Maggers... whatcha doin?
Zoey, can't you read, I'm looking for my BlogPaws! coupon.

I found it fur you, Maggers... now what do I do with it?
Zoey, don't you remember, our good friend Romeo,
who is always helping kitties in need,
is starting new organization ~ just for pet bloggers!
And they're having a huge get together, April 9 and 10,
in Columbus, Ohio.
A conference to bring together all our humans ~ for fun,
networking, education and more!
Mag, do we get to go?
Sure Zoey, just find your green papers, and be sure to
mention our 20% Zoolatry discount when you register.
Maggy, I think you need to tell our friends more about
Well, Zoey... they can CLICK HERE to read all
about it... or they can check their email, cause I'm
sending out a message, or they can write to
caroline (at) romeo the cat (dot) com.

Here's a logo you can all put on your sidebar to help
support this event, and this great new blog!

And don't forget to mention your
20% Zoolatry discount
when you register.


  1. That is SO cool.
    I really, really want to go.
    Of course, have to find a job so I can afford to really, really go!
    But I will remember your coupon!

  2. Are you guys going???
    Mommy said we might go for one day!

  3. We has to admit, unfortunately, that we (The Zoolatry Girls) purrably cannot go to this wonderful and exciting event...
    we is caring for great-grandma each and every day, all day and also caring for new little grandboybean each and every day!
    If we can find a way to tellyport M and Z... but the ZH can't leave home... we do wish we could go and meet many of our friends there...

  4. Wow! My mom really wants to go, but she doesn't know if she has enough green papers to do it. It is a wonderful idea.

  5. Our mom wants to go but it is a long drive for her...but if there's other bloggers that she knows who are going, she might do that drive...it sounds like so much fun!!

  6. This looks like it is going to be a wonderful event. But our Mom cannot go either. We just can't afford the trip. It takes all we have to have enough food around here which we do have because of some really good friends that bring us food. And that is so nice of the Zoolatry gang to give a discount.

  7. Our Mom really wants to go too but we don't think she can manage it this year.

    Tamir wanted to thank you for making his birthday extra special! Your great graphics were the "icing on the cake!"

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  8. Woof! Woof! Thanks ... for sure will check out the site and event. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. My mom wants to go....but it's way across the country. Sigh. Maybe there can be a west coast version someday.

  10. That is a wonderful idea for a blog...Your new header is beautiful=of course, your girls are beautiful, but I really LOVE Zoey's toof!

  11. hmmmm, too bad we oceans apart; otherwise i would persuade mumster to take moi


  12. The woman says that we cannot get to Ohio either..

  13. It's so kind of you to support this event, Ann! You're always helping everyone out.

    There's one LOL-Cat of Maggy again on the LOLSpot. I would have done Zoey, too, but there wasn't a recent shot I could use.

  14. Anonymous2/05/2010

    Our mom is so bummed that she's (nor us) are going to be able to go! It's a little too far and there's not enough green papers. But, should there ever be one within 4 hours of Scranton, PA...count us in!!!

  15. We would like to go, but it's a long way for us too! Y'all have a wonderful weekend and we'll see you at Gracie's party!

  16. We want to go so bad. We are so behind on green papers due to mommy's hospital visits that it's not looking good. :(
    If we can't go, we're hoping there will be a west coast one, as well!

  17. What a abulous idea.. Mum realy wants to go but it is a realy long way for her. Oh if only we had wings.. Hugs GJ x

  18. It sounds like a great time but probably too far for our Mom to go too. But we will go check it out.

    Happy Friday, Phantom and Thunder

  19. This is great information. Thank you for sharing. I love what they stand for. I need to go back and read some more.

  20. We wish we could go but like a lot of the bloggers out there we don't think we can for multiple reasons - work, money, etc. It sounds like it will be awesome and we really hope they have it again next year!

  21. That sounds like a great conference, but it's so far away.

  22. Aww, we wish we could go, but New Zealand is a bit far away :(

  23. Still thinking about it!
    Would love to go!


  24. I'm not going to BlogPaws... BUT I am sending MY HUMAN to represent me! She is even speaking! She would love to see some of you there, if you can somehow dig up the funds to attend!

  25. Wish Mom could go, maybe you should have BlogPaws in Vegas next time. :-)