Welcome to Maggy Monday ~ today, a tour of  "my Zoolatry office".
There's the door: I used to have a "no dogs allowed" sign, but the ZH
made me take that down!  There's the screaming monkey with a Happy Birthday
hat on: go figure!!!  There's the little angel that hangs from the lamp: it was
a gift from Ginger Jasper, I treasure my angel.  There's that really great
drawing of the ZH and us girls: it was a gift from Crazy Cat Lady Carm, art by
Susan Faye and it is awesome (but the ZH keeps photoshopping it cause now
her hair is long and her glasses are gone!).  There's our wooden manatee: to that I say,
why not a wooden cat?  And last, there's a really cool clothespin-clip: a gift from
Calle, Halle and Sukki ~ where I leave all my impawtent notes for the ZH.
 My work days can be very busy.  Surely you know that I am the creative and imaginative
 mind behind Zoolatry.  Yes, you'll likely see more photos of Zoey,
but it's "me who makes it all work".
First, I field phone calls.  This can upset the ZH because sometimes I furget
to hang up the phone (hard to do with paws) and so the line goes out!
Second, I make sure all office equipment is in good working order.
Third, I file away old and unnecessary items in the closet file boxes.
Fourth, I keep a watchful eye on our yard kitties, so the ZH and Poppy Vic
won't forget when it is feeding time.
You may remember that for a long, long time I had to share my office space
with an assistant.  Like almost 2-years he was here, and all his "equipment" (like
crib and changing table and toys and more toys) took up a lot of space!  He made
a lot of noise, but frankly I never saw him do much work.  The ZH still misses
him each and every day since he resigned his position with us
to move "up north", and truth is, me 'n' Zoey
miss him too!  But since he moved, I've rearranged my furniture and now when
I take a little break, I can see myself in the mirrors (kind of cool, mmm).
This morning when I was setting up this office tour, I took a minute to visit a
new blog, OUR RAINBOW FRIENDS.  It's first postings will appear fairly
soon, and we encourage all our friends to visit this site.  It will be a
permanent place to remember all the furry ones who have crossed the
Rainbow Bridge.  Please click here, and save the link.
Ooops, it looks like the ZH snuck into my draft post while I was on my
morning "nip" break.  Oh well, I guess it's alright.  Here's a picture of our
assistant, the one who used to share the Zoolatry office space.  I must admit
his office equipment was far more colorful, and much more fun, than mine is.
Zoey especially enjoying nosing around in his stuff!  By the way, in case
anyone on unemployment may be thinking of applying for his position,
we are not hiring.  He is 100% irreplaceable!


  1. We just wanted to tell you that this week (as always) we are sending huge rumbly purrs for Vic's new treatment to help him get well again. And extra purrs for mom Ann to give her strength to cope ~ and to all of you, 'cos we love you. xxxxxx

  2. Maggy... thanks for the wonderful tour. It's so nice to be able to picture you hard at work in your office environment. Have a super Monday Maggy.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. Thank you for that tour of your office and yes your mum and indeed you all will be missing that sweet boy who we had the pleasure to meet.Your mum has the right word irreplaceable for sure. I think you are doing a sterling job and your mum will so appreciate all the help. You all take care and we all here send you all there much love and hugs... GJ xxx

  4. We enjoyed taking your office tour
    Maggy - it was so kind of you to take the time out of your busy schedule. Now go and have another nip break cos you deserve it.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Thank you for the fabulous tour of where all the magic happens! We are sending all of our most healing and comforting purrs to Vic. We believe in the power of the purr.

  6. Thank you so much for the tour! We are very impressed and wish we had such a beautiful office. Lots of purrs and (((HUGS))) for Poppy Vic this week!

  7. great office tour.....

    Please let Poppy Vic know we are sending all of you love, purrs and kitty kisses!!!

  8. Thank you for the wonderful tour, Maggy. It's always nice to get the REAL scoop about what goes on behind-the-scenes! :)

    We are sending big purrs and prayers this week for Poppy Vic, and all of you.

  9. Wow! What a clean office! Me wishes Mommy would clean ours up! She has been promising us a new desk, but the pieces to build it is stacked against one wall and Mission control is on the kitchen table and the coffee table
    Kisses and special purrayers for Poppy Vic

  10. That was a great tour! Thank you! We are purring for Poppy Vic. We know how mush you all miss your little assistant!

  11. Thanks for the office tour! I'm sending healing purrz to Poppy Vic.

  12. Maggy I am amazed at how hard you work! That is an excellent tour.

  13. Sending our best healing purrrrrsss & purrrrayers to Poppy Vic and the Human.

  14. That is quite the nice office and thanks for the tour! Purrs to Poppy Vic from all of us.

  15. Hi ladies!

    We're not sure where to put this but we DID want to tell you we were purring for Poppy Vic over here in NC!

    Much love,
    Selina & MomKatt Laura

  16. Maggy, we know you work really hard. We really MOL when we saw the picture of Zoey in the file box of "unnecessary items."

    We're purring really hard for Poppy Vic.

    Truffle and Brulee

  17. No wonder your blog is always so good - you have a great office in which to write it, great staff, and lots of technical help. Love your newly created Rainbow Bridge blog. I've joined it so can stay current with what is happening.

  18. Maggy
    We are sending rumbly purrs to Poppy Vic and we hope his treatment works out really well for everyone.
    Love your new office and how you've rearranged everything.

  19. OMC - I didn't realize when I visited her a short time ago that your Daddy has lots of health problems. I'm going to purr my heart out for him, and M will put him in her prayers. HUGS for your mom too with all she has on her mind.

  20. Awww, we miss the little guy too. Hope he can come visit soon.

    We all have our paws crossed and Mom has been saying her prayers for Poppy Vic's treatment and hospital stay to go well - he needs something good to happen now.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning and Mom

  21. Maggie
    I had no idea you had so much wowk to do. Awe you suwe that youw assistant can't come back to help you? He cewtainly looks like a dawling and must be twooly iwweplacabull. we awe pwaying vewy hawd for Poppy vick and nevew fowget to send ouw most pawsitive thoughts to you
    keep up the good wowk
    smoochie kisses

  22. Anonymous2/06/2012

    Sweet Maggy we enjoyed the tour around your office. You are a busy girl for sure. We miss getting to see pictures of your assistant. Thank you for posting his pictures. We are still praying for Poppy Vic and for all of you. Hugs and nose kisses

  23. Thank you for the office tour, we found it very interesting, We are purring for Poppy Vic.

  24. Pawsome office tour! We are purring for Poppy Vic, and hope he gets well again very soon.

  25. So that's where all the magic happens, Maggy! Thanks for the tour!

    (pee ess. we're purring for Poppy Vic)

  26. Thanks for the office tour. I particularly enjoyed seeing your former assistant with all his "technical equipment"!

    We are woofing for Poppy Vic this week.

  27. That was a fun office tour and your assistant is adorable!

    We stopped by, from Brian's, to let you know we will be sending purrs and Wirey hugs to Poppy Vic.

    Chloe, Cecil and Winstom

  28. Maggy, I can be ur new assistant! xxoo Bhu

  29. Maggy thanks for the tour. We can see why your assistant is irreplaceable he is very cute.