Hi, Zoey here ~ I've never thought my ZH was particularly good with "words".  Most often she speaks for us through "pik-shurs".  Now, don't tell anyone, but did you know, she even had to email a friend not too long ago and ask, "what does MOL mean?"  I mean talk about Embarrassment with a Capital E.  So Maggy 'n me figured if we asked all our friends for their favorite, their special and unusual "cat talk", well, maybe she'd learn something!  Maybe.  And then I had a really good thought.  I'm going to put all the "cat talk" words in a basket and I'll either pick my favorites, or if we can figure out the "vote thingy" we'll let everyone vote for their favorites.  And I'll have the ZH make special "pik-shurs" for the top three vote-getters, or winners! So, tell us yours ... go ahead, you can MOL, cause now we know what it means!
Sometimes, when you plan to have a happy and fun filled day,
sad things happen that you didn't plan for.  Today is that kind of day.
So, so many years ago when we first became cat bloggers, we met the beautiful
and wonderful and loving Miss Peach.  She lived in the cozy cottage with her
mom Karla and her Lap-Daddy.  We have shared many good times
with all of them.  And now we share the sadness of their hearts.
Farewell to Miss Peach, you are forever loved. 


  1. Our Cat Talk post is up.
    We,too, are crying for Miss Peach and her family.

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia


  2. Our words are up... We had fun making a little glossary... Thanks ZH.

    Pawhugs and purrs to Miss Peach's family. Beautiful picture of her.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. What a lovely graphic for Misses Peach.

    Our cat talk post is up and our Mommy doesn't always know what words mean and we has to ask somebody to, so we knows all about embarrassment. Maybe we will learn some new words today.

  4. Don't be too embarassed...our Mom had to look up MOL too. We never realized how many Cat Speak words we knew until we did today's post!!

    We're very sad about Miss Peach. She was one of our very first blogging friends.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  5. Our mom just wasn't creative enough to come up with something, since all the words she uses she learned from the CB anyway. Well, most of them. It'll be interesting to see what the favourites turn out to be!

    We were so saddened to read of Miss Peach's passing, and also of Beignet's diagnosis. Not a good start to the day around the CB today, so it's nice to have something fun--your Cat Talk--to balance out the sadness.

  6. BOL - does ZH know that one? We can't wait to see and learn all the "cat talk" too.

    Soft woos and gentle hugs to Miss Peach's family. So sorry.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. We are cat talking today too!!!

    Poor Miss Peach, she will be missed very much.

  8. Miss Peach was one of Sweet Praline's first "furriends." I'm "purraying" form Mom Karla and Lapdaddy as the grieve of the loss of their special lady.

    The "Bridge" now has two special ladies: Sweet Praline and Miss Peach that can keep each other company.

    There - I tried to use the cat language while responding. Please purr for little Beignet. He has cancer and won't be coming to live with Mom Paula and Truffle. It's so sad.

    Mom Paula

  9. Soft paw - so sorry for your loss of Miss Peach. This is not a good time to use LOL, but that's a twitter word for laughing out loud. Please, I' don't mean to be disrespectful to miss Peach, but it was the only word I could think of on the spur of the moment. LOL.

  10. We are having fun reading peoples cat words! We dont have any.. YET! LOL

    And we were so saddened today when we heard Miss Peach went to the bridge, but Im sure she is happy and healthy again there!

  11. We agree - sometimes it is hard to have fun when sad things happen. We didn't know Miss Peach, but we sent her family some purrs.

    We did post our words though.....

  12. So sad to hear beautiful Miss Peach has gone to the Bridge. Will visit her family and leave condolances.

  13. I posted my words too. So very sad about Miss Peach.

  14. Drop by and see our word for Cat Talk.

  15. Are you going to make a list og all the cat words. Our Mom needs help with words, too!

    WE will miss Miss Peach, too!

  16. Oh! Oh no! Bless sweet Miss Peach and her family. Thank you so much for letting us know. sigh.

  17. Hi you guys! Our Cat Talk Time contribution is here:


    We hope you enjoy it. We had fun fixing it up. As soon as we get our eyes dried to where we can see a little better, we will post our pretty for Misses Peach. Thank you for the beautiful memory picture you made, we are going to use a copy of it.


  18. We were wracking our pea brains to join the fun today, but then Miss Peach died and we made her a graphic and posted a tribute to Miss Peach.

  19. Thank you for Cat Talk Time it was very fun to do!

    We are so sad for Miss Peach and her Family, too!! She was one of a kind and one of our first furiends when we started Blogging, too!

    ((((((((HUGGGGSSSSSSSS)))))))) from your TX furiends,

  20. We have our post up (but you have been there). We love your graphic tribute to Miss Peach. She was a very special cat.

  21. It is indeed a sad day and Miss Peach will be sadly missed. Mum did my word post at last although I had to chitchat a lot to get her to finish it.. Hugs to all GJ xx

  22. Just wanted to say what a wonderful rememberance of Miss Peach you have and that we are sorry mommy isn't joining in the fun of the cat conversations that happen here.
    Here's to happy memories and good friends to share them with.
    Taz, Runt, and Charles in Illinois

  23. With Miss Peach leaving us, we debated whether to post our Cat Talk post...but we thought everybuddy could use a smile today so we went ahead with it. Our favorite word (or words) are stinky goodness!!

    We will miss Miss Peach very much. A gentler ladycat there will never be.

  24. So sad that Misses Peach has left us. She is such a dear sweet friend. She will be missed by many. My heart is heavy and the tears run down the mom's face.

  25. It was a purrfect day fur a distraction! Great post. xoxo

    Pee Ess - purrs fur Poppy Vic.

  26. Mom was a total goof off for cat talk day! It was a great idea.

    So sad about Miss Peach.

  27. It is so furry sads about Miss Peach but it is not good-bye - it is 'see you again'.