Dear Judi ~

You and my Poppy Vic met long ago, long before SASS arrived in the blog world.  You were friends, sharing jokes and humor and cute cat photos.  It was, of course, a virtual friendship, but a good one.

Now, perhaps, you both have had the pleasure of meeting in heaven, sharing old times, and a warm hug.

All throughout your illness, Vic would ask me nearly every day if I knew anything new ... "how is Judi doing?" ... he'd ask ... "any emails?"  I think, more than many others, he shared your pain and your sorrow, physically and emotionally.  He, more than many others, knew what you were facing each day, and what lay ahead.  He cared so very much for you.

I miss him each and every day.  As your family is already missing you.  As the world of pet blogging, a world that welcomed your friendship, and your talents ~ are also missing you.  Be at peace, Judi.

Ann, Maggy and Zoey ~ and Poppy Vic

My apologies; comments are now turned off, as I meant to do when posting.  Thank you to those who have commented; these are now hidden.  I believe any thoughts today are best shared with Judi's family.