Here at Zoolatry, we really love Friends Friday. It's a wonderful chance to introduce new friends we've made, and sometimes reintroduce old friends, too. If you haven't met these wonderful furry friends, stop by and say hello (well, you can stop by even if you do know them already!).

Prince, a man of many talents, many faces, many names. And isn't he handsome? Maggy and Zoey fell in love the minute they first visited him. And it seemed to be appropriate to show lots of prints of "Prints". Stop by to visit by clicking here.

Just click here to visit these good friends at Fuzzy Tales. And maybe with enough encouragement we can all convince Nicki to stop trying to
climb the fence... these are three fine felines fur sure.
And last, but far from least, our good friends Thunder and Phantom recently
welcomed a new little sister, Ciara. Is she not totally adorable?
The Zoolatry Human has oohed-and-aahed so much over Ciara,
Maggy and Zoey are getting jealous.
And look at her Woo brothers, kissing her hello...
Click here to visit.


  1. Ciara DOES rokhk...doesn't she!?!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie
    PeeEssWoo: She already knows the power of the paw placement!

  2. We learn about a lot of new friends from you!

  3. We know those kitties, they are all our friends!...But we will introduce ourselves to the puppies, they are very adorable...Happy weekend!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Just a personal comment, Ann: Just to let you know, I tried to use your link to the puppy site, but it didn't work...J

  5. Just goes to show how slack we have been lately with visiting - we don't know any of the kitties posted in today's post. In the past we have always been able to identify at least one or two. :(

  6. Anonymous3/05/2010

    We can not imagine how you have the time to discover so many new friends... we have a terrible time just keeping up with our dear old friends!

    That Ciara IS a kyootzie wootzie for sure!

  7. We are already sooooo in love with Ciara!
    Lovely of you to put friends in touch.
    We dont know any of these kitty cats either!
    We need to go visit - if only our secretary didnt try to combine us with a job!!!!
    Martha & bailey xxx

  8. Thanks so much for including us on your Friends Friday. :-)

    We haven't met Prince or the doggies, so we're going to check them out!

    Happy Friday to all!

    -Annie, Nicki, Derry and personal assistant Kim

  9. I haven't visited any of them yet. I'll have to drop by and say hello.

  10. We were thinking about doing something like Friends Friday on our blog too!! Maybe once we are following more people and have more followers. I think we would run out of friends to promote really fast! hehe

    Woo Woooo
    Shiloh, Shelby, and their Mom!

  11. Oh Goodie, some new people to meet. Thanks for letting us know about these guys. We will go right over and meet them all. Have a great week end.

  12. We great Friends! We love Fuzzy Tales too.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  13. New friends are always so much fun. Have a wonderful weekend y'all!

  14. Thanks for introducing us to your friends. We know Fuzzy Tales but we haven't met the others (yet!)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. How very sweet of you to feature Ciara here!!! She is a little lovey and she's trying so hard to win her brothers over. What a great montage you did for her - thanks Ann, Zoey, and Maggie.

    Woos and happy weekend, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  16. Great furiends you are! That didn't sound right: You are great furiends. Thank you for sharing and exposing us to new blogs.

  17. Hi Maggie and Zoey!

    Thanks for featuring me your post for Friends Friday! You are so sweet. And I am SO honored! Since you have put in a good word for me, I might become FAMOUS now. With the magic you've performed, I look pretty good in the photo you created. Perhaps the photo can be used as my business card? :-)

    Thanks again for introducing me to your friends. You do such beautiful art work. I have already bookmarked your Collections site and plan to bookmark your Zoolatry site as well.

    ~Prints of a Cat

  18. We have met Nicki, Derry and Annie but not the others. We will go and say hello.