Poppy really loved his grands.  Our first was a beautiful granddaughter (top photo) who
just entered her teen years.  Our second was a grandson (second photo) who is
a super, smart and witty young man, almost age 7.  Our newest is a grandson,
(third photo) amazing and adorable and about to be age 3. 
Poppy got his "name" from our granddaughter
who couldn't say "grandpa" ... and called him "Poppy"
and it's been that way ever since.

We often talked together and dreamed of the years ahead as we would watch them grow.
Graduations, college years, careers and maybe marriage, and then, perhaps
great grandchildren.  It breaks my heart that he will not be part of those
special times, he left us too soon. 
But with my eyes I will watch and treasure those moments, and I will
store them in my heart and soul ~ and the day will come that I will share all
these moments with him.

Poppy ~ I am loving you, and missing you more every day.
~ ~ ~