April 16, 2007
The Cozy Cottage opened its doors, and this is what we read:
"My name is Miss Peach aka Covergirl.  I am a 15 year old redheaded Devonshire Rex.
I live with my mom and dad in Washington."
Just a few brief words, but the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Within a few days we began to enjoy photographs of Miss Peach. 
All her beauty, her warmth and elegance ...
yes, the covergirl, always posing perfectly.
With curly furs and eyes that melted your heart. 
A year ago she left us all ... but we've not forgotten her.
 Now, we could not have you thinking that Miss Peach was "all" or "only"
elegant and graceful,
she was also all girl, all kitty cat ~ mischievous, whimsical and
well, just plain adorable!
Comments are off today.
We would be pleased if you took a moment to stop by Miss Peachs Cottage
and leave warm words for Mom Karla and the Lap Daddy.