We take a moment today for Christmas Past, Christmas Memories.

Chesapeake Red ~ also known as Chessie.  A family member for over
17-years, she grew up with our young children and came to know our grandchildren.

Brandy ~ early days with our family, gentle with our toddling toddlers, though in the
midst of a move from Virginia to Michigan, sweet Brandy disappeared. We've
always hoped and prayed his wanderings took him to a new home.

Do you know your  A, B, C's?  Our first and so much loved feral
family ~ Annie, Bravo, Charlie and Delta Dawn.  We were able to trap and
spay/neuter all, and return them to the woods surrounding our home. 
Though during that process, it came to be known that
Charlie was Charlotte and Delta Dawn was Delta Don!
They stayed in our care until a hurricane in 2008 displaced them and
we sadly did not see them again.

There are a few more who have come and gone over time, within
the home and the "outside" friends. 
All have been treasured.


  1. We love to see the "Ones who came before".
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. It's always nice to remember the furries that have come before.

    The Florida Furkids

  3. We never forget the ones we love ~ no matter how much times passes. It was 4 years since mom's grand-dad died yesterday ~ and she remembered and smiled as he had a good long life. Sending you love. xx

  4. That was such a loving tribute to those sweeties.

  5. Sweet memories of beloved family members...Love never leaves us, it is eternal...Sending you big hugs, dear friend....J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. Such a wonderful tribute and beautiful graphic.


  7. Anonymous12/12/2012

    we bought tree ornaments for Winnie's Wish with ALL of our furramily names on them for the whole time Mom and Dad have been married. 35 years worth of love, paw pats, Savannah