You may know that Hansel is my BFF... and he recently had
majorly major surgery to fix broken hips. When I took a peek at
his pictures, I thought he looked a bit sad
(I call that being "down in the toof").
Perhaps Tesla was teasing him about his furless butt.
I know Maggy would do that to me. So I went
over to visit my Hansel and give him some
cat cuddling and wise words...

I said "Hansel, I've come to you all shaved-up and skinny,
see, it isn't so bad. I know what it looks like and feels like.
Been there, done that, as they say! But remember dear,
I like you no matter what you look like, and your furs will grow
back soon, and your wounds will heal and you'll be better than new!
And here's one of my pink-heart-bandies to help. Oh, and
Hansel... would you please not stare so intently at my butt,
I'm embarrassed."

After the bandaging and a wee bit of canoodling, my Hansel, who must wear a collar for awhile now, gave me a matching collar to wear ('cept mine is pink). And I brought our favorite jingly balls for us to play with, in matching colors of course. And I also brought my special nippy strip that Tygana made for me. The nip will be good for both of us, we won't be so shy...

Click here to visit my Hansel,

and click here to visit Tygana.


  1. Oh Zoey, you look quite cute in that pink little collar of yours! It's so sweet of you to be such a wonderful friend. :D

  2. He was one of my top three domestikhats during Mango Minster 2010's Khat Dog Group!

    I thought he did the khat dog khlip kwhite well!

    I'm sure Zoey will cheer him!


  3. Very cute post...Zoey is a sweet and beautiful girlfriend=of course, Hansel checks out her butt!!...really funny!!

  4. Zoey, you are so nice to make Hans feel better!

  5. Hey Zoey, we think Hansel is a special friend too and it is so nice of you to share some collar time with him!

  6. zoey, thanks so much for coming over and still loving me. Dad told me you might not love me anymore now that my butt is shaved- you fill my heart with great joy!!! :) -hansel

  7. Zoey, how sweet of you to go and take care of your BFF. I'm sure you are helping with his recovery.

  8. You're such a thoughtful girl to console Hansel like that. We think you both look cute in your matching collars.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

    pee ess - we're sending Mon to Tygana's site.

  9. We hope Hansel mends quickly and is feeling much better after your visit. Phantom can sympathize with Hansel for his shaved look, but in time all will be better.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  10. Zoey, you are the best girlfriend that Hansel could hope for. You are so cute together with your matching collars and toys!

  11. Anonymous2/02/2010

    Awwww Zoey, you're so sweet.

  12. Oh zoey ypur such a great girlfriend! Look at all you do for hansel I'm sure he's just the happiest cat on earth!

  13. Zoey, you are the bestest of the BFF to take such good care of your Hansel.

  14. Aren't you sweet to do that! Good for you!!!

  15. Oh Zoe! You are a purrfect nurse! And so kind of you to let Hansel know his furrs will soon be as floofy as before, too. He probly does get teased, cats can be rude sometimes! Oh, we we love your hot pink e-collar too! Is that special effects or do they come in that color now? Mewmie says they only have boring blue ones where she works...

  16. Those are such cute pictures. It is so neat that they are such good friends. And the bandade with the heart on it is perfect. We know that will make Hansel all better.

  17. Very cute post :)
    Zoey is such a loving girlfriend!!
    I like a little bandade too!

  18. That was so very sweet of you and I am sure it helped Hansel to feel better.. I thought the matching collars loked great.. Hugs GJ x

  19. How sweet of you Zoey to go and cheer Hansel up.

  20. Why are kat cones styling? Huh? Have you seen the k9 evil cones? Not fair. This is discrimination! I object. But you do look adorable! Precious top photo.

  21. Anonymous2/02/2010

    You're so sweet Zoey, I'm sure Hansel will get better in no time at all.

  22. Oh Zoey!!!!!! You have proved that you really are Hansel's BFF!!!!! What a wonderful,kind thing to do.You two look mighty cute too ;)
    Purrs & Hugs to you!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia Tillie

  23. That's so nice of you Zoey to make Hansel feel a lot better. You two look cute together with the collars on. I like the cool band-aid, it looks really nice on Hansel.


  24. You are so sweet to go over and make Hansel feel better.

  25. Poor Hansel. We've been over to his place and left purrs.

  26. you are such a sweet friend


  27. Aw, Zoey, that was such a sweet post it brought a tear to my eye! What a nice girl you are to poor Hansel! He is lucky to have you!