While Maggy and Zoey and the Zoolatry Human (Ann) take a little summertime break,
we invite you to visit and enjoy "oldies but goodies".
In the days ahead you may see photos of Maggy.
Some days you'll see our resident comedian, Zoey.
And many days, you'll see our "Friends".
With over 1800 posts to this blog, and thousands
of pictures of us, and of you ~ there are many to choose from!
We hope our friends and visitors, whether old or new,
will enjoy this walk down memory lane.
Even though we won't be posting new pictures for awhile,
we're still ready, willing and able to make pictures for all of you.
Whether it's a new banner, a birthday picture, something for gotcha day,
a special event, or a sidebar tag ~ even a complete blog makeover,
feel free to email us.  And if you'd like a glimpse of just a few from
ZOOLATRY FOR YOU, click on that page above,
or just CLICK HERE.


  1. We love the oldies but goodies, music and Zoolatry creations. We have many that you have done for us, and we so enjoyed seeing them on your Zoolatry for You page along with so many of our furry furiends.

    We are sure the Momster could keep you very busy with work for us. But we also want you to enjoy some time for you too. We hope this break brings you some good times.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. We love seeing old Zoolatry work. You know, if you ever want to be interview about how you do your work for Mousebreath--Ichiro would love to do it (if Karen doesn't snatch the idea away for Skeezix first!)

  3. Enjoy your summer break. We will miss you tho.

  4. Enjoy your summer break dear sweet friends. You remain in our hearts and thoughts.

  5. We love looking at old pictures! We hope you enjoy your summer break! Has fun everybody :-)

  6. We love oldies but goodies. After all, our Mom IS an oldie but goodie!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  7. We always enjoy a walk down Memory Lane!

    Enjoy your break!!

  8. Wowie Zowie! Me is so excited about my NEW header from yous! Me is going to post about it tomorrow!
    You has a good break and come back all Red and Red!

  9. I love the new header... And I looked through the other page. Wonderful.

    pawhugs, Max

  10. We love seeing old Zoolatry work so bring it on! We were away; just back...

  11. We will sure enjoy the Oldies But Goodies while ya are away!