One of my favorite things to do with Photoshop is to create "memory books". Over the past several years I've done about a dozen of them for family members. And perhaps another half-dozen specialty albums: wedding albums, a promotional album for a cake shop owner, and a memorial album for a young teenager who passed away unexpectedly. I found traditional photo albums somewhat boring, but enjoy holding a book in my hands. Slide shows and 8mm home movies are a thing of the past to me, viewing on a television or computer screen seems to lack personality, the ability to move back and forth, to linger on a image. The process of creating a memory book can be challenging and time consuming, most will take six months or more to design and print the basic forty-pages. All the albums are high resolution prints, in an 8.5 and 11 page size. What is shown here is greatly reduced in size. Most of the pages have a common theme, working in color, borders, type and sometimes a heavily-altered image. The pages below are from some of our family albums and all feature todays "sports" theme... pictures of the grandchildren and other family members involved in sporting activities. Please enjoy!

Soccer ~ Mini Racers ~ Basketball

Skiing ~ Roller Skating
First Swim Lesson ~ First Swim Meet
Little Football Fan ~ Slam Dunk Zoey ~ Kayaking
More Basketball


  1. That is some pretty good 'stuff'!


  2. First of all thank yoo for our beautiful "Pink for October" and "Halloween" banners ~ we are thrilled!

    And the memory books are a wonderful and creative thing to do.

  3. Looks like a very sporty family there! :D

  4. Wow ! you are all very sportive in your family ! I am already tired only looking at your wonderful collage !

  5. This collage is super! [except...poor kitty! LOL]

    My sports entry is HERE

  6. Those are so great! How did Zoey feel about being slam dunked?

  7. We always enjoy the pictures of your family!! It doesn't look like Zoey likes basketball though!!

    We love your Halloween look. Mom is a dunce and doesn't have any idea how to change our blog. We're going to trade her in.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  8. That is a whole lot of sports!
    We always enjoy your collages and pictures!
    ~ Timothy

  9. The kayaking looks like lots of fun.

    Love the memory albums. They are so cute and light hearted. We are smiling just looking at the pages you shared. ~S,S,C & F

  10. Great, I love them all..good job.
    Mine's up, too...

  11. wow that is a great family of sports lover...Happy hunting!

  12. Love the collage. It's nice to expose kids into sports at an early age. Happy Weekend!

    Here's my entry.

  13. I don't think I'd like being the basketball. You are far more patient than me!

  14. Good shots. Wonderful take on this theme. Lots of pics of children doing different sporting activities. Great!
    (But personally, I would not like to get too near the water.)
    Sara Cat

  15. Those are just spectacular. I am in total awe of your talent. I simply wish I could figure out how to do a simple collage and look what you can do.


  16. Beautiful work and wonderful collages. You certainly are a master at doing the photo shop stuff.

  17. These are very nice pages. Mama agrees with you, pages like these are much more enjoyable & memorable & she totally understands how it can take so much time to create things like this. Have a great weekend!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs,
    Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby