It's been a year now since LBSKG (little black stray kitty girl)
arrived on our doorstep, soon to be named ANNIE
and soon to be joined by her little ones,
We miss them all ~ for those not familiar with their story,
on our sidebar, under Zoolatry Zoo, just click on
Our Feral Family to view or read the postings.
Photos above are Charlie ~ Happy 1st Birthday Charlie.
(who turned out to be Charlotte, not Charles).


  1. Hugs and purrrrrrs! They left pawprints on your hearts that will always be there to remind you of their love. That's how we have to think of the ones who've gone. Think of the starfish story. It mattered to them that you were there in their lives, and that's what counts.

  2. Oh how sweet! Just look at those beautiful pictures!


  3. I know you all miss your feral family very much. I hope that you one day find them again.

  4. Happy 1st birthday to Charlie!
    Bless you for taking care of these ferals!

  5. I know it must be very difficult not to know what happened, but I'm hoping that they're OK somewhere! Thanks for helping - we are sending purrs and good thoughts.

  6. We remember the Feral Family. It's super nice of you to do a birthday post for Charlie!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  7. What a beauty!!
    Happy Birthday Charlie!
    ~ The Bunch

  8. We remember the story, but reread it to refresh our memories. We hope Charlie and Annie are happy and healthy.

    Happy birthday, Charlie. You all made quite an impression on Zoolatry.

  9. Happy Birthday Charlie! We hope you ans Annie are safe and happy!

  10. Wow! Has it been a year?? Charlie, we hope that wherever you are, you are safe and warm and are being taken care of....

    Anne, at least you gave little Charlie a great start to his life...we know you miss them all...

  11. Linda - SE PA5/01/2009

    Happy Birthday to Charlie and hugs and empathy on the story of Annie and the feral family.

    It seems except in colony clusters that ferals one day are gone. Or perhaps it was a story told to me when I lost mine.

    I took over the feeding and care of Cleo. When I moved into the apt complex - she was taken care of by two ladies that apts on each side of an entrance door with a patio. Cleo stayed with Nancy but then Nancy got sick so the other lady took care of Cleo. Cleo still sat and waited for Nancy and did so even after she passed away. Soon after, the other lady moved away which left Cleo sitting on one or the other patio waiting for her food.

    I started feeding her but once the apts were rented out moved her closer to mine which was the opposite end of the building. For privacy I fed her behind bushes in a clearing near a patio.

    A day comes when there was a major snowstorm. There was no where I could leave food for and even though I went out with a dish and tried to find her I couldn't. I never saw her again and the only trace was one neighbor who saw her sitting outside trying to get to Nancy's former apt.

    Nearby residential neighbors knew of her as she often frequented their backyards and open sheds for shelter. None of us ever saw her again.

    In closing, I can only say I am always sad when I think of the loss as well as the heartbreak of Cleo's loss of Nancy and the other tenant and while she seemed appreciative of the food I provided, she still went looking for them. We are blessed with the time and gifts they bring to us and that we give them but I do think there is a touch of wanderlust in their souls.

  12. Happy Birthday, Charlie! We share the same birthday!


  13. Happy birthday Charlie and Barb!

  14. Happy Birthday Charlie! We have the same birthday too. Ruckus is 2 and I (Tiger Lily) am 3 today.

    prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs and tail wags,
    Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

  15. Wow! Has it really been a year? Those are some great pictures. Happy Birthday, Charlie.

  16. Happy Purrthday to yoo Charlie!

  17. Happy Birthday Carlie!! We still miss you,too!