This is Joe.
Joe lives HERE (click on here.)
The ZH thinks Joe is so very cute, she says "Joe always makes me smile!"
Hey, hey, HEY!
My name is Joe, and I'm here to bray!
I love cats, that's Mahoney, by the way,
and we're both here to say ...
don't furget Sunday is "MO CATS DAY"!
Now, let's find Mzz Marg
and get me some HAY!
A note from Maggy and Zoey: we won't be posting for Mo Cats Day, cause the ZH has been sick and was then in hospital and never finished our pictures.  We will be posting in the next day or two, some information and some graphics that one and all can use
if wanting to take part in 2012 LiveSTRONG Day on October 2. 
We'll also send all the graphics out by email, so if you are
not on our mailing list, drop us a note this weekend (zoolatry at gmail dot com)
so we can include you.  Thanks!
And thank you Joe, for my smile today ~ even though it is a crooked one!


  1. Hope everybody is feeling better!! Have a great weekend! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  2. Still sending you all purrs and purrayers every day, Ann. Hoping Vic is doing at least a bit better now.

  3. We are planning our MO CATS DAY fer Sunday.

  4. dearest Ann...no day goes by that I do not have hundreds of things on my busy mind...please know that many of those things are my concern and prayers for you and Vic. You pop in and out of my mind as the day wears on...even now as I get ready to go to bed...I think of you both and wish I lived closer. Funny thing is...my grandson Cole just visited his grandmother named Ann who lives in Cocoa. So you are always in our thoughts...
    Love the cozy cottagers

  5. We hope the ZH is feeling better very soon. Our comforting and healing purrs are turned on into overdrive.

  6. Joe is looking good in his cute barn. He has his very own house now. Ann, we are sending many many purrs and Joe sends some gigantic Hee Haws and a big smile for ya to help you feel better. Please take care.

  7. GREAT idea with a Mo-Cat-Day instead of No-Cat Day !
    Sending (((purrs))) and hope you will have a good weekend

  8. I'm purring for ZH to feel much better soon. Joe IS a sweetie pie to see and he makes my mom smile. too.

  9. Oh no, we did not know about ZH being sick. So very, very sorry to hear that. Hope she is better soon.

    Hugs and Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning and especially Mom

  10. Lots of purrrs and prayers and healing for you Ann and Poppy Vic!!
    ((((HUGGGSSS)))))) from your TX furiends,

  11. Ann we hope you will get the care you need. We are purraying for you both and thinking of you with love. Wishing we could teleport over.
    Luv Hannah, Lucy and Sue xx xx xx

  12. We are sending lots of extra purrs for the ZH! We know she is running low on energy and we wish we could give her some of your!

  13. We love Joe!!

    We're all ready for Mo Cats Day!!

    We hope the ZH human is feeling better.

    The Florida Furkids

  14. Sending continued purrs and prayers. We're taking it day by day with Merlin who will turn 18 on Oct.2.
    Love Joe in his cute barn!!!

  15. This is wonderful. We are so very sorry ZH had to be in hospital and will purr for a speedy recovery.

  16. Hope the ZH gets better soon! And we are totallly pro more cats!
    Lots of love
    Indigo the Great Dane

  17. Oh no! We hope you feel better soon!!! hugs!

  18. We are purring for you all, and the mom is saying her best prayers. How fun to see friends Joe & Mahoney!

  19. We's so sad to hear that bof Ann and Vic are sickly.
    We's sending purrs and purrayers to each of them.
    And we loved seeing Joe here.
    Him's probably crossing him's hoofs fur you... that's some heavy medicine, too.

  20. Sending many many hugs and purrs. Joe is so cute and adorable :)