PET 'NET SAFETY EVENT 2009, October 21

Today is the 2nd Annual Pet 'Net Event, sponsored by Petside.com. Zoolatry is pleased to participate in this important event which has pet safety (for cats and for dogs) as its focus. We hope you can take the time today to visit Petside for interesting and valuable information, just click on the link below this copy, or below the last photograph.
Zoolatry is primarily a cat blog which speaks to our visitors through our pictures. Today we take a little break from Halloween Boolatry to focus on holiday safety, Christmas Do's and Don'ts (although they are mostly the don'ts)... and though we present mostly through out pictures of Maggy and Zoey, what we have here applies to our woofie friends as well.
Two friends we know from the Cat Blogosphere World are also part of todays event, so please stop by their blogs,
Scroll down for Maggy and Zoey's Pet 'Net safety tips.


  1. This is Great.. I can't wait to see the wonderful articles...

  2. Hi everyone at Zoolatry! I have missed visiting with you! I am doing much better. Just playing with all the Sherwood kitties!!!! Thank you for all your get well wishes!!!

    Love, Auntie Deb

    Hi Zoey & Maggy! We managed to blog today, so stop by! We have missed you all!!!

    Love, uSSSSS

    p.s. Thanks for the wonderful safety tips!

  3. Thought provoking post. Thanks for that.. Hugs GJ x