You purrably know the ZH loves to play with photoshop; in fact, lots of the pictures on this blog are often "fake" pictures.  Well, they start out as real pictures, but that doesn't last long.  Now you might wonder how this qualifies for Thursday-13... well, she says it took 13 layers to make this silly picture of the grands and me at their pool one weekend not long ago...
1. The yellow background layer
2. The blue border layer
3. The main photo (of the pool) layer, heavily altered
4. Add "me" -- to the main photo layer
5. Add the grands to the main photo layer
6. Draw in some sunshine
7. Add a little more sunshine with alterations
8. One water wave at the bottom
9. Another water wave and yet another
10. You guessed it ~ one more water wave
11.  There was a gator in the pool ~ they're all over Flahyeeda ~ but we took him out
12.  There were some toys in the pool ~ but we took those out, too
13.  Maggy was at poolside; however, I managed to get on the pooter when the ZH wasn't around, and of course, I removed Maggy.  She only gets to be on the blog on Mondays as far as I'm concerned.
Purrs, ZOEY


  1. Beautiful work from the ZH. Mom is just starting to learn about layers but she says she will never be able to work with 13 at one time.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. You're amazing! Dad "beheaded" Mom with photoshop because her eyes were closed. We think Dad might be a bit scary now...

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  3. Looks great but sounds very complicated.

  4. That is a beautiful layer cake of love fur sure!

  5. What a beautiful work of art!!! The ZH is amazing!!!!

  6. Thats a super neato picture! But I really wish that you would have let maggy in too

  7. That looks like a fun program. One day, I'll have to look into it!

  8. Anonymous7/01/2010

    I really enjoyed this breakdown, but not half as much as I enjoyed the grand babies. Easy, like Sunday was another favorite post :)
    My best!

  9. The ZH does amazing things with pictures!

  10. Well done! Our mom is really bad at doing layers so we never get cool photos like this! (Our dad is very good at them, but he doesn't do them for us.)

  11. Zoey, your poor sister. You do tease her.

  12. Ok, so now that is one of the ZH's tricks - lots of layers! We just need to figure out the rest because her stuff is always great!

  13. My mom is going to BlogPaws in September and she thinks it would be pawsome if you were there leading a session on creating graphics!!!