I spotted the crumb-catcher-rug-pup wearing a new hat the other day.  I think the ZH bought it
at that all-purpose-place called WalMart while grocery shopping. 
You know it's very difficult for her to go grocery shopping
at that store and not come home with an assortment of other things that
don't qualify as groceries.  Anyway: you know I like hats myself, and so when the
rug-pup went to nap, I borrowed it... I think it will be particularly useful when Maggy gets
too close to me... I think she'll be scared off by it...  if she is, I say "good".
Also this week, the ZH received a wonderful package from furriends Hannah and Lucy.
Some great storybooks to read to the grandbeans.  I, too, like to read, and I'm getting better
at it all the time.  Once upon a time I could only read picture books. 
Then I moved up to books with some words on the pages. 
Now, as one of the ZH's grand-nieces said, "I can read chapter books!"
How cool is that!
After looking over all the books, I chose first to read "It's A Dog's Life" as I think since
all the other family humans have dogs at their houses, it's important for me to learn more
about them.  Maybe it'll help me learn more about the little rug-pup that comes here, too!
Next I chose to read "The Tiger Who Came To Tea".
However, I freely admit that reading can make me a bit snoozy, so I stopped
for just a little while to nap...
Thank you Hannah, Than you Lucy... and Thank you to their Mom!


  1. We aren't sure who looks the cutest in the hat. We declare it a draw!
    That was a lovely gift for the Grandbeans from Hannah and Lucy.

  2. We LOVE that hat! And congrats on the parcel.

    More purrs for Vic, and the entire fambly.

  3. Great hat and what pawsome books. we love The Tiger Who Came to Tea

  4. Reading always makes the hu-dad sleepy, too! Love the hat.

  5. Beautifl graphics of beautiful kitties and Arjun!!! Love them all!!! Especially love the hat! LOL

  6. Reading makes us sleepy too.

  7. Zoey, it looks like you get along quite well with Arjun. Love you in the hat.

  8. Yep, love that hats and the books are way cool!

  9. Great photos; Arjun is growing up so fast and Zoey is a real beauty=they are both incredibly adorable in the cute hat!...Hannah and Lucy are precious girls and they sent lovely gifts for everyone to enjoy!...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. Oh you both look adorable in that hat - you will have to share it!

    And how sweet that Hannah and Lucy sent the books - we bet you did a great job reading them too, because you have learned a lot about reading - we can tell!

  11. You both look cute in the hat.

  12. I agree with Zoey...Walmart has too much stuff. Everytime you go in for one thing you come back with ten things. LOL...

    Zoey is beautiful!

  13. Ann - came over to comment last night on this blog and my laptop died on me in the middle of my comment - put it on this morning and it's ok!!
    I was just going to say we saw your blog yesterday and loved how you had set it out and of course Zoey made a wonderful finishing touch.
    Sue and Hannah and Lucy

  14. how furry sweet and thoughtful! Reading time is quiet time, remember that!