ZOEY! What on earth is going on here?
I just wanted to remind all our furriends about LIVESTRONG Day, coming up on October 2.
So I went to the salon and got my furs "highlighted" as a reminder that we're all "going yellow"!
Zoey, I think your furs look quite nice, but we have some serious things to say here...
Well, I put all that serious stuff under my picture...
First, it is Thankful Thursday, and we are very thankful so many of our blogging friends
will be taking part in LIVESTRONG Day.
There are so many new kitteh and woofie bloggers out there, we hope all the old-timers
are spreading the word about this event, as we don't have emails for lots of the
new kids on the block.
We also wanted to mention that our event is now officially listed on the LIVESTRONG
website.  We are also developing a special blog ~ where you can post your pictures
and words for the event.  We are also working on setting up a special Mr Linky for the day.
And, a slide show presentation of everyones post is also in the works.
There are a whole lot of bloggers who are helping with all of this, and to each
and every one ~ a big thank you.
We hope you'll check back in with us on Saturday (or Sunday?) when we hope to
have all the details for all of these things, the proper links, emails, etc. etc.  And we'll
also be thanking all the volunteers and helpers for this event.
Right now, though we want to send a special chin scritch to Milo and Alfie, of
The Cat's Meow who originated this wonderful idea... and a hug to their human, Jan.
P.S. if you requested a picture from us, rest assured, all are
"in the works" and soon to be on their way to you!


  1. We will try to get something posted!

  2. Anonymous9/23/2010

    We can hardly wait!

  3. Ann, we can't thank yoo enuff for taking our idea so much to heart and doing so much to promote it. Our aim has always been to raise awareness and help research, and support those with cancer by giving them hope ~ in the hope that lovely folk like Vic may LIVESTRONG and have a long and healthy life.

    Blessings to yoo all.

  4. By the way Ann, we wanted to remind all the kittie and woofies that although LIVESTRONG is for hoomans ~ the research they do will in the long term end up helping animals wiv cancer too. This feels especially ippawtant given dear little Sniffie died of cancer this week. We want ALL hoomans and ALL animals to LIVESTRONG and have the opportunity for a long and healthy life.

  5. I so echo Milo and Alfie's words. We all want that there be cures found and that we all do whatever we can to help raise awareness. The work being done here is fabulous. Love the yellow fur.. Hugs GJ xx

  6. We will be posting for this outstanding cause.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. We will be posting for LIVESTRONG

  8. We would not forget this special day Zoey! I am co-hosting a blog hop today, please hop by and pawticipate, maybe a few more might want to take part in the LIVESTRONG day.

  9. Anonymous9/23/2010

    You girls look like Mellow Yellow! So pretty! And we will contribute something to that site, for our mom.

  10. Looking forward to this day...can't wait to see what everyone post! Thanks for getting this all together.

  11. We don't know what we'll be doing yet, but we'll be living strong on Oct. 2!