January 22, 2012


[a conversation between two cats, Maggy (red) and Zoey (green)]

Zoey, today is a special day, even Poppy Vic
doesn't know how special it is! 
Why, Magster ~ what's so special about today?
And what the meoow does that mean ... NOM, NOM ~ BBRRRRRS?

Well, you see, my silly little ZoZo, the "nom nom" which you might think
is about about treats, is not ... and the "bbrrrrrs" is not because my
furs got all shaved off and I'm cold ...
So, if it's not about that, what is it ...

Stop interrupting and you'll find out!  You see, after this, I am going to
"take it easy on this easy Sunday", because I realized that today is our
2000th POST!
Wow, I guess we all need to take it easy after all that hard work,
in fact, just thinking about it makes me want to nap!
How much is 2000 anyway?  I can't count that high!

Well, we can take a nap after I share all my NomBbrrs from the past
weeks stat report ~ I mean NUMBERS!

1. We've had 151,874 total visits to Zoolatry.
Gosh, I didn't know there were that many kitties 'n woofies out there!

2. Our average per day is 127.
We need to work on that, more, more, more please!

3. Visitors here stay for an average of 2:11 minutes.
That's not long enough to give me a treat or a chin scritch!

4. In the past week, 886 visitors have popped in and out.
Should-a been at least 1000 as popular as I am, don't ya think?

5. More visitors (143) looked at our post picture for Silly Saturday,
Butt in a Basket than any other day during that week.
Yeah! Yay! T'was me, yeah me!

6. The fewest visitors (104) came by to see a Tuesday Toe and
a Tuesday Tail with Maggy. 
Well, of course!  I am far more popular than Maggy, right?
I have more interesting toes, a floofier tail, and then there's my toof! 

And so as not to bore everyfurry with tons more NomBbrrs
and statistics,  just one more here:
7.  We have 297 followers.
Yeah, yeah.  Truth be told, Maggy, me, myself and I, the
renowned and beloved Zoey, have 296 followers and you
have just 1Bhu follows you, Mags!

Girls, girls, statistics are boring, and they can mean whatever
you want them to mean, good, bad or in-between.
There's really only 1 number that is important here.

What?  What?

We've made a whole lot of friends during this time.
Only 1 really counts, and that's YOU ,  you who just
took the time to read this post!
You're Number 1.
Thank You 1 and ALL
So. girls ... be polite, say thank you ...

Hey, Mom ... (yes, Zoey, what is it now?) ... how come we don't have
a picture here to celebrate, like a really super-dooper picture of me?
Well, little one, if you want to see a picture of yourself, scroll
through the archives over there, you'll find about 1,999 of them.


  1. Holy Crow, 2000 posts! You three seriously rock! I'z giving you the day off, you deserve it...have an Easy Sunday!

  2. Congratulations!!! Hope you will continue to have many more visits!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  3. FIRST!!!

    What a fun post! And congrads on your 2000 post! We hope that you will be here for a long long time to come! We visit you beautiful cats effury day and we love being your friend!Take care Purrrs Lars and Odin

  4. 2000 posts? OMC, that's amazing! CONCATULATIONS!!!

    This calls for a big celebration!

    BTW, we don't think the stats take into account anyone who reads you in Google Reader but doesn't actually visit the blog to leave a comment, so you would have had even more readers that reported by Blogger. :-)

  5. Wow that is a whole bunch of posts. Good for you. We love to come to your blog. It sounds like you girls do need a rest today that is for sure and get ready for the next 2000 posts. Take care.

  6. Congrats gang, that's sure a lot of paw tapping!

  7. OMC.... 2000.... Happy and Congrats and everything else rolled into one. That's a wonderful thing and here's to 2000 more.

    pawhugs, Max, Bugsy, Knuckles and HH

  8. Well all those visitors are just so deserved because who would not want to come visit the fabulous Zoolatry. I for one am so glad that I do.. Congratulations on all those posts and here are to the next 2000. Huge hugs GJ and Carol and Barrie xxxx

  9. Wow! 2000 posts! That's fantastic! We try to make sure we visit your post every day, even if we can only visit a few.

    Truffle and Brulee

  10. Congrts on post 2000. That is a lot of work.

  11. wow - that is amazing!!!! Purrs and cheers to many many more....

  12. Congratulations on 2000 posts, that is truly incredible!!...You beautiful girls always put smiles on our faces and your wonderful Mommy is so talented and kind to all of us challenged bloggers that need her help with important photos=we are just very grateful to have become your friends...We look forward to many, many more thousands of fun and lovely posts from you special ladies...hugs and love, precious friends...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki, MC, DC

  13. ConCatulations on 2,000 posts! That's a lot of posts and a whole lot of wonderful pictures!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  14. Thank goodness you girls are good at counting - we would never get to 20 let alone 2000. Concatulations girls on your clever ideas and also to your Mum (the typist).
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  15. Wowzers!!! 2,000!!! Really? That is the biggest number ever. We don't think we have ever seen anyone celebrate more than 1,000.

    You know the best part is that every single one of those posts is purrsome and pawsome too. Congratulations. Now DO go have an easy Sunday.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  16. Oh, my goodness!!! 2000 posts! Congratulations! We have not been blogging and reading your wonderful blog for a long time but we sure are happy we found it and we love coming by to read all your posts. You Zoolatry girls are amazing!!! Hugs and nose kisses

  17. Oh, my! We're only approaching 1000. You must be very very tired after all that typing and picture taking!
    Thanks for being here.
    All of you!

  18. WOWIE!!! 2000 Posts!! That is wonderful!! Lots of purrrs and cheers for 2000 More!!
    Your TX furiends,

  19. Wowie Kazowie!!! 2000 posts!!!! We can't count that high either!

    We love you and have visited everyday even when mom can't help us comment. You are very special to us.


    xoxo Cory and family

  20. Holy cow that is a lot of posts! Concatulations! We think you're number one too. Keep em coming.

  21. WOW. 2000 posts??? Concatulations, sweet friends. Here's hoping for 2000 more, and many more. We love you all!

  22. Congratulations! 2000 posts is amazing!

  23. Congratulations, I haven't even achieved a tenth of that. Hope there will be many more to come.

  24. Concatulations on your 2000 posts! Woo Hoo!

  25. swoon!! I LOVE a feline who knows her numbers! xxoo Bhu

    Maggy, it's not only Bhu who follows you; it's ME TOO! Congratulations to our fafurrite femmes! xxoo Patty

  26. Concats on the big 2000! That is a lot of posts. We reach 1500 tomorrow.

  27. WOW - congratulations. 2000 posts - M says she's not sure she'll make it that far. We're just sorry we didn't discover your blog a long time ago.

  28. Congrats on your 2000th post, That is amazing. I'm lucky I can get one out every so often. Congrats!!!!

  29. Congratulations on your 2000 beautiful posts! (we tend to read it on our 'dashboard'-so don't always actually 'go to' your blog) You've made the blogosphere (sp?) a more beautiful place!

  30. Wow!! 2000 posts...that's AMAZING!! Congratulations & we look forward to the next 2000!!

  31. Congrats on 2,000 posts!!! It takes a lot of werk to stay posting fer SO long. We are getting close ta that, but it will still take some Big Moons.

    An we feel safe in sayin that we have loved all of yer posts an will in the future...