Last weekend a few human bloggers had the fun of getting together for lunch, though a few were suddenly thwarted by snow and ice and unable to come!  Conversation was frequently interrupted by a clowder of rowdy cats in the booth behind us ~ obviously too much salmon and way too many niptini's were being consumed by this bunch!  Notice: they even brought their own flattie Christmas trees! Pictured Below: these same kitties, in all their holiday glamour (sans niptinis), and Not Pictured: Maggy and Zoey of Zoolatry, whose lazy ZH has never made them into flatties.
 The best way to decorate for the holidays is with lots of curlz and lots of swirlz, so
if Brighton and Disco, and Coco and Sammy are around ~ you've got it made!
 Christmas dreams, sweet dreams ~ Marley, Ayla and Iza 
will be up at dawn on Christmas morn, ready to see what Santa has brought!
 If Brulee and Truffle want Santa to fill their stockings with treats 'n' toys,
they'd best find another place to play hide 'n' seek ...
 Over at the Twinkletoe house, Oui Oui took over the tree decorating task 
while all the other kitties were busy wrapping gifts.  
Just like most humans, she got tangled up in the lights ...
Today, at the home of  Zoolatry we aren't yet celebrating Christmas.
Instead, we're celebrating a very special birthday ...
The ZH's littlest grand is 4 years old today!
Happy Birthday, Grandma Loves You!


  1. Love the flat cats! And of course all the other pictures!
    Happy birthday to the little one!

  2. What a great post. And a very Happy Birthday to Arjun. He is just so cute. Hope he has a wonderful party. Arjun we hope you get lots and lots of new toys etc. Take care.

  3. This is a festive day on the calendar indeed! Such cute photos.

  4. LOVE the flats and the grand too! Happy Birthday you adorable boy!

  5. The flat cats are great!

    Happy Birthday to Arjun! He's getting big!

  6. Happy Birthday to the little one! ANd we had a great time visiting with all the other flats & peeps!

  7. Even flat cats enjoy the holidays! Happy Birthday to the Grandson. At least his birthday isn’t TOO close to Christmas.

  8. Happy Birthday to your grandson!
    Love the flat cats, bet even Elliot could object to a flat one :)
    Lynne x

  9. the flatties is great. Enjoying your growing collection of cards!

  10. We hope you all enjoyed your luncheon. We love the flat kitties - we could probably do very well with them:)

    A great big happy birthday to the littlest grand - getting to be such a big boy!!!

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara,and Lightning

  11. You have so much imagination and so much talent.
    Have a Fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. Happy Birthday to Arjun :) hope u enjoy the party :D

  13. It is so nice to share the day with our Fellow Feline Flats! And Happy Birfday to Arjun...

  14. we due knot see flat kittehs ore treez...we thinks de PEEPULZ had a wee two much....sum thin ta drink

    anda veree happee 4th birthday two ewe little dood ...enjoy yur day...eat lotz N lotz N LOTZ oh cake !

  15. Happy Birthday to the littlest grand! What a great gma you have. ZH - how great that you could meet up with some other anipal pals. Wish we were not so far removed from most of them.

  16. Happy Birthday!

    So glad the flat cats had a good time while their humans visited.

  17. That visit sounds so much fun -- it's always great meeting blogging pals in person. :)

    Happy birthday to your littlest grand!

  18. Hope it was a very happy birthday! Cute grand and all the flat cats.

  19. A wonderful birthday and oh how time has flown by. Seems like only yesterday that we were celebrating a darling bot being born. Happy Birthday little one and hope you had a special day x

  20. Awesome pieces of some awesome kitties!
    Happiest of Birthdays, belated, sweet boy.

  21. I can't believe the little guy is FOUR! Happy Birthday!

  22. We LOVE the flatcat´s over here too !
    My mom-person say´s nest year we are having a flat Catmastree *mol*

  23. Awww... The Flats did have themselves quite a Cats Who Blog Meetup, didn't they?! What a special day it was for both cats and humans alike!

    Thanks for such a special Friday the 13th tribute to all the Flatties!