The Himalayan came about through breeding of Persians and Siamese ~ bringing us the cobby body, flatter face and luxurious long fur of the Persian with the beautiful color points of the Siamese.  And of course, the vivid blue eyes of the Siamese are a must for a Himalayan.  At times the eyes will be wide open, perfectly round and Persian like, and at times they will slant and angle much like a Meezer!
The "tortie point" [short for tortoiseshell] is often thought of as the darling of the himmie world and the glorious rainbow of himmie color points.  
It is really only two basic colors: black and red, appearing on an ivory or fawn colored body, and will only be found on a female as the tortie point coloring requires two "X" genes.
The color points will be most prominent on the ears, legs, feet and tail ~ and the face mask.  These color points will reflect the basic point colors but will be subtle in tone and shading, blending in with the body fur coloring to create the "rainbow".  
Maggy's color points are truly exquisite and I recall when we adopted her as an 11-month old.  We took her for the first vet visit and the vet remarked that it would be nice to allow her to have at least one litter because she was such a "perfect specimen for her breed, with amazing colors".  A little part of me has always regretted that did not happen . . .
Maggy's meezer-color-points are beautiful.  The reds and blacks becoming gold, orange, rust and blending outward from her facemask and her ears . . . and maybe not so tortie, but that little white star on her forehead!


  1. Oh Maggie, thanks so much for telling us about Meezers. We were not sure about it all and you are one gorgeous cat. Very interesting about the colors. Take care.

  2. Maggy has the most wonderfully thick fur and is such a very pretty lady with her different colours shades.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Maggy is gorgeous - no other word says it better - simply gorgeous!

  4. We Beaglebratz may b woofiez BUTT we know a diva kitty when we c one.
    Shiloh'n Diva Shasta

    PeeEss - we got your email earlier an'WE ALL LOVE THE NEW HEADER! We also sent u an email tue - won't b able tue b online tue-nite ... or ANY nite til that black box (modem) gitz taken care of.

  5. Maggy has the most beautiful colours.

  6. I think torties are pretty. :)

  7. Beautiful colors, beautiful fur, Beautiful Maggy!

  8. She is lovely, very lovely. Hugs.

  9. Maggy is certainly one of the most beautiful himmies ever! From the first time we laid eyes on her, she was a bright star on the blogosphere! xoxo Patty & Bhu