January 01, 2012


How to kick-off the New Year?  Well, we did design a post (rather, Zoey did) ~ but we'll hold off on it until tomorrow. Because the thought came to us that the best way to start the New Year was with a "thank you" to the one who makes all our blogging fun possible!  There's no doubt that most of you know ML Sherwood and The Sherwood Bunch.  But today, officially declared SHERWOOD SUNDAY we want to salute her, to say thanks for all she's done in the past year ~ and all we know she'll be doing for us in the New Year ahead.

1. First, ML is the hu-MOM to six super cats ~ Smokey, Sol and BJ, and Missy Blue Eyes, Faith Boomerang and KC.  And it is KC who works hard to keep the Cat Blogosphere going, each and every day.  But ML has also fostered many kitties, found homes for many others in need of adoption, taken in to her home and heart the stray, the feral, the lost one.  And of course, she had Bear for many years, her beloved woofie.

2. ML is our "first line of defense" when hard times strike.  She'll be there to let us know about a furriend in need of purrs and prayers, so we can share support.  She'll be there to let us know when a furriend has sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge, so we can send sympathy and love.  And she never forgets to do all she can on behalf of the "humans", too!

3. ML tells us about contests and special events, and giveaways and commentathons, she generously gives "green papers" to those in need ~ she sets up auctions so we can all chip in.

4.  ML keeps the Cat Blogosphere up-and-running each day of the year!  Hardly an easy task.  And I suspect she is up in the wee hours of the night to set-up for the coming day, and keep it current no matter what time zone one lives in.  Keeping track of gotcha days and birthdays and well, just about everything!

5.  Is there any one of us who has not been helped by ML in some way?  I doubt it.  She has a heart as big as Texas.  She has arms of love that go 'round the world.

So, today, on this first day of the New Year, please stop by with your thanks to her!  (our own comments are turned off today, as we would much prefer you CLICK HERE and leave a comment for ML) ... Thank You!

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