Welcome to one and all, we hope you will enjoy the Inaugural Ball 2009.

Please take the time to congratulate all the dedicated candidates below.

We regret the delay in scheduling this exciting event ~ but our candidates

have busy and demanding schedules. They have come from all over the world

tonight for the celebration ~ Virginia and New Zealand, Oregon and Nevada,

Maryland and Texas, South Carolina, Indiana and Florida.

Before the festivities begin, let me take a moment to

give very special thanks to Misha. Without his vision and

commitment, we would not be here today.

He ran an amazing election, with many worthy candidates,

and all are respected for their clean campaigns.

It is with special pride that we note the mandate given to the

first female Cat President of the World, Coco.

Lastly, I humbly thank my assistant, Zoey. There were many

times when I thought she would go before the Court of High Crimes

and Misdemeanors for her errors with the event planning,

but in the end she prevailed. To show her my gratitude,

I invited her to attend this evening's event in my absence.

Enjoy your evening.


  1. A lovely job on everyones photos!

  2. What a great job you did organizing all of this, Maggy! (I know your mom helped out a little, too).

  3. What a lovely header on your blog! I think you should keep that up there all the time...

  4. We just love the portraits of everyone! Great job!

  5. Congratulations to everybuddy! You all look so wonderful, and I know you will make all catkind proud.

  6. This is awesome! Everyone looks wonderful. Titus says he's glad that someone is looking out for froot bat affairs. He's got some complaints to lodge about Hurl Grey. hee hee


  7. We want to congratulate you on the terrific publicity photos for our new President, VP and cabinet members. They all look great!!

  8. wat a great ball dis iz! fank yoo fur doin all yoo dos!

  9. Coco finally caught up with her beauty sleeps, and wanted to say that the whole inaugural week is one she will nefurr furrget! She has all those special photos to remember every moment! Thank yous go out to Misha's staff, the Zoo group and all her adoring fans and well-wishers.


    Coco and all the cats of Furrydance, and Teri