aunt, a cousin, a neighbor, a friend ~ we all owe our children a good education. Write to your state legislators and ask them to preserve educational funding.


  1. The Woman was a junior in high school in California when Prop 13 was passed--and of course they cut a lot of the band and orchestra programs (no more orchestra) and I know as time when on other programs were cut, including the choices of languages you could take. It is quite sad what happens when schools don't get the funding they need.

  2. It's a shame there are so many things getting cut that are really worthwhile or necessary. We hope the economy gets better. Education is important!

    On a slightly embarrassed note, did we remember to tell you we gave you an award on the 15th? We thought we did, but we can't remember. And we can't find any such comment. Our heads are hung in shame.

  3. The concert sounds lovely. We live in the Uk and it's not much better here (educationally speaking).

  4. What does grandgirl bean play? Skye plays clarinet in her thirteen-member middle school band. Since it's so small, there are no funding problems, but there are issues with people being rather squirrelly... That band looks VERY civilized compared to hers.

  5. Mom was in band when she was young and loved it!! It looks like a pretty cool event and we can see Maggy & Zoey enjoyed it! They should cut a few bridges to nowhere and put it back into schools!!