I am thankful the Zoolatry Human and I had a fun vacation week with the grand girl bean. Yesterday I showed you pictures from my trip to the zoo, and today I am sharing pictures of some of the other fun things we did together last week.

Zoey! I've told you several times, we can't go anywhere until it stops raining! Well, the only reason you don't think it's raining is cause you're using my dress as your rainbrella. And besides, your paw is on my foot - ouch!

Zoey here: up at KSC we got into an old space capsule, but I forget the name of it. It's pretty small. There's my launch manual -- but where's my litter box? There were some awesome rides to go on that make you feel like you're "up in space". I am embarrassed to report they had to STOP the ride so the ZH could get off! But the grand girl bean stayed on and loved it. Then on the way home, the ZH had to pull her car over and she (upchucked) on the side of the road. A policeman came to see if she was OK. The grand girl bean and I were mortified.

Here's me and Maggy, up in space. It's zero gravity you know.
What might usually be down is now up.
I am floating in air and my fur is all funny.
And just look at the tails on Maggy and the lady astronaut!
Here's me with grand girl bean and we are kayaking and yaking.
I'm in the back so I am supposed to steer the kayak, but
sometimes I didn't do too good. I got us into the weeds.
The little girl tried to dig in her oar and get us outta there, and
when she pulled her oar out real quick it dumped seaweed on top
of her head. I laughed and laughed, but she didn't.

One of our other trips was to the Enchanted Forest. It's very nice in there, but it was also very hot and very humid and it was a long, long walk to get out. The grand girl bean wasn't too happy at first: too many spider webs, too many bugs, she kept saying. Get me outta here Gramma, she said. What's enchanting about this place??? But when we were home later, she said, Gramma I think I over reacted, that was a cool place. I mean it was hot, but it was still cool, you know!


  1. OMC! You were in space simulation and da Enchanted Forest looks pawsome too! Sounds likes lots of funs!


  2. Those look like fun places to visit!
    Mom would like to kayak.

  3. Anonymous7/16/2009

    We bet being inside that capsule was loads of fun, Zoey! It's a shame the ZH had an icky sicky, but otherwise, it sounds like a wonderful adventure!

  4. You had the best week! So much fun!

  5. wooo! i want to go to the forest!

    I'll take space please.

  6. We really like the photos today - those all look like so much fun (except the space ride - poor ZH!)

  7. What a fun vacation week. We laughed at the ZH upchuck story (although Mom says we do that a lot and shouldn't laugh at someone else doing it).

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  8. WOW!

    And now woo are FINALLY up in The Shuttle!


  9. My goodness what wonderful things you did. So glad that your mum and grandaughter bean enjoyed everything, but not the throwing up part. Poor you..

    Hugs GJ xx

  10. Goodness! You have been having such fun!! We love all the pictures!

  11. Looks like you had much fun in these visits =)

  12. You are having lots of fun with Your GDB! Our Mom would love the Enchanted Forest! She sis knot know about it when she was in Florida last year.

  13. What a fun vacation you are having. I wish my human would take me on such a fun vacation!

  14. WOW! You had lotsa funs!

  15. The grand girl bean is getting so grown up so fast. Too bad about ZH but we bet she is still glad she had the chance to go for the ride.

    woo, the OP Pack

  16. The ZH did WHAT? She sure embarrassed you. That's why we don't take Jan anywhere with us when we're driving. We think it might have the same effect on her.

  17. Oh, U R so adventuruss Maggy & Zoey! Space Floofs! Yay! xxoo Bhu

  18. Oh that sounds like a wonderful vacation. It is to bad the ZH had some problems after the space rides but sometimes those things happen to everyone! I am glad you had a good trip!

  19. Sounds like lots of fun, well apart from ZH being sick.
    We would have liked all the spiders and bugs in the enchanted forest

  20. I think my mom would have reacted like the ZH in the space simulator!

  21. Oh my goodness!! You have been busy!! Our GDB is here, too, but Mom is all packing and fixing the house to show! So she doesn't get to have as much fun with the GDB as you and and Your Mom did!! Loved all the pictures!
    Your Fl furiends,