I (MAGGY) was a year old when I came to live at Zoolatry. So the humans never knew me or saw me as a kitten. And I (ZOEY) was about 5-months old. So I was small, but not tiny... and even though I am now three years old, I still look and act like a baby kitten. They say I'm their forever kitten!
The Zoolatry Humans have always wondered what we might have looked like as itty bitty kitties... so they found this picture on the internet... we might have looked like this, once upon a time...
Even though we don't know who the kitties in our picture are... looky here at a new kitty blogger ~ MELVIN at MOUCHOIS. Isn't he just the cat's meow? Melvin is a tiny little tea-cup himmie and he is just 3-months old now. We think he will grow up to be a very, very handsome and wonderful himmie-mancat.
Stop by and say hello to Melvin and wish him well.

Melvin ~ Mouchois

Also, today, we want to thank our friends Miss Tasha, Dobby and Franklin, who live at MISHKAT and have been so kind as to have Maggy and Zoey on their blog today. Please stop by and give them a friendly nose-tap!


  1. I think you were both lovely kits.

  2. Maggy & Zoey: You are just beautiful!

    WE LOVE MELVIN!!! We visit him all the time!

  3. Very cute and fuzzy.

  4. I'll go and say Hi!

  5. I've been over to visit Melvin and to tell him hello. He is so tiny and cute.

    I just know Maggy and Zoey were adorable babies because they are so beautiful now.

  6. Oh yay!
    Thank you so much. :D
    This makes me quite happy.
    I think Melvin is letting the sudden popularity go to his head, though.
    He's been running around with a slight arrogance in his step. Lol

  7. We know you girls were very purrty babies!!
    We are gonna stop by Mishkats now!

  8. This is cute overload! We think you would have been adorable little kits. You would have to have been because you are both adorable now. Talking about cute, we are going to visit Melvin.

  9. Tasha says many thanks to Maggy and Zoey for being her guests today. She says it's nice to have some girlcats around for a change!

    And Melvin is adorable! We have had Tasha since she was six weeks old, but we don't know what either of the boys looked like as kittens. We have seen a photo of Grayson as a kitten and we think Franklin probably looked like that. Franklin is like Zoey, though - he's a perpetual kitten.

  10. Aww they would have been lovely.

    What a sweety that little one is. I will go over and say hello.

    Hugs GJ xx

  11. I met little Melvin just a few days ago. He's adorable!

  12. I'm sure woo were both as khute and tasty then too!


  13. We were both 6 months old when we came here so Mom misses those baby pictures, too!

  14. Awwwwww, soo cute!!

  15. Baby kittens are always cute! The Melvin is very beautiful, concerts will be when he grows a beautiful cat, more than is already =)

    Jas & Gi

  16. This is way too cute!!!

    We're going over to meet Melvin now!

  17. hai kyoooooooooot kittehs! :)

    mommeh gotted yoor donayshun tadeh!


    Fank yoo, fank yoo fur comin ta mai purfdeh partay!

  18. We like imagining how adorable you 2 must have been as kittens! I am the only kitty here who came as a baby kitten, everyone else was all grown up so my mom has to imagine what everyone else looked like as babies. I think that's why she fusses over me so much because she rarely gets the chance to be around baby kittens.

  19. Hey Maggie & Zoey,
    We're sure you were both adorable little kitties. The cats in the photo sure are gorgeous. I Butchy was rescued at 3 1/2 yrs old, but my first owner gave Mama some puppy photos of me to keep. She was very happy to see how cute I was as a wee pup. Now Ruby, Scuby & Sylvester ranged from 7 months to a little over 1 yr. old when we rescued them, so we don't know what they looked like as little kitties either.
    Hope you have a great week!
    Purrz & Licks, Wirey Hugs,
    Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby