AS THE PAW TURNS ~ Fade to black ~

The Zoolatry Girls think it was quite a week in the village of Fursville. We want to thank all our dear friends, the actors and actresses who gave award-winning performances. Thanks to BHU, for the creative and imaginative script writing; if you didn't read what Bhu had to say, go back and check it out. Thanks to GOMA for her probing journalistic talents, now she can get back to be the talented designer she truly is. Thank you Your Honor, G.JASPER, who managed to get a lot of things accomplished before taking off on his (no doubt taxpayer-funded) cruise! Warm hugs to ROMEO, he got busy with all the baby fishies that arrived at his home, but never forgot to send flowers to Maggy! Thank you to our little Mouchois, MELVIN; we know you may think the grown-ups were a bit silly at times (but then, so were you!). From all of us, and in particular from Maggy, a big furry wet nose rub to KHYRA, you are the Number One Woo in Fursville. And last, but far from least, give a big round of applause and an encore to our one and only, ever lovely SWEET PRALINE. It was Praline who got us all together, who brought love and harmony to Fursville. Be sure to stop by all their blogs today for the final episode, and on Saturday, to check out the cast party and actors' out-takes! So, until we meet again... FADE TO BLACK...
We would be a bit remiss to not mention our very own Margaret Mary (her stage name is Maggy)... and our able assistant, Zoey who worked long and hard behind the scenes. The show would not have gone on without them!
And that dear friends is HOW THE PAW TURNS... it turns toward you, with friendship.


  1. We enjoyed that! Well done, efurryone!

  2. It's funny, we just posted about As the Paw Turns and here is the fade to black. We have enjoyed it. The pic of Khyra and Maggy is priceless.

    It's really late, so we'll go read the end of the series tomorrow.


  3. Mom says she'll have Metallikha playing in her head! KHOOL!

    It was soooooo much fun!

    Anytime woo want to get yer motor runnin' to head out on the highway, please paw me!


  4. It was a fine production!

  5. Anonymous8/21/2009

    Kudos to the cast & crew!

  6. It was all very well done, we enjoyed it immensely!!

    *Many paws clapping*

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  7. Bravo!!! ::clap clap::

    We enjoyed every episode. Where's the cast party! I'll bring the nip!

  8. Anonymous8/21/2009

    Bravo to all of you cast and krew!!! We surely enjoyed As The Paw Turns...

  9. Wow...the last line gave me happy warm fuzzies!!!

    Thanks to all the ATPT cast and crew!!


  10. It was all such fun - we love how creative so many of our blogger furiends can be.

    Have a great weekend.

  11. I enjoyed the show very much - I hope there is a sequel in the future! You all did an excellent job.!

  12. Many, Many thanks to the Zoolatry Girls who made it all possible! xxoo Bhu

  13. The Zoolatry girls and the ZH are amazing and we couldn't have done it without you.

    I hope we'll have a sequel in the future - perhaps "The Young and Floofy" or "The Days of Our Paws"

    Hee! Hee!

  14. We really enjoyed 'As the Paw Turns' WE can't wait for the second season

  15. What a fabulous "soap opera" this was ~ we enjoyed seeing it.