Hey, Mags, whatcha doing?
Well, my friends who stopped by on Maggy Monday saw me 
pondering my porch decorating.  I decided to hang some fir-ry greens and
oneryments on the windows.  Zoey, you leave them alone and don't chew
on my tissue paper, I need it for re-wrapping!
Now what?
Well, you did the inside litter box, I'm doing the outside one!
Yeah, but those fir-ry greens tickle my butt when I go in and out ...
That's better than getting electro-catted by all your lights!  And I
see that tissue paper on your perch, it's all chewed up and wet isn't it?
 Sigh, I wonder if I'll ever finish my decorating.  The toofy one
just won't leave me alone!  Look at her, trying to look all innocent.
I see that orneryment she's stolen ...
Well, there's always another day ... like Scarlett O'Hara,
I'll think about it tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous12/07/2011

    You beautiful girls are doing some mighty fine decorating and we bet you get it all done just like you want it. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Loving seeing you decorate! xx

  3. When you are done there, Maggy and Zoey, can you come here and decorate for us?

    Mom says there will be little if any decorating here with her gimpy arm.

    Lovely job you aredoing there.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Haha cute.Love the last image of the tail LOL.

  5. We think you're making a fine start on your decorating!

  6. You girls are furry artistic with your decorating - we are sure when you've finished everywhere will look furry pretty.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. We luf what you've done wif your litter box! Ours pales in comparison! Haf fun, pretty ones!

    We is purring daily fur Poppy Vic.

  8. You girls are sure doing a good job of decorating. We sure like the way you arranged things, like all over the floor. Well done. Have yourselves one heck of a day.

  9. WOW - good job girls. You have done a bootiful job of decorating. Do you hire out?

  10. You are the best feline decorators in the whole world!

  11. Anonymous12/07/2011

    I chew on plastic, not tissue, so the ZH must have had that as a snack. Or them ferrel furrballs from outside sneaked in. Maggy blames me for everthingy.

  12. You girls are very good decorators!

  13. We think you should just strew the decorations all over the house, in sort of a free-form way. That way, anyone can play with any of them whenever they want. Everyone will know the party is happening!

  14. Holy Gumdrops! This place looks FABULOUS!!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  15. Don't worry, Miss Maggy. We bet all that decorating will get done. In the meantime, we wanted to offer you some encouragement, because you're sure doing a wonderful job with it so far. :)

  16. Man--you have some good ideas and other people come by and trample them...

  17. I think you both are doing a wonderful job decorating!

    Truffle and Brulee

  18. Oh you two are doing a eggsalant job of decorating! We loves your literbox idea, we not thinks of that!
    Have fun.
    Fanks you so much fur my purrty banner.
    Love, TK

  19. You are doing a very good job of decorating Maggy. We are sure Zoey is just trying to give helpful hints.

  20. Thats a good start on the decoratin, girls! An ya can always get new tissue paper...