... and while you're thinking on how you'd
create and name your personal litter...
stop by and give a paws-up to
for starting this whole thing...
[and our woofie friends are welcome to
"pretend" they're cats with litter boxes...]


  1. Now that could be interesting.. of course I don't have any smells or ickiness so what should I have in my litter box????

  2. That is surely a khontest woo khan dig your paws into!

    PeeEssWoo: Of khourse mine would be be khalled Khritter Litter filled Ginger and Angus bits!

  3. Without a doubt, both Faith Boomerang and KC would have shredded paper towels for litter. Ideally, they would do the shredding, too. Is it a coincidence they are both torties???

  4. Hi Maggy, Zoey and Ann,

    We think this is a pawsome competishun so we are gonna enter.

    We're taking it srsly so we will put our thinking caps on and come back later with our answers because need to cogitate ferst!

  5. OK, we've named our litter!

    BIG BOY BUM BRICKS! ~ espeshully designed for the tuff and discerning macho cat ~ wiv a hint of Eau da mousie and rabbit poop.

  6. Anonymous1/25/2010

    First of all...Milo and Alfie, warn somebuddy please before you say things like that. Now we gotta clean tea off the monitor and keyboard and try to get Momma to stop laughing.
    OK, second. Our litter would be called 'Morning Madness' and it would have nice soft white sand and would have pine needles and catnip for that fresh as all outdoors experience. A few minutes scratching would rev you up for the day.

  7. OOOOOooooooohhhh...I am going to think very hard!

  8. Bwahahaha! We're laughing at Milo and Alfie's name for the litter. We will have to put our thinking caps on, but how are we ever going to better that?

  9. Hi I have named my litter.. Fresh smelling ginger spice with a hint of sweet jasmin for my inner soft self. Thanks GJ xx

  10. Oh my this looks like fun. We will have to put all our kitty heads together and see what we can some up with. We will be back.

  11. These ideas just might make us wish we could be "cats for a day".

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  12. Milo and Alfie's entry is too funny=I don't think I'm clever enough to top that one!!...BTW, I love the new graphics on your header=very cute and totally appropriate for Maggy and Zoey=such sweethearts!!

  13. This will be fun...now what would be in my dream litter box!??

  14. Anonymous1/25/2010

    Hmmmm, since there are 4 of us, we need 4 different litters...

    King's Krunchy Kastle Litter...making going potty, fit for a King.

    Pandora's Pink~Nose Princess Pellets...you feel even more ladylike coming out of the box, than before going in.

    Skeeter's Smellerific Litter...PURRfect for those who enjoy a nice arome of sandlewood and cedar.

    Cricket's Cream of the Crop Litter...made from cracked corn.

  15. Boy, we need to get Mama's brain working. With 4 of us kitties, we should be able to come up with at least one name, hehehehe.
    Purrz & Licks, Wirey Hugs,
    Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby, Hootie & Butchy
    (hehehe, Butchy has pawed in our litter before, but never went potty in it)

  16. Tygana: If I could make the ultimate litter for Tygana eh....well I'm a simple mancat, the litter doesnt need to be pretty, so any color will do or mom can pick what she wants to see.

    Mom: Oh oh oh!!!Can I change it with the seasons...like pink for spring, ice blue for winter (but red on christmas), a lovely orange for fall and a mix of yellow, orange and red like the sun for summer!!

    Tygana: ugh , i guess mom.....anyway, as far as smells go I'm pretty sure I don't want any just the clean fresh scent of house.
    As for type of litter I much prefer a mix myself
    45% crystals, 40% pine pellets, and 15% regular old clumping litter, preferably of the corn variety.

    I shall name this.....

    Litter connoisseur cat approves

  17. Oh boy, us kitty boys are excited that "Squeaky" is getting paid forward! Our mom loved that book and is happy to share the story of Squeaky all around the cat blogosphere...as for us, we like our litter dusty, although mom doesn't buy that for us anymore because she does NOT like dusty litter...But if we had our choice, we would name our litter:

    "100% Anti-Stinky Sphynx Stardust" with extra dusty stardust for the spoiled sphynx in all of us...

  18. My litter would be called 猫砂 which is cat litter in Chinese...because I dig to China every time I use the litterbox!!


  19. we will have to think about this, and try to be creative!
    we thank you for the Shining Star Award, and have the What's In Your Litter Box contest posted too, on today's Purrchance To Dream

  20. We will have to put on our thinking caps for this. Can each kitty play or is it one per house hold?

  21. This will have to take some thought, though I do have a little idea right now.

  22. Milo and Alfie crack me up - MOL!!! We are woefully sorry for not having visited in the longest time - our storms have been knocking out power and internet on and off for the last week and the pounding rain just won't stop, so coming over while I can! LOVE this contest - Ozzie and I will have to do "meditations" (as Mango would say) on a litter name! Ozzie prefers to use the great outdoors as her littering area! We finally got your beautiful header placed into its rightful spot today and looks so gorgeous - how can we ever thank you enough??? We send you big woofs, purrs, hugs and love,
    Sammie and Ozzie

  23. What a fun and creative contest.

  24. Hmmm! That is a very interesting concept -- to create and name your Litter Box. I'll have to put on my thinking cap.

    I'll get back to you on it.

  25. Oops! I think I sent you the name of my litter box. I need to think of the name of the litter.

  26. ::Clears throat::
    "Perfectly Parker's Perfumed Pussy Palace Pellets"
    Oh yeah, that's the litter for me!

  27. I think we would like to call ours the TPkittypoocrystals. And we would like for it to be green so we can pretend that we are outside. This is a great contest. Can't wait to see who wins.

  28. Wow our mom is so not good at this stuff - she is just not creative with these things! We are going to have to get on her about that!
    Kirzon, Lola, Virgil and Barney

    Hey, this is the mom - I am creative, it is just stressful at work, I am behind, and I can't think of anything right now - just ignore those 4 troublmakers comment above!

  29. OK, IF we had to have a litter box, it would consist of one ingredient - bet you can guess it quite easily. It would be frozen precipitation in the form of white or translucent hexagonal ice crystals that fall in soft, white flakes. SNOW - glorious SNOW, but only if it is fluffy or granular, not packed down. And our litter box would have to be insulated well enough to keep our snow around forever.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  30. "Katie's Tootsie Roll Trap."
    - available in fun size, standard and long

    (Glogirly's cat)

    Pee S. Despite what Glogirly says, my tootsie rolls are all fun-sized. ; )

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  32. What's in my litter box? POOP! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Oh, wait, I'm spose to name the litter? I guess I'm just not too interested in what's in the litterbox before I get there, I'm only interested in what I leave in there. Well, you know how it is for us old guys, we get real excited when things come out all right.

  33. I would call mine Nature and I would like a nice pine scent. ~Socks

    I would call mine Scylla's Scentillating Litter and it would smell like a field of wild flowers. ~Scylla (PS: I hopes I spelled Scentillating correctly)

    I would call mine Little One's Litter and I thinks a powder fresh scent would be nice. ~ Artemisia

  34. Digging Derby's Litter, made of freshly shredded recycled paper, with a scent of fresh mousies.

  35. Okay, got it!

    Praline's Pecan Litter! Sweet smell, variety of textures and blends in with the stuff that's left when the kitty leaves. Plus, if you get hungry, there's stuff to eat! MOL

  36. ps - Please come and visit me today and help me help Wayside Waifs!

  37. Here's ours.

    eau deTamir
    ........Toes - put it together and it spells..............BUTT!
    That's what's in our litterbox!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  38. You all came up with some pretty cool names.

  39. Hello, I'm Twinkie the tiny Chi and I came by to check out your blog. I've seen links to it in the past and this time I made it :) Now, I have to familiarize myself. My kitties will love it for sure.

  40. Well...my litter would come from sand from the beach in Tillamook! Of course! Cory's Special Tillamook Beachy Blend.

  41. Drop by our blog today. We did a spoof on your contest. It's more like, "What's not in your kitty litter."

  42. Herman's Smart Litter. It looks just like regular litter, but the silicates in the clay have been programed to recognize poop. When poop is detected, the nearby grains dissolve into nano-particles, so the poop sinks to the bottom of the box, then the grains reform above the poop. No burying needed.

  43. Tuck's Torture Tank Litter. The crystals would be ultra-absorbant, to remove any smell. But, the best part would be that mixed in with the crystals, there would be small noisemakers of some sort. They would clang together as I scratched. I love to scratch and dig and scratch some more in my litter box. It drives my humans crazy. Once they timed it and I scratched for 15 minutes. If there were noisemakers I could really torture them... :)