An old movie we may have laughed over.  
A breaking news story we may have discussed.
A car passes by, same model, same color.
A familiar smell.  A recipe.
Seeing a couple walk by, greying hair, maybe one with a cane,
but hand holding hand.  A bit of envy rises.
I never know what will trigger a memory, certainly photographs do.  
I am thankful to have them.


  1. I understand the memory triggers, and the envy. I do appreciate the memories, even if they come with tears. I'm glad you too have Beautiful memories.

  2. That is a great picture and sure see how that can trigger so many memories. But they are good memories so enjoy. Hope you have a great day.

  3. We are furry thankful to know you too dearest Zoolatry Girls!!

  4. We hope you have lots of pictures of us Ann. I am only able to use my laptop at the moment as the main computer is with Mike (he sorts out my whoopsies on the computer and puts new programmes in for me and is my saviour) He is working on it at the moment and will still have it over the weekend. I have not been able to see my emails however as I am not programmed for them to go the laptop - it is a week now since I have seen any so expect I will be reading them for ever! Thank you for the Easter Header (that I can't see!!) - Marg told me in her comments you wondered if I'd received it - well technically I may have but in reality I haven't.
    Take care. Sue
    Purrs Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Had one today about my grandma - and it made me miss her so much. But memories are so nice because they remind us. Thanks for this post. - Alana.

  6. Those memory triggers will get to you every time. Something triggered my memory of that last day with Sweet Praline last night (out of the blue). But there are such precious memories and I'm so glad we have the photos to help us.

  7. Love those memories that just pop into the head. I'm reaching the point where I should write them down because the memory is starting to vanish!

  8. We understand too, and so grateful that you can share how you feel with us.
    Yes thank goodness for photographs

  9. Life is full of memories, good and sad. All we can hope for is that the good ones outweigh the sad ones. Photos are full of the best memories.

  10. We are sure you have many happy memories - and we know you have preserved many of ours with your beautiful photoart.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. This is beautiful and poetic.

  12. Delightful.
    Happy Caturday