Maggy, I need to ask you some questions.
OK, Zoey.
How's come we're never on YouTube?
Oh Zo, my Zo, "youtubes" belong in "youlitterbox!"
Do we Twitter or Tweet?
No Zo, that's for birds to do.
Are we on Facebook?
No Zo, you know I don't like to show my face.
Well, are we at least LinkedIn?
No Zo, no likey like links.
Have we got IPods and IPads?
No Zo... well, actually we each have four-Ipads we walk on.
You know, Mag, I think we're behind the times.
Maybe so Zo... but remember, the ZH used to drive at least
ten miles out of her way just to find a gas station
where someone else would pump the gas for her
and she still doesn't own a cell phone!


  1. How cute! The ZH may be out of touch with some of the social network, but she is definitely on top of the photo editing technology!!!

  2. As long as we get to see you guys here, we're happy!!!

  3. Does she have a ringer washer?


  4. Don't feel too bad, the PM isn't on Facebook or any other social thing and she doesn't have a cell phone either!!


    I never thought anything was wrong with that but now I may be thinking she's a little antisocial. MOL

    Purrs Goldie

  5. As long as you blog, that's all you need!

  6. That's okay, we know exactly where to find you!

  7. Mai can not believe yer ZH still has no cell phone. Even mai Nana has had a cell phone for about 10 years!

  8. Anonymous2/10/2010

    The zoolatry human has her man slave fill her car with gas and when she needs it uses his cell phone. So there Magster!

  9. Well we don't do Facebook or tweet or do stuff like that either. 'cos our mom isn't willing or able! But we still love her! And we love Ann too!

  10. So that's what you 2 talk about! Love it!

    You know what? As soon as your mom sent those pictures of Nigel she started singing "King of the Road"....and she hasn't stopped! Glad the CB is joining in!

    Big purrs to you.

    Cory and Nigel and family

  11. LOVE the photo >wink!< Tommy is kinda like your ZH--she does have a cell phone tho--from 5 years ago-it's one of those pay as you go and just rings--no 'net. She's dropped alot. The face has come off. It's ready to go in the trash. I tweet,but don't like it much-no Facebook for me, because Tommy is afraid I'll be more popular than her---Like I am on Twitter..humans! :)

  12. Good for your Mom! Our Mom does the cell phone only because she supported them when she worked. She only reads on face book and comments sometime!

  13. Only 10 miles to get gas pumped? There are people in Oregon who come to Washington and then have to ask for help--or who make sure they have gas to get back home so she is not alone there. Also the Male inherited a cell phone from his son. I don't think he knows how to use it but buys the minimum number of minutes every three months to keep in his car for emergencies... He does have a zune but the Woman doesn't! The Woman is still trying to figure out why Twitter but she does... and she is oh so on Facebook and Linked in... She does not YouTube us!

  14. And you know what, Maggie and Zoey - she is probably a whole lot better off without all that stuff. Just don't let her stop blogging or photoshopping for all of us.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  15. I loves it!
    I has to agree there is too many conecshuns these days. Mom spends too much time staying ups on all the beans talking to her.

  16. How cute! I like a couple of good old-fashioned girls. And with a mama who helps the entire CB with their Photoshop needs and keeps up several blogs of her own, there wouldn't be any time left for all this other stuff, anyway.

    I feel like that, too, but I'm nowhere near as busy as your mama.

  17. heheheeh the ZH would drive for for a full service pump station. thats sooo cute. But don't worry maggy and zoey I'm 22 and I don't youtube, or twitter or tweet, i do have a facebook but lately only to play petville where I parade around as Tygana, I don't LinkedIn, I have no iPad but I admit to having an iPod, which I only use on occassion. So it's not your behind for any reason but you choose to be

  18. Tell your ZH that I am with her.

    Sweet Praline said it all!


    Jo and Stella

  19. I don't want to hear another word about the ZH. Did you know she made the best goodies for me using modern technology? Furiends... be-have. Too bad you don't have a FB account so you can see what ZH made for me. It's my profile photo!

  20. Our mum is a lot like ZH. She did open a Facebook account for us but she has just closed it again because she couldn't get her head around it and never uses it.We don't tweet either. She does have a cell phone. It's ancient and only supposed to be dual band but it works all over the world so she won't change it until it packs up.

  21. Sometimes the simple life is the best, girls....

  22. Hmmmmm, now Mama wonders what our kitties talk about. Mama has had a cell phone for years only for emergency cause the phone lines out here in the country are soooooo old & always go out for several days at a time. She finally got tired of no phone & even no internet service, so they dumped the regular phone line & went strictly cell phone. Wonder why she doesn't let me use it though?? Hmmmmmph.
    Wirey Hugs, Purrz & Licks,
    Butchy, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby & Hootie

  23. We are like you and your mom in some ways - no youtube, no linkdin, no twitter, no facebook. Mom does love the tech gadgets though. And you aren't that far behind - your mom makes awesome pictures - that is very high tech to us. Our mom is just learning to do that stuff!

  24. We don't twitter nor are we on facebook. We like the furfriends on the CB.

  25. We don't twitter nor are we on facebook. We like the furfriends on the CB.

  26. Don't worry ladies, my human has a cell phone and a blackberry for email; she is on LinkedIn and Facebook, yet she is nowhere as tech-savvy or talented as your human!

  27. That's O.K. Mom has some of the stuff you were talking about and she doesn't know how to use them. So's it's just like not having them. She likes some of the old time ways of doing things too.


  28. We loves you old fashioned girls. The Mom went to a full service service station once the eldest boy bean was AMAZED that someone else came out to pump your gas. ~AFSS