June 16, 2015


Tomorrow ~ and on Thursday too, 
we're revisiting more Wordy Wednesday Challenge pictures!
There were a wholabunch of them done ~ 
from challenges in 2009 and 2011. 

Maggy and Zoey got a little more ambitious with their
Photoshopping at the time, and lots more friends took part.
I don't think we ever posted all these on Zoolatry, at the time they were
meant to post on each pets own blog instead, not ours!

Here, Maggy and Zoey's "words" ~ please stop by the
next couple days to see all the others!

My name is MAGGY and I was CHALLENGED. 
All in all, I helped the ZH make a bazillion-pictures over the last month. 
And some of you really challenged us with your words.  

We're still trying to figure out sweet dear Gemini and what "puffalo" means! 
And then there's Boris, who "flumps".
And funny Kodiak, the "doofus".  I mean how does one picture all those words?
And DaisyMae Maus sent us to the dictionary to help figure out "obstreperous".

And yes, it was very challenging to show Adorable, and Cuddly and Lovable
(repeatedly) in different ways!  But at days end, we enjoyed it and hope you did too!

But Zoey gotted POOPED!



  1. Those sure are some funny words but also fun to work with. Bet you all had a good time doing all that. So, Zoey, did you read that whole book?? You all take care.

  2. Yes, we can see how that must have been a lot of very tiring work - are you ready for another challenge - let's do it again!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  3. "Challenged" is exactly how I feel about Photoshop, and "Pooped" is how I feel after trying to figure it out. So, "Avoid" it is what I do! Hugs and love to you :-)

  4. It sounds like it was a fun challenged! I think my kitties need to get a copy of that book so they can help me with my photoshopping. I'm pretty good at it, but I think the kitties could give me great tips.

  5. hay ewe gals....we wood knot noe foto shope if it came up & ringed de ding dong bell....tho two bad we wuz knot bloggin at de time; we wooda challenged ya ta R fav o rite werd

    bass terd ....az in....burd !!! ~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  6. Sounds like a fun challenge! All that Photoshop takes a lot of work!

  7. So many fun memories!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. Anonymous6/21/2015

    I need to learn how to photoshop. ❤