There's been some caterwauling in the USA media about NBC's coverage of
London 2012.  You know ~ that time change thing and all ~ and not showing all
the events LIVE! in primetime.  Well, today, we're pleased about the "tape delayed"
coverage as we can show you our participation in the Monday and Tuesday events,
and of course those airing today ...

On Monday, you may have seen Zoey in the Competitive Napping event being
hosted by Huffle Mawson.
Tuesday, Zoey vaulted over to the Gymnastics competition at
Madi and the Moms venue.
Today ~ Zoey is giving her all for Tongue Curling 
while Maggy does her ladylike and delicate
Raspberry, both held in Mona and the Weenies amphitheatre.


  1. We think the coverage of the Pet O-Lympics far surpasses NBC's coverage of the human Olympics!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  2. Zoey please pace yourself - don't burn out too early. Maggie your raspberry was so quiet we almost missed it - you are such a lady.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Now SEE... THIS is exactly what I have always said... PEEPS have a LOT to learn from US. Our Events are all covered in the CORRECT WAY at the Correct TIME in the most PURRRRfect manner.
    I am sure that NBC is gonna be "TRYING" to do things the Blogville and CatBlogsophere WAY... NEXT Time...
    BUTT of COURSE they will fall WAY Short of expectations.

  4. Yep – we Beaglebratz thought we saw u tue kittiez there – the Diva Shasta competed in the Tongue Curlin’event an’Shiloh wuz in the Raspberry – furry much stiff competishun - you 2 wuz lookin’mitey fine,
    Shiloh'n Shasta

  5. We agree that the coverage of the pet-o-lympics far exceeds that of the humans. Love your entries.

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing all the contests!

  7. Those are great entries in all events!

  8. Wow, we're glad we got to see this!

  9. Great pics! Purrs to Poppy Vic from all of us.

  10. Maggy definitely deserves GOLD! xxoo Bhu

  11. We love the Pet Olympics best :-) Nice tongue curl!

  12. We love these pictures! :)

    Big purrs and prayers for Poppy Vic, and for all of you, too!