Our Sunday Art Gallery  ~ we're taking today to once again 
"show off" a lot of headers 
recently designed, or seasonally updated for other blogging friends.   
(And this is why we're rarely 'round the blogosphere commenting on blogs, 
as most of our time is spent designing headers and other graphics!)  
Be that as it may, there are LINKS beneath each image if any of 
these blogs are new to you and you'd like to visit.  
And if you need a new or updated header (or any other graphic), 
just email us ~ 
this is what we do, and what we love doing!
 Click here to visit all these delightful CRITTERS
and our longtime special friends.
A header designed earlier, was updated for the Easter season.  
Click here to visit the KWEE KITTIES and see their hu-moms fabulous artwork!

 We have a feeling Mario met his "match" this Easter!
Click here to visit MARIO'S MEOWSINGS.

 This is a wonderful blog (which was new to us) ~ full of kitties and woofies,
the beauty of nature and all kinds of wonderful things!
Click here to visit MCGUFFY'S READER.

 Want to know who's in, who's out?  What's the latest?  And for those who remember
our beloved Cokie the Cat ~ this is her Mom's new blog!  So stop by to visit.
 Sweet Savvy ~ Savannah will make her Paw Tracks right into your heart.
To visit, just CLICK HERE.
 Lovin' the Woos.  They are like family to us.  What else can we say?
CLICK HERE to visit them.
Just a little variety in closing ~
Headers/Backgrounds done for Twitter/Facebook.


  1. Those are all great! We think the best one you did was for the Kwee Cats and Art blog. But, that Mario is a cutie! We just love his bunny twin!
    Hugs :-)

  2. Grrreat looking headers and background's !
    Happy Easy SUNday :)

  3. Those are all such great headers and love the ones for Facebook etc.Of course, we do love the Woos too. But they are all really good. Well done. Have a great day.

  4. Those are pawesome! We don't follow all of those blogs, so it's a treat to see the works you've done.

  5. We love the Kwee Cats header, and the one of Savannah ! Great job ! Purrs

  6. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! We just love your work! Of course, we may be just a teeny bit biased. :)


  7. You are so talented! We love to see your work all over the blogosphere. Especially when you do whimsical pieces of our furends.

  8. And we love every header you have ever done for us!!! We just wish we still had all the same pups that are in them:( We are so grateful for your wonderful talents.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. Lovely, every one of them!

  10. Lovely headers, as usual, Ann.

  11. You are sooo loving and giving.
    Each one of these is a masterpiece.
    You are sooo awsome!

  12. Thank you for everything. You are wonderful!

  13. Your redo of McGuffey's Reader has been one our very favorite new headers. But efurrything you do is meowvolous. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  14. I love your Art Gallery! You are so talented.

  15. You are a wonderful artist and person! You are so talented and so giving.
    Yes, you are our favorite designer! And this post affirms it!!!!
    QUINN and Mommy Carol
    Thanks for all you do!