Over at BICHONPAWZ live two little girls, just too cute to be 
Halloween "munsters".  First, there's CHLOE, a daisy in every garden!
And next, LADYBUG ~ who, naturally chose a ladybug as her costume.
Both are sure to get lots of Halloween treats.  You can leave a treat for
them, just by clicking on the LINK below and commenting on their blog!
Today is a very special day over at JACQUELINE'S CAT HOUSE.
It's her birthday!
Jacqueline has been a friend more years than either of us would
care to admit!  Why not stop by (click on the blog LINK below) and wish
her the happiest!

Also, thanks to all who "volunteered" for Boolatry !
How I wish there were another 30-days in October to
accept everyone who came forward ... sadly Halloween comes
but once a year, and there are few days left.


  1. Those two are just too cute. We are going right over to visit them. And they look so cute all ready for halloween. Have a great day.

  2. Chloe and Ladybug are so adorable! Cute graphics!

    Have a great Sunday, furriends. XOXO

  3. What little dollbabies they are! I never knew I could admire woofies this much. I have gone to Jacqueline's Face Book page already but I will certainly f=go see what her Fur family has planned.

  4. Awwww , so cute they are !
    I shall go over and visit them at once !!
    I shall of course visit Jacqueline and Wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

  5. How cute are you two? I bet you get lots of treats in those costumes.
    Nice job, ZH!

  6. Very cute little bichons! xxoo

  7. They are tooo cute! We've never met them and are going to go visit them right now.

    The Florida Furkids

  8. They're too cute to be scary.

    We love Jacqueline and wished her a happy birthday on FB this morning.

  9. Oh my gosh, Chloe and Ladybug are adorable all decked out for Halloween. :)

  10. How cute! You are clever, Ann.

  11. ewe gurls R rockin yur coztooms...we love em !! N who said sum thin bout treetz !!!! :)

  12. They are precious babies, just beauitful!...Thank you, Ann, for the lovely birthday wishes and post=I was just thinking of you and was shocked when I stopped by to visit!...Love and hugs to you, dear Ann...J