Well, hope we'll be furgiven for a few words today ~
[tooting our own horn so to speak] ~
as we share some headers recently designed for blogger friends.  
If you want to visit or follow, links are below each image.  Enjoy!
 Visit with RUBY and Angel Pip by just CLICKING HERE.
 The wonderful huskies Nala, Boo, Timber, Chip and Ariel 
can be visited if you CLICK HERE.
 Tucker and Phoebe, along with Finn, Olivia and Tanner leave their
nose prints and their paw prints RIGHT HERE.
George, Toby, Lily and Mimi (the Pugs) ~ Jack, Luna, Percy and Golden (the Purrs)
study hard and will soon graduate!  CLICK HERE for more.
Lots of "kwute kitties" and lots of amazingly lovely art ~ 
featuring Odysseus, Lady Duchess, Piewhackits, Domino, Oliver, 
Sneaky Pie and Pungy ~ CLICK HERE to visit Kwee Cats.
Is there anyone in the pet blogosphere that doesn't know-and-love 
Marg and all her animals? We don't think so!   
CLICK HERE to visit Marg's Animals and to see more of them.  
Here are just a few ~ MewMew, Little Boy, Black Girl, Girl Kitty, 
Little Momma, Mahoney, Two Two, Ohs, Khaki and Little Girl.
Red and Magic, two beauties who live and share life and fun
at Pepsi Max Addict.  A fun blog ~ CLICK HERE to visit them and see more!
So many bloggers know Jacqueline's Cat House, it's hard to find some new or original
to say ~ except perhaps that we love Calle, Halle and Sukki and
Mommy Cat and Daddy Cat and have designed headers for them for many years.
You can CLICK HERE to visit them.
Hannah and Lucy are shown against a tapestry of spring flowers and colors and
with their Mom, are longtime friends of ours!  You can visit them if you


  1. Love love love this - and all the colors. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Bravo!! What a great job you do and have done!! These are all so wonderful!!

  3. Those headers are all so terific especially ours. We sure thank you Ann for doing it and for putting it on this post. You do such a good job Ann.

  4. I think it should be proudly self promoting. Lovely work, Ann!

  5. Your work is beautiful and very deserving of promotion!

  6. You are as versatile as you are talented! I love seeing your work.

  7. WE like ALL of these headers... BUTT our FAVORITE is what you did fur the Slimmer Pugs. THAT is OUTSTANDING.
    You do AMAZING thingys.

  8. Beautiful headers. We love all of ours!!

    The Florida Furkids

  9. Anonymous3/26/2014

    You need to self promote more Miss Ann. And I will, er...Mom will..be in touch soon to get more headers for my blog. I need, Easter, July 4th and some other holidays. So, we never knew about this Sibe blog so thank you for the intro! We are following them now. Luvluvluv you Miss Ann

  10. Sure wish my Mommy had some of your Mommy's talent! :)

  11. LOVE your designs. Wish I had design talent.

  12. I saw Ruby's new header and I told her how spiffy pretty it was.
    Sweet William The Scot

  13. They are all fantastic! I especially love the one for Ruby and (angel) Pip!
    Happy WW,

  14. Everyone looks so good! We love your work.

  15. You always do such lovely headers.

  16. You design the best headers Ann! Thanks for sharing a few of them with us. Most excellent! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  17. We luf our headers and all the wonderful work that you did for our blogs. You do fantastic work!!!!!

    Luf, Us and Maw

  18. We always love the designs done by the ZH. We hope to have another one done soon.

  19. great pics! yours graphics are so sweet. :) - Crepes.

  20. Hmmm may need a new header now that you mention it

  21. we wood bee SITTIN on car hornz if we could due thiz kinda werk....all de headers iz rockin kewl...ya haza rite ta toot ♫♫♫ ♪♪♪ !!!

  22. I love them all! You are awesome.

  23. You know Mom Kim and her two Beaglebratz LOVE your work and thoze headers above are all gorgeous. We so love the ones you have already done for us but Mom Kim is already thinking that Diva Shasta will need one for her barkday (whic is not until October) and maybe need a Halloween one too! Will contact you in a bit.
    Mom Kim

  24. Nothing wrong with tooting your own horn. You do beautiful work. We love everything you have made for us.

  25. Your blog headers are all award winning! Beautiful work!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  26. Wow! You guys have a lot of friends :) I guess I will have to take a look through a few of these. There are a few I haven't heard of :)

  27. Absolutely fabulous each and every one. I have so many beautiful one's made by you and they are all so wonderful

  28. Lovely work! It's beginning to look like springtime all over the blogosphere!

    Hope you're having a great WEdnesday.

  29. Those designs really seem to capture the spirit of each site! Awesome!

    --Woofs and purrs from Life with Dogs and Cats

  30. All your headers are beautiful. I love the one you did for me and have had lots of compliments for it.

  31. We are always trying to promote you and your wonderful work. You should see all the fantastic compliments we got today for our new header designed by none other than YOU!!!

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  32. You SHOULD toot your own horn, because your work is amazing and wonderful. Big hugs to you, dear friends!

  33. A wonderful display of your header designs - of course we love each one as you always do them so well.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  34. Pugs and Purrs is adorable! Then, Hannah and Lucy's is just beautiful. They are all so cute, and just sooooo wonderful. Buuuuut, we happen to think ours is the best! Thank you, Ms. Ann! (((hugs))) All your work is just like you, Beautiful.