MAGGY: I'm happy to go on a little break.  You know I don't like my
pikshur taken anyways.  And I've enough vanity that I often do not
like the pictures she does show of me.  So, break time is fine by me!

ZOEY:  But why?  C'mon, ZH... you know I'm a show-off and
I love my blog.  I don't want to be gone.  I'm going to whine,
and meow, and squeak until we come back again.
That'll teach you! And besides, I want that polka-dot suitcase!

THE ZOOLATRY HUMAN: Stop being fussybutts, you two.
We've got some other kitties bloggie work to do,
and we want to work on Cat Talk Time stuff,
and just so everyone knows ... in September
there's some FUN EVENTS coming up for The Cat Blogosphere
and we need to get some things ready for those ...
so ... see you in September!
Oh, and Zoey... you know the polka dot suitcase belongs to
Maggy, so stop with the sibling stuff.


  1. Gasp - you are going to be gone for ahwile? We're oging to miss you. Will look forward to fun stuff tho in September. Don't be gone too long!!

  2. Now girls, break time could be fun - some time without the puparazzi following you everywhere. Enjoy your time away and tell Mom to take it easy too - paws crossed for all to be well.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Oh girls we will miss you while your on break! We think that polka dot suitcase is adorable but it is awfully small for all your toys!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  4. I'm going to truly miss you while you are gone, but I know you are going to do some great things.

    I'll send you an email about some needed revisions for my blog since Beignet is at the bridge now.

    Mom Paula

  5. We'll miss you girls but enjoy your break - Zoey you'll do better with your suitcase as it has wheels Maggy has got to carry hers unless Arjun does it for her!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Enjoy the break and hope all goes well.. Love and hugs GJ xxx

  7. Have a productive break!

    Continued purrs and purrayers to Vic and to you!

  8. You two have suitcases for your toys?! Lucky you!!!!

  9. Girls, it really is not that long till September! Enjoy your break, even if you are working!

  10. Have a wonderful break!! We will miss you all!!
    (((((((hugggggsssss AND purrrrssss)))) from your TX furiends,

  11. We'll miss you, pretty ladeez. Hope mom gets alot of stuff done and we understand. Purrs to Poppy Vick. xoxo

  12. You guys are so cute! We love how sisters are always sisters, no matter furred or not. We just always have fun when we come visit you. We been watching hurricane Irene and it looks like maybe it went north of you guys. Still, please stay safe, okay?

    We'll see you later! Have a happy, you guys.
    (((hugs))) love and butteryfly kitty kisses to every one.

  13. Red accessories are purrfect! Thank you for visiting the Shelter.

  14. Victor and Ann, you are in my prayers.



  15. Hey, we'll miss you! Don't be gone too long, ok?

  16. Vacation plans are allus SO HARD ta arrange. We feel for all of you...

  17. Vacation...what is a vacation? =^Y^=
    Thanks for your concern and purrz for us and all in the path of IRENE. We live 500 feet above sea level so the wind was our concern. Luckily the storm was not as bad as expected. We have a back up generator but just had an electrician out to put a special plug in to be able to just switch it on and the main off. Days before the storm we filled up 4-5 gal containers with gas then went shopping for batteries, water, bread and lunch meats plus fruit. Stocked up the furkid food and litter....we were ready! Flooding has been the worst thing IRENE brought with her and we purr for those affected.........

  18. We totally understand, but we'll miss you while you're on vacation!

    Peace and hugs to you.