We tried to paw around ~ to visit each and every one ~
and we didn't stop our comments, until the day was done.
We went to each and every bloggie, now ZH says, "my head's so soggy"!
We want to say THANKS, you sure warmed our heart,
all you Silly-Seuss friends ~ with big smiles you took part!
On this special day, in your own whimsical way ~
your rhymes were all super (not one pooper-scooper!) ~
your photos great fun ~ we sure do hope we didn't miss one!
Our world is truly a much better place,
when we all join together, sharing this way.
And that's simply that, there's no more to say...
 except ...
For now, please excuse us ~ as we retire this hat ~
stretch out on the sofa for a little short nap!

There's a whole list of LINKS below our post from yesterday (just scroll down), if you
missed visiting ~ we encourage you to click on a few, click on all! 
It was really overwhelming to read all the witty and wonderful rhymes, and
see all the fabulous photos ~ the pet blog world sure gave Seuss a run for his money
when it came to being creative!
And please, please, continue to keep our friends and family throughout
the midwest and the south in your prayers.
The tornadoes yesterday were devastating.
Today's Photo Hunt word is DROP:
Please click here for our Photo Hunt.


  1. Another great Seuss poem from you! We didn't participate due to Mom lameness, but it sure was fun seeing poems and pictures other posted.

    Very worrisome storms in the South and Midwest.

  2. Thank YOU again, Ann, for giving us the graphics to post! It was fun to visit and see everyone's poems--everyone's FAR more creative than our human ever could be. :-)

  3. I didn't get on the computer yesterday because of the Lady Of The House's BORING old work.... so I am going to catch up today.

    Sounds like there was a lot of Seussical fun going on....

    Love and licks, Winnie

  4. That was a really fun day and thanks Ann for all your hard work on it. I bet you are exhausted. Take care.

  5. We enjoyed yesterday Ann but Mum still can't say other that she had never heard of Dr Seuss and (which made her feel better) neither had Eric and Flynn's Mum!!

  6. We had so much fun! Thank you for organizing such an awesome Dr. Seuss Day Challenge. :)

    Now go enjoy your well-deserved nap. :)


    P.S.- we are purring and praying for all of our friends in the path of the horrible storms...

  7. We had so much fun Seussing, thanks!!!

  8. It was fun. Thanks for asking us to participate. By the way - you are an excellent poet.

  9. We enjoyed Dr. Seuss Day and were happy we were able to come up with a poem a little late. Maybe our mom can get more creative for the future with designing graphics.

    Truffle and Brulee

  10. We had so much fun! Thanks fur hostin and visitin, you're poems were pawsome. We are gonna look at more today. Purrs fur Poppy Vic, purrs fur storm victims.

  11. We enjoyed Dr Seuss day ~ thank you. xx

  12. Although we didn't participate (Mommy says she's awful with poems), we had a wonderful time visiting our furriends who did.

  13. Thank you for having us on your Dr. Seuss blog! We love the picture and poem!

  14. We had fun. Lots of talent among the furries.

  15. Thank you for visiting our blog this time.
    We enjoyed reading your little rhyme
    It looks like you worked hard to see all participating blogs
    And you will soon be sleeping like logs.

  16. Thank YOU for all your hard Seussian work! it was great fun reading everyones posts and seeing how much you did everywhere! Especially thank you for our picture which we just love love love!

  17. We had so much fun visiting all the blogs and reading the great poems. We only wish we had done our own little poem too:(

    Thanks for a very fun day around Blogville.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  18. We have you to thank, Ann, for this wonderful celebration with Dr. Seuss. Sure did take away a lot of stress for the day.

    And yes, we continue to pray for all of those in the path of these deadly storms. Looks like they aren't finished yet.

    Have a nice Sunday!

  19. Everyone did a great job.

  20. Thanks for all your hard work! It was sooo much fun to see all the seussy stuff and nonsense and me must say, yous has Seussing a line down pat!

  21. We are most especially grateful
    That of Seussian honors we saw a whole plateful.

    Of cats in their hats,
    Of Things, this and that.

    And that someone thought of it, remarkaful!

  22. Another excellent event, thank you ladies for always coming up with such creative events!